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INDA releases new North American wipes report

July 17, 2013

Strong 16% growth predicted.

INDA, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, has published a new report, entitled, “North American Wipes Market: Trends & Forecasts 2012-2017.”

Brad Kalil, INDA’s director of market research and statistics, says, “We are pleasantly surprised by the unrelenting growth of the disposable nonwovens wipes industry, even during these challenging economic times for consumers and businesses.”

Kalil continues, “In the consumer wipes segment, which accounts for two-thirds of the tonnage, we still see sustained growth in the mature baby wipes category; while both household and personal wipes expanded at a rapid rate, not only through broader usage but also with continuous product innovation.”

“Looking forward, a few variables may cause swift expansion within the industrial/institutional segment, such as reclassification of wipes and laundered shop towels within the Resource Conservation Recovery Act (the Wiper Rule) and the medical industries’ increased liability around healthcare associated infections (HAIs) coupled with a strong GDP forecast at the end of our outlook period,” says Kalil.

INDA's outlook for the North American disposable nonwovens wipes market is for continued strong growth with a 16% increase in the per annum growth rate over the outlook period (2012-2017) compared to recent historical period (2007-2012).

This report provides detailed forecasts and trends for the consumer and industrial/institutional wipes markets. Product segments include:

• Consumer Wipes
• Baby Wipes
• Household Wipes, including Hard Surface/Disinfecting, Wet Floor Cleaning, General Cleaning, Electrostatic Dry Floor Cleaning, Automotive (Home Use), Furniture Polish and Glass/Metal Cleaning, and Wet and Dry Floor Cleaning
• Personal Wipes, including Premoistened Toilet, Cosmetic/Facial Cleaners, Toddler Flushables, Antibacterial, General Body/Bath, Incontinent, Intimate Feminine Care
• Industrial/Institutional Wipes
• Industrial/Commercial wipes including an estimate of ranges and towel/shop wipes
• Institutional wipes in healthcare and food service

The report includes sales estimates by consumer channel and national brands/private labels. Sales in some of these consumer channels accounts for a significant portion of total sales for certain wipe SKUs and this data is not typically captured in other wipes reports.

In addition to the forecast, the report includes trends and construction details of leading brands within consumer wipes.

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