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Conwed Global Netting Solutions produces digital IDEA book

July 31, 2013

Plastic netting manufacturer Conwed has produced a digital IDEA book to help customers and potential customers understand its processes and see a variety of product samples. This digital IDEA book outlines Conwed's markets, capabilities, core products and technologies.

Conwed netting is an essential component in hundreds of industrial and consumer products in many different industries worldwide.  From automotive, filtration, medical, hygiene and disposable products to agriculture, apparel and building and construction applications, the firm's netting portfolio delivers superior performance and functionality. 

“We understand that every project is different and our R&D team thrives on exploring untested and out-of-the-box concepts," says Ivan Soltero, strategic marketing manager, Conwed. “That’s why we want this book to be readily available for anyone to access so you can discover how our products and capabilities can help create your next product innovation.”

“From a technical point of view, this is the first available manual that explains how plastic netting is made, how it can be customized and where it fits in other manufacturing processes. We understand that sharing our netting knowledge with our audience triggers innovation in the most unexpected places," says James Kidwell, director of technology and innovation, Conwed.

In addition to providing a detailed overview of Conwed, the digital IDEA book features many real size photo samples of different netting with their specifications to help provide a visual of details like mesh size, strand count, weight, thickness and color. Browse Conwed's digital IDEA book at

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