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Avanti Manufacturing

January 6, 2014

“Moving ahead” with custom engineered nonwovens.

Avanti Manufacturing
1580 Corporate Parkway Blvd.
Clarksville, TN 37040 U.S.
Tel: 877-666-9683 (non-woven)

Avanti is a custom provider of high quality engineered fabrics with more than 15 years experience in the nonwoven and woven fabrics industry. It sells into numerous markets including medical, furniture, apparel, hygiene, filtration, food, agriculture, and various FDA applications.

“Our aim is to provide the best value to our customers through quality, competitive prices and innovation while continuously improving efficiencies,” says Ashok Mehta, vice president, Avanti. “Providing large volumes with efficient logistics has been the hallmark of the organization and our focus is to support industrial fabric markets in North America as well as provide value to custom fabrics.”

Avanti, which means “moving ahead”, features a high speed, modern Polypropylene and Polyethylene Spunbond Nonwoven manufacturing plant in Clarksville, TN, U.S. The Italian line is 4-beam, 96-inches wide and best suited for industrial applications. It features an open web design and produces fabrics with isotropic strength and is optimal for industries like medical, filtration, landscaping, agriculture, bedding and mattress, and lamination among others.

Fabric specifications include color, topical treatment, additives, slitting and rewinding, and custom packaging. The company says these capabilities, along with just in time operations, provide timely delivery at reduced costs to customers.

“Avanti has been in the supply/technical sales area for over 20 years, however domestic manufacturing began in 2009,” says Mehta. “Avanti produced commercial volumes of spunbonded Polyethylene nonwovens in 2011 and we believe that we are the only domestic source for this unique material.”

This spunbond Polyethylene nonwoven fabric is called “Atlas”. According to the company, Atlas materials are soft with excellent drape and feature low melting points for superior and controlled bonding, and are available in numerous colors.

Atlas is 100% Polyethylene that complies with the requirements for use in contact with food and skin applications. Some of its attributes include high elongation to conform to any surface; low irritant to skin, soft and flexible; quick healing of open wounds; closest nonwoven to natural fabric softness; high air permeability and engineered fiber size; and excellent uniformity and distribution lay down.

Greg Day, president of Avanti, says the company has the capacity to produce a substantial supply for new business accounts. “In addition to current capacity Avanti has a large reserve of manufacturing space for additional growth,” he says. “Our products are shipped from the central Tennessee location to both east and west coast locations as well as all points between. We also service international customers.”

According to Day, Avanti’s business is sound and growing into value added types of markets. “Avanti has chosen unique equipment to produce high quality and added value products. One such advantage is the near one-to-one ratio of MD/CD values for physical properties,” he says. “This advantage of a ‘square sheet’ gives the customer the opportunity to have a superior product in the CD direction or the opportunity for the customer to employ lighter weight products when CD strength is a limiting factor”

Increased processability, increased Mullen burst strength and less shrinkage under process tension are just a few notable advantages, explains Mehta. “Customers will see these advantages from light-weight products up to and including nonwovens above 100 gsm,” he says. “These products are available in all colors with a host of treatment options including UV, antistat, biodegradability and philicity to name but a few.”

Moving forward, Avanti has made growth plans to produce both coated and laminated products starting in 2014, and sees a lot of interest in “green applications”, which lends itself well to its 100% recyclable products.

“We are very similar in size to some of our competitors but we are young, dynamic and growing,” says Mehta. “Polypropylene nonwovens are the building blocks for many markets. Today there are few limitations to where this less costly nonwoven can be used versus woven materials.”

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