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AD Surgical unveils new line of universal sterile drapes

December 26, 2013

As the prices of surgical products continue to skyrocket, surgeons are looking for more cost effective solutions without compromising quality. In response to this need, AD Surgical has introduced a new line of disposable sterile drapes to its growing portfolio of surgical products. AD Surgical Universal Sterile Drapes cover a broad range of surgical procedures. All the drapes are made of an absorbent and impervious PE/PP nonwoven material to prevent strike-through and subsequent contamination of the surgical site/ Each drape also has a peelable adhesive tape and can be used alone or in combination, giving flexibility to individual procedural needs.

“Our new disposable sterile drapes are ideal for all surgical procedures. They are made of a premium nonwoven material that is soft and absorbent, yet is totally impermeable to fluids and bacteria," says Brian Tang, president, AD Surgical. "They are also competitively priced at less than half of what our competitors charge for comparable products. Our new disposable sterile drapes exemplify our commitment to offer top quality surgical essentials at the best prices to our colleagues so they can be more productive and profitable.”

All of AD Surgical's products are designed and developed in the U.S. by a team of licensed medical professionals. Ninety-percent of their products are manufactured in their own manufacturing facility, which the company says allow them to offer top quality products at factory direct prices that are up to 80% lower than that of competitors.

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