Composite Sheet And Absorbent Article Using The Composite Sheet

September 6, 2013

US Patent No: 8,273943 B2
Inventor(s): Yuki Noda, Kagawa, Japan; and Kenichiro Kuroda, Kagawa, Japan.
Company: Uni-Charm Corporation, Ehime, Japan.
Filed: 12/11/07
Issued: 9/25/12

A composite sheet, comprising: a film sheet having a plurality of openings and/or a plurality of slits; and a fiber aggregate layered on a first side of the film sheet, wherein the fiber aggregate includes a plurality of projecting regions that project to a second side of the film sheet opposite to the first side, through the plurality of openings and/or the plurality of slits, each of the projecting regions including a base portion, the film sheet includes a groove disposed between a pair of adjacent projecting regions among the plurality of projecting regions and having a bottom two branches both extending from the bottom in a projecting direction of the projecting regions and covering at least a portion of the base portion of one of the adjacent projecting regions, and the projecting regions are disposed in a staggered manner.

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