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Bonar launches Colback Profloor

September 13, 2013

Bonar has introduced the latest Colback innovation—Colback ProFloor. It uses bicomponent fiber technology for producing a primary backing material with improved stitch holding for tufted commercial carpets. The same fiber technology, combined with its bonding process, delivers improved stability in commercial tile processes. The resulting tiles show lower up curl results and improved dimensional stability.

Bonar says Colback ProFloor delivers even greater benefits during carpet manufacture and service life. Its stable filament network is based on a new polymer composition that delivers softer tufting, improved stitch holding and optimum dimensional stability of the finished carpet.

Colback ProFloor makes it easier to create complex tuft constructions and helps to deliver a smoother carpet face. ProFloor also stops stresses being built-in to carpet tiles during manufacture; as a result, carpet tiles stay flatter and dimensionally more stable during service life.

Previously available from the Bonar’s European production facilities, Colback ProFloor will be available commercially from Bonar’s USA manufacturing site in Enka, NC in fourth quarter 2013.