Converting Round Up

By Nonwovens Industry staff | October 9, 2013

Providers of finishing, packaging, slitting, winding and other services to the nonwovens industry develop new technologies that add up to new products.

Converting companies are an integral part of the nonwovens supply chain. For all of the advantages the industry’s products provide, a lot has to happen prior to their end use. Nonwovens need to be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes, scaled down to become a single-use product, as well as printed, packaged and more. Sometimes the process is simple, and sometimes more complex, with converting companies using the latest technology to add value to products, and making them easier to use. The following is a compilation of capabilities and services of some the nonwovens industry’s leading converters.

American Custom Converting
American Custom Converting, located in Green Bay, WI, converts nonwovens materials, from airlaid to spunlaced and other fabrics, including difficult, soft, stretchy material. Beginning with wide web slitting and rewinding, their core business, the company does initial steps for other converters, as well as laminating, folding and packaging finished products.

Nonwovens, ranging in size from six inches up to fifteen feet, can be folded in a variety of fold types. Fan-folded and rolled materials such as drop cloths and large drapes are among their converting capabilities. Large web folding also includes the capability of seaming. Adhesive laminations combine nonwovens with other substrates including poly that allows the finished product to have a moisture or other barrier, depending on the application.

Specializing in dry nonwovens wipes, towels and similar products, American Custom Converting (ACC), working in partnership with contract partners is known for problem solving and modifying equipment to achieve an end product requirement. With fifteen years in business, ACC’s mission is to operate with integrity to provide value added converted products and services to the marketplace with a continual commitment to deliver the highest possible level of quality, on time, every time, in a way that allows the maximum amount of customer flexibility.

AZCO Corp.
AZCO Corp. has introduced a new generation of simple to operate sheeting equipment. These units can fit in any type of converting or material handling environment.

The FGW-1000 sheeter is easy to use and reliable. This sheeter is built to last, providing exceptional durability with remarkable accuracy. It is ideal for nonwovens, filter media, film, foil, and other flexible materials. It is modular in design, making the machine ideal for all needs. An unwind with an optional edge guide, a cut-to-length assembly with an optional slitter, and a take-away conveyor are included with this machine.

A motorized unwind with a dancer assembly provides constant web tension as the material goes over the ball-bearing idler rollers. Users have the option of placing material onto a simple shaft with core adaptors or an air-shaft, which will secure the material to the roll. The SUR-SIZET cut-to-length assembly indexes and cuts the material to a predetermined length. This cut-to-length assembly has precision ground urethane rollers turned by a brushless servo motor, allowing for precision cutting accuracy on materials up to 1000mm/39.4 in. wide. Upon exiting the cutting unit, the material is moved by the take-away conveyor.

AZCO Corp. offers simple solutions for complex and unique applications. Our 30 years of experience qualifies us to provide you with field-proven units and modules best suited for each operation.

Beckmann Converting
Beckmann Converting continues to up grade its high tech, ultrasonic laminating equipment, both in bonding ability and in web handling, to create full web, multi-layer and multi-function composites. Upgrades have allowed the company to process more efficiently, and to process more types of raw materials.

Beckmann operates as contract or toll laminators, and are able to create, from 2-layer composites to 6-layers composites. It can create them as wide as 120”, or slit them, in line, to any width that the customer or his next step converter needs. These composites can be a combination of nonwovens, films, knits, wovens, or meshes.

Ultrasonic laminating has a unique place in the creation of multi-layer composites, because nothing other than the original materials gets into the process. This makes it a very “green” process. As long as there is sufficient thermoplastic content in the layers to be laminated, the ultrasonic process works without introducing any foreign substance, such as adhesive, since ultrasonic bonding is a “point bonding” process. All of the properties of the raw material layers, in between the bond points, are the same as before lamination and include properties strength, loft, breathability, filtration and hand.

Beckmann has successfully produced multi-layer composites for applications such as - filtration, environmental, protective apparel, protective covers, medical devices, clean room wipes, and many more.

Burckhardt changed its name to “Burckhardt of Switzerland AG” by mid-2013. The brand name lets the company stress its provenance from Switzerland very well.

Burckhardt stands for traditional values such as quality and precision but at the same time for sustainability and innovation. Burckhardt has made a series of developments which will be rolled out in the months to come and will strengthen Burckhardt’s position as a technology leader in the field of pin perforation.

The whole organization has been changed under the new head of tech ops and the production has been reorganized in a process-oriented way.

“Customer Focused Innovation“ which means customer centered and oriented innovation is systematically applied thus leading to numerous product and process improvements.

Burckhardt is running a toll perforating line for some time now and this has led to an increase in internal experience and know-how which again is fed back into new constructions and designs. More and more Burckhardt is perceived as being a development partner instead of a tools manufacturer.

Burckhardt’s three lines of machines have been re-engineered from the pin tips to the finished line controls offering higher production efficiency, better energy efficiency and easy handling.

In order to better serve large markets Burckhardt has decided to expand westward more aggressively. The company now has a US distributor and 5 regional reps in place, selling its perforating products, machines and services. The next step will be to include toll-perforating capabilities in the US. The company says in most cases this is a first step for interesting projects allowing the customer to test and develop perforated materials with its know-how and experience but without the financial investment in machinery.

A good example for such a development project is the next generation of outdoors fabrics. Due to micro-perforated films Burckhardt’s customers can replace expensive woven fabrics with light woven/film laminates providing the same or better waterproof and breathable properties and at lower cost than before.

Cascades Tissue Group - IFC Disposables Inc.
Cascades Tissue Group – IFC Disposables, Inc., Brownsville, TN, is an active and dynamic North American nonwovens converter that understands the evolution of the market conditions affecting the end-uses of wiping cloth products. The company’s broad range of wiping cloth products are developed to provide the distribution markets with a one source supplier of “Wiping Solutions” for its customers’ needs. IFC Disposables recently completed a building and converting expansion increasing production and distribution capabilities.

Diversified in the manufacturing and packaging of variable sizes/folds of nonwoven substrates, IFC Disposables’ converting capabilities include multiple size pop-up, interfold, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8 folds, jumbo perforated rolls, flat sheeting, wet wipes, slitting and micrexing of all major substrate offerings in the industry. The company is also vertically integrated with tissue/paper-based substrates from parent company, Cascades, that are manufactured with recycled paper and chlorine-free bleaching.  Markets serviced by IFC include but are not limited to industrial, foodservice, jan/san, hospitality, institutional, healthcare and automotive.

Cascades-IFC Disposables strongly believes in building solid customer/supplier partnerships by providing full marketing and sales support along with private label converting and design assistance. The company’s operational flexibility, on time delivery rates and ability to manufacture a broad range of wiping cloth products for the customer’s requirements is the keystone of their business. Continual investment planning enables IFC to broaden and enhance “Wiping Solutions” for existing and new distribution and market channels.

Contract Converting
Contract Converting specializes in slitting wide web printed and unprinted substrates for the Flexible Packaging and Nonwovens industries. State-of-the-art equipment can slit many substrates into roll-fed products with correct roll build and in-wound tension for further downstream high-speed applications.  The company has the capability to slit to a minimum of 1.25”.

Contract Converting can help in maintaining critical centering and print registration tolerances, handling lightweight and difficult webs, or performing precise labeling and packaging needs.

Contract Converting has recently added a 94” high speed rewinder for those specialized substrates, including Nonwovens, which require wider widths and larger diameters. With a highly diversified tension control system, this machine can slit/rewind the most challenging light and heavyweight materials the industry offers today.

Converted Products, Incorporated
In 1993, Converted Products, Incorporated (CPI) opened for business with the simple idea of providing quality contract converting services in slitting and die cutting. Twenty years later, CPI has kept that same simple premise but has expanded its contract services to include wider width, high speed slitting, hot melt laminating, traverse (spool) winding, rotary and flat bed die cutting, warehousing/logistics and product/process development. Converted Products’ 140,000 square foot facility is located on the northwest side of Milwaukee, WI. In addition to being ISO9001 registered, CPI earned the ISO14001 registration in June of 2013.

CPI’s slitting capabilities include score, shear, razor, single knife and rotary, widths ranging from 1/8” to 136” and experience with a wide variety of flexible materials. In 2013, CPI upgraded its equipment by installing two new slitter/rewinders. President and founder of CPI, Chris Gorenc says, “We had the opportunity to keep our equipment on the leading edge by installing a high speed turret winder for our long running jobs and also installing a duplex winder that can handle nearly every type of material while improving our efficiencies and quality from our existing equipment.”

Also expanding in late 2013 is CPI’s hot melt laminating capacity. While partnering with ITW Dynatec once again, CPI’s hot melt spray laminating capabilities include 2 or 3 ply, add-on levels from ½ gsm to 25 gsm, widths up to 112”, inline slitting and particulate dispensing. Gorenc says, “With the success we were seeing from the Filtration and Industrial market places for lower add-on applications, we realized the need to expand our hot melt laminating capacity and update our technology.”

Coming online in September 2013 is another slitter/spooler with a valuable slitting feature. The slitting station was designed to allow for bringing in wide parent rolls (up to 52”) and slitting/spooling accordingly. This feature allows the operator to pass back through any off cuts due to spool demand.  This process saves time and money on pre slitting from the mill or at CPI.

“We saw this as a great opportunity to save our customers time and money,” says Gorenc. “That’s really why we are in business, to serve our customers by providing quality service, at a competitive price with innovative converting capabilities.”

Innovative Geotextiles Corporation
Innovative Geotextiles Corporation (IGC) has added a new sheeter/perforator machine to its list of converting capabilities. Installed in June of this year, the sheeter can sheet materials up to 80” wide. It can sheet from a minimum of 6” up to 120” (10’) inches. A programmable batch setting allows for an accurate preset number of sheets. A quick blade change, under 5 minutes, this 80” sheeter becomes an 80” perforator, with the same repeat range (6” to 120”) as in the sheeting mode. Wind up is roll to roll during the perforation cycle. Able to sheet or perforate a wide range of materials from nonwovens, needle-punch, spunbond, to film and paper. IGC offers turnkey service slitting, winding, packaging, printing, and laminating.

Independent Machine Co.
The growth in converting of slitting and computerized traverse winding systems from the traditional slitter/rewinder for most materials including nonwovens is steadily increasing due to the demand for traverse wound spools. As manufacturing processes are able to run faster the converted material that feeds those processes must run continuously with a minimum of splices and downtime. Traverse wound spools provide this capability and can accommodate miles of material in a single package allowing for longer production runs and less operator handling.

Independent Machine Co Fairfield, NJ is a key producer of slitting and computerized traverse winding systems worldwide. ICE, the contract converting services arm of IMC, offers the advantages of computerized spooling for those manufacturing companies that use spooled nonwoven materials without making a capital investment in machinery or the time required to become proficient with spooling technology. For companies requiring spooled materials our 45 years’ experience designing and building  slitting &  traverse winding systems  enables ICE to be an excellent resource.

A major producer of high end home furnishings required traverse wound nonwoven fabric spools with exact specifications for their manufacturing process. These high-standards included accurate slit width, precise tension control, computerized traverse winding pattern, special handling and customized packaging. It was vital to the subsequent operation that the high value nonwoven fabric unwind from a quality spool to ensure maximum output  and eliminate traditional process problems. One of the challenges was the type of splice tape that would advance through the customers’ operation.

ICE performs in-process quality assurance checks from receiving the supply rolls to final shipping to ensure specifications are fulfilled.  The material is received in supply rolls, shear slit to 0.25” wide and traverse wound onto 11” wide cores yielding approx. 17,000 lft/spool x 11”OD.  Computerized traverse adjustments (stroke length, pitch, end dwell and final spool pattern) for the nonwoven spools are stored as recipe for repeatability to ensure consistency. Each spool is labeled, flanges added for shipping, bagged and boxed separately. 

All ICE converting is done onsite utilizing Independent Machine Co. high performance slitting and computerized traverse winding systems.

JX Nippon
In October 2012, JX Nippon acquired the assets of Carpet Systems, Inc., a Dalton, GA-based converter specializing in Thermal, Sonic, Hot-melt, and Powder Laminations.  Combined with the existing capabilities of manufacturing of cross-laminated Polyester and Polyethylene, JX Nippon now has more resources to help solve its customers problems. With Thermal and Hot-melt laminations up to 86” wide, and Sonic and Powder laminations up to 132” wide, JX Nippon is able to work with a range of fabrics and films to create unique composites.

Kleen Test Products Corporation
Kleen Test Products Corporation (KTP) is a high quality contract manufacturer and innovative developer of products found in the home cleaning, laundry and personal care categories at the retail level and related products for industrial applications. Areas of expertise include nonwoven products such as wet wipes, dryer sheets and die cut pads along with liquid, tube and jar filling and contract bulk blending.  With close to 70 years in business and a reputation as a product launch specialist, Kleen Test has been at the forefront of many notable product introductions.

Kleen Test Products Corporation recently announced the creation of a Nonwovens Innovation Center. The Milwaukee, WI facility houses a wide variety of nonwovens coating and converting equipment, from pilot scale to full production.  Capabilities include basic converting as well as more advanced technologies such as multi-layer sonic bonding.

Micrex Corporation, Walpole, MA, is the developer and manufacturer of the Micrex/Microcreper family of compressive treatment machinery for nonwovens, paper, films, composites, and textiles. Companies worldwide use Micrex technology to add softness, bulk, drape, absorbency, extensibility, and stretch to a wide range of nonwovens.

Micrex has recently expanded its capabilities to provide product development through the Micrex Innovation Lab. This integrates with contract Microcreping services for those firms whose current needs do not yet require the purchase of a dedicated Micrex/Microcreper system. All nine configurations of Micrex/Microcreper are available for contract production.

National Wiper
National Wiper Alliance is proud to announce that it will complete the move to their new campus located in Swannanoa, North Carolina, in October 2013. This new 500,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art location will allow for the consolidation of all operations at one site.  Once in full operation, this new facility will give the company the space it desperately needs to add additional converting lines to keep up with new business demand. In 2014, the company plans to offer a dedicated warehouse and distribution service, focusing on handling nonwovens roll goods and finished cases. Key customers for this dedicated warehouse will be international manufacturers needing to warehouse their goods closer to their domestic customers, as well as a distribution service for our contract converting customers.  Continuing growth in the dry wipe market allows National Wiper Alliance to offer converting capabilities in all segments including industrial, medical and new areas of the retail market.

In 2012, National Wiper Alliance received their ISO 9001:2008 registration.  This certification will ensure NWA’s commitment to meeting their customers’ expectations in terms of the quality of the products and the services that they provide, while working to continually improve their processes.

Nonwovens of America
Nonwovens of America, Inc. (NOA) was formed in 2012 as a manufacturer of needle punch nonwovens. NOA’s 5.4-meter needle punch line is now in full operation producing roll goods in Swannanoa, NC. Services offered by NOA include: 12-color 99” wide rotary screen-print line for needle punch, and for customers outside the needle punch industry for printing on other substrates; calendaring; heat set ovens; off-line coating; off-line slitting; blanket lines; converting lines; flame lamination; slitting; and re-rolling.

Designed to convert paper, board, or nonwoven webs of up to 120 inches in width, the REM Model 4040 simplex two-drum surface slitter rewinder is an ideal choice for many converting operations. The standard configuration 4040 features shear slitting with easy knife access, dual spreader roll system to assure slit separation, programmed rider roll, and barrier-type unloading bucket for lowering slit rolls to the floor. Additional standard features include separate AC Vector drives to provide differential draw between each winding drum, a shaftless unwind with dual pneumatic brakes, motorized chucking to accommodate various unwind core lengths, and unwind roll pickup from floor. The 4040 processes webs at speeds up to 2,000 fpm and tension ranges up to 10 PLI with rewind diameters between 24 and 50 inches. Score slitting is one of many options.

Schobertechnologies GmbH
Schobertechnologies GmbH, Eberdingen, Germany, specializes in the development, design and manufacturing of rotary tools, modules and specialty machines widely used in film, foil, packaging, nonwovens and paper converting industries.
Schobertechnologies offers the RSM 750 third generation rotary die cutting and embossing machines with integrated packaging line for the production of round, oblong, square a.s.o. cotton pads.

The company also offer its High Speed Die Cutting Module for incontinence product converting lines for speeds up to 500 m/min equipped with a micro gap adjustment device.

A high-precision Punching Module for band-aids equipped with exchangeable punches and dies is also offered. The punching technology generates burr-free products and guarantees waste extraction using a special design suction hub system.

Another technology is the Quick Blister Packaging built-in module in a special design with rotary punching and perforating tools for register hole punching and tear-off perforations in multi-layer or difficult materials.

Lastly the Rotary Die Cutting Cylinder is specially designed for the production of sanitary napkins. A vacuum and air blast device ensures a continuous and trouble free product delivery. The cutting cylinder is made of SuCR, TuHSS, Longlife and TC.

Specialty Coating & Laminating
Specialty Coating & Laminating, Inc. is a manufacturer of poly extrusion and aqueous coated paper, paperboard, non-woven, woven, and film products located 22 miles north of Richmond, VA.

SC&L is one of the only facilities in the world that has both laminating and coating in one plant. Combine that with its extra wide (up to 136”) capabilities, and the company is uniquely suited to handle many projects that would normally have to go to more than one manufacturer. SC&L also has a heavy emphasis on product development and technical support. These things, along with its convenient Mid-Atlantic location, are important assets in meeting customers’ requirements.

Capabilities include Two - 136” extrusion coating lines that can process a number of different resins; 136” Aqueous 2 station coater; 72” rewinder; Two – small roll rewinders – 3” to 16” diameter up to 136” wide; Flat bed diecutting; Rotary die cutting; 80” sheeter.

Superior Felt & Filtration
In addition to having the largest inventory of felt products, Superior Felt & Filtration has a number of converting capabilities.
Die Cutting is at the core of Superior’s converting capabilities. It has a wide variety of cutting machines to meet specific needs.
The company has lamination capabilities to apply a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) to felt products or custom products. It can supply supported or unsupported rubber-based PSA, Acrylic PSA, or a high temperature PSA depending on specific needs. Combine laminating with slitting and Superior Felt & Filtration can manufacturer custom Felt Tape for many different applications. The company also has Rotary die capabilities to kiss cut custom parts for easy release liner removal and application.

For specialized material that requires a mixture of two materials to achieve a certain specification the company offers an offline needle loom to produce composites for specialized needs.

Many of the felt products are provided to customers at a slit width. It has capabilities to slit down to 1/2” wide at a tolerance of .020”.
Heat sealing or ultrasonic sealing services are also provided. These types of sealing are mostly for the filter line of products but can be applied to other uses as well.

For automotive or engineering applications that require a total package of documentation, the company can provide this. A PPAP documentation includes a full package from design specifications, records of materials and performance tests of all supplied parts and process flows.

Superior Felt & Filtration also has the ability to package finished felt or filtration products. It packages cut parts and roll goods to go to both direct, to consumer and business to business.

From printing on Felt to printing on the outside of bags, the company also has the ability to provide solutions and can provide a custom bar coded label directly on the product or on the outside of boxes.

Tapemark’s Snapplicator packaging won the 2013 World of Wipes (WOW) Innovation Award from INDA, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry. The WOW Innovation Award recognizes and rewards innovation across the entire wipes value chain that utilizes nonwoven fabrics in a way that expands their usage. Nominated products demonstrated advancements in one or more of the following categories: Creativity, Novelty of Approach, Uniqueness, and Technical Sophistication. The award was presented during the WOW 2013 convention held June 17-20 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The winning product, Tapemark’s patented Snapplicator packaging, provides a convenient applicator for “no touch” unit-dose application of a lotion or ointment. Tapemark’s Snapplicator keeps hands clean while spreading a precisely measured amount of a lotion or ointment where needed. The Snapplicator features a hinged non-woven applicator that pops up to stand out three-dimensionally from the package when opened, and for an added bonus, the unopened Snapplicator lies flat for ease of packaging. Snapplicator supports prescription and OTC drugs as well as consumer and household products.

Tapemark is a full-service CDMO (contract development and manufacturing organization) providing web-based (flexible roll goods) manufacturing for drug, device, and combination products. With new capabilities in Formulation, Blending, and Coating, added to our existing superior Converting and Packaging expertise, Tapemark is now your fully-integrated transdermal CDMO of choice, from API to finished transdermal patch. Additional supported single-use drug delivery formats include oral and transmucosal soluble film, topical patches and pads, and Tapemark’s patented Snap! and Snapplicator unit-dose packaging for semi-solids.

Tapemark is cGMP-compliant, ISO 9001 and 13485 certified, and FDA registered as a Drug, Device, Food, Cosmetics, and Dietary Supplements contract manufacturer. In addition, Tapemark is DEA registered as a Schedule III – V Manufacturer of Controlled Substances. Supporting its expanding global reach, Tapemark’s quality system has been successfully audited by the European Union, Japan, Australia, and Korea, with CE mark certification.

Tufco Technologies, LLC
Tufco Technologies, based in Green Bay, WI, is a provider of turnkey contract manufacturing services. The facility is ISO 9001-2008 certified, and FDA and EPA approved. Capabilities include wide-web flexographic printing, adhesive laminations, wet and dry wipe manufacturing along with integrated packaging solutions.

Tufco’s modern, high speed assets have the capability to produce wipes in flat packs, tubs, canisters and sachets.  Tufco can also offer in-house formulation and blending.  Addressing the drive for eco-friendly products, Tufco has been focusing on developing products that fill this void. John Michaud, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, says, “There have been natural formulations and compostable substrates around for a while but the missing piece has been the packaging. We’re working on some recyclable films that are showing great promise.”

Tufco has two wide-web flexographic printing presses that can print paper, films and nonwovens up to 61 3/4” wide with either water or solvent-based inks.  Tufco has won many awards for flexographic printing and has a reputation for being able to work with difficult substrates. According to Michael Anderson, Tufco’s flexographic sales manager, “Customers bring us the print jobs that no one else can do.” In addition to printing, Tufco can produce adhesive la­m­inations up to 120 inches in web width with adhesive add-on rates from 1 to 30 gsm.

Tufco Technologies is a business to business outsource manufacturer. Customers include nationally recognized consumer products market leaders. “From concept through commercialization, Tufco works side by side with your team to support your initiatives.  Our mission is to consistently provide world-class contract manufacturing services that meet the most rigorous QUALITY and SERVICE requirements, thereby fortifying the brands of our business partners and ensuring that all stakeholders are positively impacted.

U.S. Paper Converters
When it comes to converting, U.S. Paper Converters can convert a wide variety of substrates. U.S. Paper Converter in Appleton, WI and sister company Fitzgerald Paper Converting in Fitzgerald, GA provide 560,000 sq. ft. of warehousing and machine capability, converting rolls up to 136” wide. According to Lyle Reigel who founded the company in 1983, “Our customers deserve a dependable converter who provides a quality product at a fair price on time. That’s what we deliver. It’s that simple.”

Venus Interlinings
Venus Interlinings Pvt Ltd is an 18-year-old company engaged in manufacturing Spray bonding, Thermal Bonding and Needle Punch Fabric and is capable of making Needle Punch for Geo-Textile, Filters, Shoe Linings and home furnishing use fabric. Daily capacity is converting 8 ton fiber into fabric. The company has 6 mtr complete line consisting of 5 boards, all the major machinery is from western countries which guarantee best output with minimum variation.

The machinery is also capable enough to run very technical fibers such as Carbon, Nylon, Viscose, Polyester & Polypropylene.
For spray bonding and thermal bonding we have very experience and dedicated team working with us from very long time and our company is also a listed supplier in the IKEA and other reputed buyers.

When we talk about the quality along with the competitive price we are PROUD to announce our-self as the leading supplier of Nonwoven in India.

Web Industries
Web Industries, Inc., is a leader in outsource flexible material converting, product development, and specialized manufacturing solutions. Every day, consumers purchase innovative health & beauty, personal care, and home cleaning products that come off its production lines quickly and economically. Over the past year Web has increased capacity and added capabilities through equipment upgrades, business acquisitions, and new technology commercialization.

Web has recently commercialized two exciting manufacturing technologies involving flexible materials. The first is an advanced ultrasonic bonding/embossing system that can combine multiple materials on a continuous web at commercial-production speed. The second is a hot melt adhesive lamination method that offers unique laminate material flexibility and control.

“Commercializing these two technologies are just the latest investments that Web has made to increase capacity, efficiency, and technical proficiency across our company,” says James Oas, consumer products market director of operations. “Our advancements in ultrasonic multi-layer bonding and embossing and custom hot melt laminating bring new capabilities to the marketplace and keep Web positioned as the leader in innovative manufacturing solutions for products containing flexible materials.”

Web Industries now offers precision knife and laser material cutting and ply kitting services for sheet and rolled goods. These new capabilities were acquired when Web purchased Vermont-based CAD Cut earlier this year. Computer-controlled systems perform high-precision fabric and film cutting, eliminating the need for expensive die cutting equipment while offering full shape flexibility and control. For polymer-based materials, laser cutting can provide a sealed edge with outstanding quality, even on traditionally difficult to work with technical fabrics.

Multiple plies can be cut and kitted simultaneously for perfect multi-layer part matching and easy final assembly. Ply kitting offers manufacturers unique opportunities to increase efficiency while controlling expenses through streamlined supply chain management, simplified cost structures, and increased downstream productivity.

“The CAD Cut acquisition is a great opportunity for Web to bring these cutting technologies to new markets,” said Claudio Hanna, Web Industries’ Director of Sales for Consumer Products. “Because they are able to process small quantity batches from wide parent rolls, these table-based systems are perfect for supporting new product development. They can also be price-competitive against traditional die cutting technologies at commercial scale volumes when dealing with thick, high-value materials.”

Web also provides high-speed wide-web flexographic printing services with tight dimensional pattern registration and precision inline slitting. Web’s printing assets can handle complex graphics without image bleed-through on nonwovens as light as 10gms at wide-web widths, giving customers the opportunity to print, slit, and spool in one operation and eliminating unnecessary manufacturing steps while reducing overall costs.

Home to some of the largest converting assets in the world, Web’s Fort Wayne facility has upgraded two of its key custom-designed large-format high-speed slitting and spooling lines. These improvements increase material usage efficiency and throughput while meeting all quality assurance benchmarks, providing industry-leading nonwoven, film, and paper converting options.

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