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Lenzing Instruments introduces new technology

July 1, 2013

The Austrian company Lenzing Instruments recently presented their newest developments at Techtextil. For unique process control of the fiber orientation of nonwoven webs Lenzing Instruments offers the Nonwovens Orientation System NOS 200. The illuminated web is scanned by a CCD camera and the evaluation of the resulting images gives feedback about the MD:CD ratio, meaning the ratio of fibers in the Machine vs. Cross direction of the web. Out of the MD:CD ratio, correlations can be drawn to the strength of the web, enabling an online, nondestructive monitoring of the nonwoven strength. NOS 200 is also available as an offline system.

Lenzing Instruments also offers the following testing equipment for nonwoven materials: online monitoring of aesthetical and physical web defects/characteristics: NIS 200; online monitoring of area weight, moisture and thickness: SCIENTA NW; water permeability: GE-TE-FLOW; liquid strike through time: LISTER AC and LISTER LC; rewet properties: WETBACK Thickness: VDM 01; characteristic opening size: GT 1200

Another area the company offers solutions for is income control of fibers for nonwoven production. By means of Vibroskop 400 and Vibrodyn 400, the titer (den, dtex) and the tensile properties (tenacity and elongation) of the fibers can be tested automatically.

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