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Tampon having at least one physical discontinuity

Published March 20, 2014
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US Patent No.: 8,597,267 B2
Inventor(s): John Richard Noel, Cincinnati, OH, US; and Leslie Lynn Crosby, Cincinnati, OH, US
Company: The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, OH, US
Filed: 4/18/07
Issued: 12/3/13

A compressed tampon comprising: a pledget comprising a first absorbent material, a second absorbent material, and at least one physical discontinuity in the form of a slit, slot, or notch, wherein the at least one physical discontinuity originates on a side edge of the pledget and extends towards an opposing side edge of the pledget to define a partially isolated first portion and second portion, and wherein the slit, slot, or notch physically severs at least one of the first absorbent material and the second absorbent material, and wherein the first absorbent material is different from the second absorbent material; a withdrawal end and an insertion end; and a longitudinal axis.