Absorbent Article Having Barrier Sheet Against The Migration Of The Skin Care Composition

August 7, 2013

U.S. Patent No.: 8,262,634 B1
Inventor(s): Brian Francis Gray, Cincinnati, OH, U.S.; Kiyoe Ohba, Fukuoka Fukuoka, Japan; Ryo Minoguchi, Cincinnati, OH, U.S.; and Kaoru Niihara, Kobe Hyogo, Japan.
Company: The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, OH, U.S.
Filed: 10/1/99
Issued: 9/11/12

An absorbent article comprising a pair of longitudinal side edges, a liquid pervious topsheet, a liquid impervious backsheet joined to said topsheet, and an absorbent core positioned between said topsheet and said backsheet, said absorbent article comprising: an oil-based skin care composition provided on at least a portion of said topsheet, a flap extending laterally outwardly from each longitudinal side edge, said flap comprising a garment surface, said garment surface of said flap comprising a flap adhesive, and a barrier sheet comprising a base sheet attached only to said absorbent article by said flap adhesive, wherein said barrier sheet reduces the migration of the skin care composition therethrough to protect said flap adhesive from said oil-based skin care composition, the base sheet comprising a component selected from the group consisting of fluorochemicals, hydrophilic polymers, inorganic particles, and mixtures thereof; and wherein the flaps are folded over the body surface of the absorbent article and the barrier sheet covers the adhesive before use of the absorbent article.

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