Elastic material coatings in fibers and a diaper comprising said elastic material

December 4, 2013

US Patent No.: 8,303,560 B2
Inventor(s): Riccardo Cecconi, Prato, Italy; Barbara Bulleri, Pistoia, Italy; Chiara Allegrini, Lucca, Italy; Stefano Muroni, Pistoia, Italy; and Claudio Giacometti, Pistoia, Italy.
Company: Fintex & Partners Italia S.p.A., Pistoria, Italy.
Filed: 4/7/06
Issued: 11/6/12

A composite material comprising an elastic film, made of polymer material, and a coating made of flocked fibers fixed to at least one face of said film, by a layer of bonding material, wherein said bonding material is distributed discontinuously and that the quantity of fibers per surface unit on said at least one face ranges from 5 g/m2 to 40 g/m2.

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