Absorbent article containing structured fibers

March 26, 2014

US Patent No.: 8,629,316 B2
Inventor(s): David M. Waxman, Moorestown, NJ, US; and Shih-Kuang Lien, Hasselt, Belgium
Company: Harbor Linen LLC, Gibbsboro, NJ, US.
Filed: 8/3/10
Issued: 1/14/14

A reusable absorbent article comprising: an outer surface having hydrophilic top layer; a soaking layer adjacent to and beneath the top layer, the soaking layer being secured to and distinct from the top layer; a substantially liquid impermeable layer adjacent to and beneath the soaking layer; and a backing layer adjacent to and beneath the substantially liquid impermeable layer, all of the layers being secured together to form a unitary structure, wherein the soaking layer is a non-woven needle punch fabric comprising 60% -65% hydrophobic polyester fibers of a generally circular cross-sectional shape and 35% -40% hydrophilic polyester resin fibers of a non-circular cross-sectional shape.

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