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High-Tech Conversions

December 4, 2013

Providing innovative converting capabilities.

High-Tech Conversions, Inc.
1699 King St. Enfield, CT 06082 U.S.
Tel: 860-265-2633

High-Tech Conversions is a global manufacturer of innovative cleaning products that range from lint-free wipes to disposable cleanroom garments. It was founded in 1995 by president and CEO Claudio Orefice, whose experience goes back 37 years when he started working for Dexter Nonwovens, now Ahlstrom, in research and development.

“Our focus is to provide high quality products that have been designed and manufactured to serve the exacting needs of our customers,” says Orefice. “Our company is continuously expanding and adapting to meet the specifications for a variety of industries including cleanroom, manufacturing, medical and electronics assembly.”

In addition to High-Tech’s line of cleaning products, it provides converting capabilities for a variety of materials including nonwovens, knits, wovens, paper and plastic film. Cleanroom converting is also available.

“We have the capacity, along with the experience and resources to handle custom converting and contract manufacturing using just about any fabric selection and a number of finishing options,” says Orefice. “These converting capabilities include slitting, rewinding, sheeting, folding, sewing, packaging, die-cutting and heat sealing services. We are also capable of saturating nonwovens with a variety of solvents, including various blends of isopropyl alcohol. Our advanced converting capabilities allow us to produce high-tech cleaning solutions for well-known research, manufacturing, medical and electronics assembly facilities worldwide.”

High-Tech Conversions recently purchased another 20,000 square-foot building to manufacture products in the U.S. “We strive to use state of the art technology and manufacturing techniques to stay competitive and we manufacture some products in Asia when it makes sense to do so,” says Orefice. “We sell globally and we continue to expand our sales, experiencing growth almost every year.”

The products High-Tech Conversions makes are very diverse and some are private labeled and proprietary. However, most of the products usually involve some type of high tech cleaning like cleanroom wipes in sheet and roll form.

In terms of challenges Orefice says there are many facing the market, but one in particular inspired a new product line. “As manufacturers, it should be our duty to be conscious of our environmental impact, because after all, we are producing consumables that will eventually be disposed of,” he says. “Sometimes it is challenging for companies to take that step and find a way to do their part. This is why we produce an environmentally friendly lab and cleanroom wipe line called Friendly Green. The wipes and the packaging are made entirely of recycled and biodegradable materials.”

The environmentally friendly presaturated wipes are low linting and specifically designed to remove all solder pastes and resins from stencils, screens, misprints and other surfaces. The single ply lab wipes are very absorbent, soft and will not scratch says the company. They are good for light duty tasks and delicate surfaces and because they are very low in lint and chemical extractables, the company says they will leave surfaces very clean.

For the future, Orefice is optimistic in general for markets that nonwovens participate in. “I am very optimistic for High-Tech Conversions. Our successful history of consecutive growth is due to many factors but primarily due to our ability to innovate,” he says. “Nonwovens and converted nonwovens will continue to find ways into new products, new markets and new parts of the world.” 

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