Absorbent article having pigmented composite backsheet with hunter value

March 20, 2014

US Patent No.: 8,613,736 B2
Inventor(s): Martin Schnabel, Frankfurt am Main, Germany; Radhakrishnan Janardanan Nair, Kobe, Japan; and Kesyin Fugger Hsueh, Cincinnati, OH, US
Company: The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, OH, US.
Filed: 12/8/03
Issued: 12/24/13

A disposable article selected from baby diapers, pull-on diapers, pants or adult incontinence diapers comprising a liquid pervious topsheet, a liquid impervious backsheet and an absorbent core positioned between said topsheet and said backsheet, wherein said backsheet comprises at least one polymeric film and at least one nonwoven web formed of fibers, wherein said polymeric film and said nonwoven web each have two major surfaces, said polymeric film comprises a polymeric film material, and said nonwoven web fibers comprise a polymeric nonwoven web material, wherein at least one of said polymeric film material or said polymeric nonwoven web material is color-pigmented by one or more pigments mixed thereinto prior to formation of said polymeric film or said nonwoven web, and wherein at least one of said polymeric film or said nonwoven web has visually discernible printed designs, said printed designs being provided by printing a pigmented ink onto at least one of said major surfaces of at least one of said polymeric film or said nonwoven web, and said polymeric film being joined in an overlaying region across at least part of one of its major surfaces to at least part of an adjacent major surface of said nonwoven web to form said backsheet, and wherein said backsheet in said overlaying region has an L Hunter value on the Hunter scale for darkness/lightness-appearance from 10 to 75, an “a” value for red/green-appearance from about −50.0 to about +50.0 and a “b” value for yellow/blue-appearance from about −50.0 to about +50.0, in the areas outside the printed designs.

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