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Published November 6, 2013
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US Patent No.: 8,298,202 B2
Inventor(s): Risa Culp McCray, Clarksville, Pa. US.
Filed: 9/3/08
Issued: 10/30/12

A urinary device for use on a penis of a male suffering from urinary incontinence, the device comprising: a body having a closed distal end and an open proximal end and defining a cavity therein, wherein the body comprises an inner layer made of a moisture absorbent material and an outer layer made of a moisture resistant material; and a malleable material encircling a portion of the proximal end of the body for securing the device to a user’s penis, wherein the proximal end is adapted to conform to the shape of the malleable material, wherein the malleable material comprises an elastomeric material reinforced with metal wire, wherein the proximal end of the body includes a cushion material positioned between the malleable material and the outer layer of the body, the cushion material being cotton, wherein the moisture absorbent material is a non-cotton, synthetic hydrophilic material, wherein the moisture resistant material of the outer layer at the proximal end of the body is folded to form a loop, thereby forming a neck defining a hollow passageway therein, the moisture resistant material being disposed on an outside of the proximal end of the body and on an inside of the proximal end of the body facing towards the hollow passageway, and wherein the malleable material and the cushion material are received within the hollow passageway of the neck of the device.