November 6, 2013

US Patent No.: 8,304,597 B2
Inventor(s): Jeanne Marie Hughes, Deerfield Township, Ohio, US; Ronald Bosman Visscher, Glendale, Ohio, US; Peter Charles Mason, Jr., Deerfield Township, Ohio, US; Folke Schlueter, Geneva, Switzerland; Emma Somma, Frankfurt am Main, Germany; Giovanni Carlucci, Chieti, Italy; and Paul Thomas Weisman, Sharonville, Ohio, US.
Company: The Procter and Gamble Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, US.
Filed: 12/15/04
Issued: 11/6/12

A method for placing a feminine hygiene article in the crotch portion of an undergarment having a crotch portion bounded on opposite sides by portions of curved leg openings, the method comprising the steps of: a. providing a feminine hygiene article having a body-facing surface and at least one functional enhancement indicator visible from said body-facing surface, said functional enhancement indicator providing a distinct visual emphasis to a portion of said feminine hygiene article; b. orienting said feminine hygiene article with respect to said crotch portion such that said at least one functional enhancement indicator is oriented toward the front of said undergarment; and, c. affixing said feminine hygiene article to said crotch portion of said undergarment; wherein said feminine hygiene article comprises a first end and a second end, a longitudinal centerline and a transverse centerline perpendicular to said longitudinal centerline, wherein said feminine hygiene article is asymmetrically-shaped about said transverse centerline; wherein said functional enhancement indicator is oriented between said first end and said transverse centerline, and wherein said functional enhancement indicator comprises a visually-perceptible color, wherein said visually-perceptible color is more intense in shade or hue in proportion to an increased distance measured from said transverse centerline longitudinally toward said first end.

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