IDEA 2013 Show Preview

April 17, 2013

A look at what some exhibitors will highlight at IDEA.

A. Celli
Booth 405

A.Celli Nonwovens, the Italian machinery specialist, will prseent its four core technologies: printing, winding and slitting, roll handling and packaging and airlaid web forming at IDEA 2013 A.Celli will be promoting its printing technology, which was launched in 2010 to offer the highest quality of printing onto different kinds of substrates including nonwovens, PP/PE film and tissue with a wide range of basis weights. The printing technology is fully integrated with its multifunctional lines and can be integrated with blown/cast film lines. This technology enhances the process chain offering nonwovens producers the ability of adding aesthetic benefits to their products to empower their brands with high definition designs and images. To date, A.Celli has four references for its printing technology.

Also at IDEA, A.Celli will showcase its new generation of winders and slitter-rewinders specially developed for top performing spunmelt lines. The best selling, new generation master roll winder, ACXX and slitter-rewinder, Speedster in Combi configuration represent the state-of-the-art in integrating master roll winding and slitting into a single operational concept. The new generation machines guarantee extra time in production per day due to the minimization of the slitter-rewinder downtime. It also allows to reduce the scrap to zero.

Anyone looking to increase the automation, control and efficiency of their production line is recommended to make the most of being able to discuss the right Slittopack system for the job. A.Celli Nonwovens’ roll handling and packaging systems are custom built to integrate into the specific environment and interact with the machinery within it. The company has completed 34 projects since Slittopack was first introduced to the market in 2006. A.Celli Nonwovens has very rapidly established itself as a leading supplier of roll handling and packaging systems.

Airlaid Project Managers will be on call to welcome any visitors who are interested in discussing the patented airlaid web forming technology known as Wingformer, which draws on the 65 years experience of paper making machinery of its sister company, A.Celli Paper.

Booth 1529

Ahlstrom will exhibit its high performance fiber-based materials for medical, beverage and the filtration markets, with a special focus on sustainable materials and technologies at IDEA 2013. The company’s products are designed to protect people, purify air and liquids and provide surface and structure to its customers.  Sustainability is at the heart of these three areas.

Food and beverage are areas where consumers want both products and packaging to be more environmentally-sensitive but without the expectation of changing how they shop, prepare and cook. To achieve this, Ahlstrom is looking for new sustainable options. Efforts include the development of more products made from PLA (polylactic-acid), an advanced renewable and biodegradable polymer.  PLA is already used in Ahlstrom BioWeb teabags and is currently being expanded into coffee capsules for espresso machines.

Designed to protect patients and surgical staff, we offer a diverse range of single-use medical fabrics including drapes, gowns, facemasks, protective apparel and sterile barrier systems. Our single-use fabrics not only offer superior levels of protection but represent an environmentally responsible option compared to reusable. We are constantly looking for ways to make our medical fabrics more efficiently by reducing waste, saving energy, minimizing their environmental impacts or even providing lighter materials that achieve the same level of performance.

Ahlstrom offers an ever growing range of filtration media to help water become clearer, air become cleaner and engines stay unpolluted. Ahlstrom’s filtration media is used by customers in the water, energy, healthcare, food and beverage and environmental control industries. Ahlstrom is helping its customers stay ahead by providing greener alternatives that are still highly efficient and cost-effective.

Booth 601

International technology group Andritz—uniting three leading suppliers to the nonwovens industry under one roof—will present its extended product portfolio. Andritz Asselin-Thibeau, France, is the third nonwovens competence center to join Andritz Küsters and Andritz Perfojet. Andritz Asselin-Thibeau is a worldwide leading supplier of drylaid nonwovens lines (including cards, crosslappers, drafter and needle looms) and ideally complements the Andritz Perfojet spunlace technology. Andritz Küsters contributes with expertise in wetlaid, thermal bonding and finishing technologies. Whether the requirement is for drylaid, wetlaid, spunbond, spunlace or needlepunch, Andritz offers integrated in-house solutions from forming to finishing.

In the U.S., Andritz is well supported in sales and service by its local branch in Spartanburg, SC. U.S. customers benefit from a highly skilled sales team, responsive service by experienced field and process engineers as well as a great range of original Andritz spare parts in stock. Andritz provides responsive service and maintenance for all nonwovens segments. One main field of experience is the roll service center, specialized in the repair, reconditioning and upgrading of all types of rolls. Sales and field engineers from Andritz Asselin-Thibeau and Andritz Perfojet have now joined the Andritz Küsters team and form a widely experienced task force that ensures life-cycle support for all Andritz nonwovens technologies.

The Andritz nonwovens competence centers in Europe have invested in state-of-the-art technical centers in Elbeuf and Montbonnot, France, and Krefeld, Germany, and joined forces in research and development. Complete pilot lines and individual equipment for spunlace, needlepunch, wetlaid/wetlace, bonding and finishing are available for customer trials and have already led to innovative process solutions. One major development, for example, has been the neXline wetlace, a line concept that integrates Andritz Küsters wetlaid and Andritz Perfojet hydroentanglement technologies. Wetlace is an ideal process for the production of flushable wipes from 100% natural and/or renewable fibers without chemical binders.

Another step ahead in quality control and documentation has been made in the hydrophilic treatment of spunbond nonwovens for hygiene applications. An innovative dosing concept including neXdetect measuring device allows reliable inline measurement of the oil pick-up after the dryer, easily detecting  and documenting first-class quality and substantially reducing wastage.

In the spunlace industry, Andritz offers high-speed integrated production lines with unequalled energy efficiency ratio: neXline spunlace—which includes the Excelle carding system, the Jetlace hydroentangle¬ment process, the neXaqua dewatering unit, the Perfodry through-air dryer and the neXcal twin embossing calender – provides a major competitive advantage to spunlace producers. The optimum solution for top-speed spunlace lines for commodity products like wet wipes is a combination of an Isoweb TT card and Jetlace Essentiel, producing lightweight spunlace at very high capacity and low MD/CD ratios. This new generation of carding systems was launched in late 2011 and Andritz has already sold 14 Isoweb TT cards. A pilot line including Isoweb TT card will be available for trials this month in the Andritz Perfojet technical center.

In the needlepunch area, Andritzd has integrated the double carding Isoweb technology with the ProDyn concept into the neXline needlepunch. This is a major improvement in order to achieve the excellent technical product characteristics requested by the market. Fibers are the major cost factor in nonwovens production. The ProDyn system provides a remarkable reduction in fiber consumption and therefore a better return on investment. This unique line concept integrates the double Excelle Isoweb card with innovative feeding system, the Dynamic crosslapper with integrated web control device, A50 needlelooms with optimized adapted patterns, and a range of neXdraft drafters. A fully automatic final weight control with inline adjustment completes the equipment.

Another major development in the carding industry is the Excelle card for through-air bonding technology, which is an ideal process for multi-layer products. Starting in May 2013, a complete pilot line will be available at the new Andritz Asselin-Thibeau technical center.

Booth 1712

First-time exhibitor Autefa Solutions will present economical concepts and individual solutions for nonwovens manufacturers. Visitors will find information about the latest developments and technical experts will also be available for discussions.

The Injection Card Plus uses the aerodynamic principle for gentle fiber treatment. The improved carding effect, the modular machine construction and the easy cleaning system in particular make the machines suitable for high production spunlace lines and ADL nonwovens.

The Crosslapper Topliner is a key machine in many nonwovens installations, able to increase product quality in new installations or as a replacement in existing lines, while contributing to saving raw materials at the same time.

The needle loom Stylus is equipped with the innovative Variliptic drive system, which enables high production speeds while also ensuring a gentle needling of the nonwoven fabric. This is particularly important during the first process step, the preneedling. The Variliptic drive system optimizes the surface of the nonwoven fabric while also protecting fibers and minimizing the needle wear. The machine has been delivered to numerous customers and has shown its specific advantages in field operation.

Boyd Technologies
Booth 1551

Boyd Technologies will announce a new capital investment at IDEA, marking the official launch of its five year strategic growth plan, which has been underway since 2012 and aims to double the company’s top line revenue during the next five years. The growth strategy aims to achieve balanced profitable growth in the company’s core target markets through focused investments in the company’s manufacturing capabilities and management team. 

The first phase of Boyd’s growth strategy began this year with an investment of approximately $1.5 million in a new cleanroom facility and capital equipment. The assets are targeted for completion during the third quarter of 2013.  The initial investment is part of Boyd’s continued focus on the fast growing medical device industry, which in 2011 had U.S. sales of $100 billion and $300 billion globally.  The company operates in the biopharmaceutical filtration and advanced wound care market spaces.  Growth in these areas is being fueled by increasing demands of an ageing population, the need for advanced technologies to reduce health care costs, and more patient focused drug development and delivery systems.  

Boyd plans to validate its new ISO Class 7 clean room in the third quarter of 2013 and immediately begin operations.  “We are in a number of high level dialogues now with strategic partners which will put these new assets immediately to work,” says Matthew Boyd the Company’s EVP of Business Development.  “We’ve spent a great deal of time specifying and customizing these investments to meet the needs of our partners so we are thrilled to see these efforts coming to fruition.” 

Commenting on the capital investment the company’s president Stephen Boyd, says, “We plan to continue investing in the expansion of our assets and capabilities over the next five years.  This includes equipment, people and infrastructure to support our targeted growth objectives.” 

Boyd Technologies has a long track record of precision manufacturing in high tech markets.  The company’s experience in the personal care market is extensive with a number of health and oral care product launches under its belt.  “We are capable of operating three shifts in our facility with upwards of 150 staff, which allows our equipment to run 24-7 and facilitate very attractive growth,” comments Stephen Boyd.   

Branson Ultrasonics
Booth 102

Branson Ultrasonics will present the latest in technologies and will unveil a new Textile Actuator that provides an ultrasonic solution to a myriad of converting, bonding and embossing applications.

The 2013 IDEA booth will also highlight Branson’s Unmatched Application Expertise, 100% Commitment to Customer Service, Unequaled Global Resources and Leading Edge Technologies. With fully-operating equipment stations and video kiosks, the booth will demonstrate a line of nonwoven assembly solutions —plus Branson personnel will also be on hand to provide assistance.

Jim Molinare, market segment manager for Branson further states, “With the introduction of new products that are specific to the nonwoven industry, Branson once again proves that our approach to achieve the right solution for each application is the key to our success. We feel that our direct drive servo system, utilizing state of the art ‘power signal control’ and our new DCX power supplies, which provide enhanced performance, control, durability and reliability, will change the way that the industry looks at ultrasonic technology.”

Card Clothing & Services
Booth 709

Card Clothing & Services, Inc. (CCS) is a U.S. manufacturer of fiber processing equipment, including blending, opening, carding, crosslapping and electrical control systems. CCS equipment is built from the ground up with top quality components in its automated Huntley, IL fabrication facility. The equipment is electrically wired and test ran before it is disassembled and prepared for shipment.

IDEA will allow CCS to display product literature, photos and video of its latest blend line weight control systems, recipe management electrical control systems and metallic card clothing services. CCS plans to have our latest color touch screen that displays the control system for an operating nonwoven line. This system is able to monitor the nonwoven line remotely from anywhere in the world that has internet service.

In addition to capital equipment, CCS manufactures carding machine cylinders and fine opener rollers. The metallic card cylinder reclothing operation is able to wind rollers up to 3.5 meters in width depending on diameter. A typical CCS fine opener can be covered with metallic wire, aluminum pinned lags or large teeth depending on the desired amount of fiber opening.CCS designs and manufactures a standard line of fiber processing equipment, we offer many different features that allow the end user to customize the equipment to suit the application.

Cotton Incorporated
Booth 1317

Cotton Incorporated’s focus will be on the power of cotton’s performance in products and its appeal to consumers worldwide. Consumers overwhelmingly prefer cotton to all other fibers in wipes, feminine hygiene products, diapers and adult incontinence products. And cotton performs. It is absorbent, soft, hypoallergenic and breathable. This strong fiber gets even stronger when it is wet. As a product of Mother Nature, consumers say that cotton is the safest fiber for the environment.
Dover Flexo
Booth 1167

At IDEA, Dover Flexo Electronics (DFE) will present an active demonstration of the new communications features of the SteadyWeb tension controller. This new generation of full-featured controllers maintains set tension on a web in any zone to improve process consistency. The unit is designed to help plant management bring operators up to speed with minimal training time via a color backlit LCD, illustrated prompts and color graphics. The large front dial allows easy scrolling through configuration values.

At the show the SteadyWeb5 controller will take a tension input signal from a Narrow Web tension transducer mounted on a display stand. Attendees will be able to view tension and access other controller features on their smartphones through the controller’s new web-server option. The controller’s web-server option allows Ethernet communication for setup and control via connected PC or remotely from a wi-fi-enabled smart device.

For setup and configuration, users have a choice of using the controller’s direct graphic interface or several other communication options.

Enka Tecnica
Booth 501

Enka Tecnica continues to lead the way in new technologies for making precision spinnerets, hydroentalglement jet strips, melt blowing die tips and spinning nozzles. Enka has consistently demonstrated its ability to provide precision quality products with reliable delivery times.  In addition, Enka offers a complete refurbishment/refresh service through facilities in Richmond, VA and Germany.  Experts from Enka Tecnica will be in Miami to discuss your specific needs.
Booth 1901

At  IDEA, Groz-Beckert will present the new EcoStar needle as part of the Innovations Initiative Nonwovens. EcoStar – the universal felting needle for almost all requirements—is the first result of the far-reaching Innovation Initiative. In comparison with standard needles it offers users an improved surface quality of the end product, longer service life combined with reduced energy consumption and lower penetration force, but the same efficiency.

Another topic is the Gebecon needle. Groz-Beckert Gebecon needles provide the ideal combination: good surface quality of the end product plus best possible bending resistance properties.

As a further innovation Groz-Beckert presents the new HyTec D Jet Strip for hydroentangled products. The newly developed Jet Strip HyTec D is optimally adapted for the application in spunlace systems, in terms of both hardness and durability.

Tests inside and outside the company have proven the following benefits:

• Nozzle edges with improved wear resistance
• Reduced energy consumption due to optimized nozzle edges
• Perfectly aligned formation of the water curtain
• Excellent surface quality to prevent dirt accumulation.

Hastem Transportbänder
Booth 501

Come by Booth 501 to see the world’s leading supplier of slat aprons for transporting webs.  A wide assortment of slat profiles and surface finishes, along with spiked aprons for fiber opening and blending operations will be on display. Let Hastem help you solve your fiber opening and web transport problems with their proven apron technology.

H.B. Fuller
Booth 917

At IDEA, H.B. Fuller will share its passion for adhesives and its latest hygiene innovations through engaging interactive information sessions. Attendees can learn about how adhesives can play a pivotal role for key innovation areas such as thinner cores, lighter weight materials and improved fit and comfort.

H.B. Fuller has a global track record of recognizing trends and developing adhesive solutions to address industry challenges and changing market needs. More than 30 years of close collaboration with hygiene manufacturers has culminated in H.B Fuller’s comprehensive Full-Care family of adhesives that provide robust solutions for our customers in terms of adhesive performance, supply flexibility, technical support, all delivered through close technical collaboration. H.B. Fuller adhesives perform to meet market needs and we always have our customers in mind. 

Meanwhile, H.B. Fuller’s newly-expanded polymer business unit will be demonstrating a new pH-driven patent-pending disintegration polymer and an advanced aqueous, superabsorbent polymer solution. These exciting and novel chemistries are designed to address the rapidly growing need in the nonwovens industry to create thinner, absorbent nonwoven articles as well as fabrics that degrade upon disposal. 

H.B. Fuller focuses on perfecting adhesives and polymers to help customers meet their business objectives. The company brings a compelling combination of world-class technical service, global strength, innovative polymers and its family of high performance Full-Care adhesive products designed to meet the challenges of the nonwovens industry.

Indorama Ventures
Booth 2101

At IDEA, Indorama Ventures will introduces itself as “the truly global fiber producer.”  The combined capabilities of Auriga Polymers, Indorama Polyester Industries, PT Indorama Ventures Indonesia, Wellman International, Trevira and Fiber Visions allows Indorama Ventures to offer an unparalleled global manufacturing presence in supplying fibers and polymers for nonwoven fabrics around the globe, according to the company. With the capabilities of our well known plants, our research team complements and works with our customers on new and fast developments to gain and maintain market leadership.

Booth 1256

Kansan Machinery, a manufacturer of wet wipe machines, hygienic textile machines and turn-key complete wet wipe line producer from Turkey exhibited a tremendous growth in the last couple years. If 2012 was a record-breaking year with the delivery of 84 machines, the order list of Kansan is suggesting the same for 2013.  “The expansion of existing customers and penetration to new markets were very exciting for us this year,” says Anil Kirhalli, sales and business development director of the company. “We added a lot of new customers to our portfolio and received many recurring orders from existing customers. Of course the most exciting ones were definitely the project we handled with Ginni Filaments of India and our very first delivery to China.”

In its 2013 pipeline Kansan already has fixed orders from the U.K., the U.S., Northern Europe, Serbia, Peru, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, China, Algeria, Poland. “Double-digit growth is a concept we have been familiarized with for the last couple years,” says Kirhalli. “Of course we can link it to the global growth in nonwoven and hygienic market in the world or we can easily tempt ourselves by saying that it is a sales and marketing miracle. But the truth is we have excellent research and development, after sales service and a production teams behind us. We have their support enabling us to offer state-of –the art machines to our existing and new customers.”

Even with all these new customers and fixed orders for the first three quarters of 2013 there is still room for Kansan’s further expansion plans. The business plan of Kansan involves a much greater participation in this year’s IDEA show. Kansan will be having one of the largest booths in the show and will be exhibiting a full automatic cross fold and a fully automatic Interfold/Non-interfold wet wipe production line throughout the entire show.

All machines to be presented at the show will have brand new features and latest developments of Kansan’s new platform. Some of the new features can be listed as increased cutting capacity up to 800 cpm, degraded extra low vibration, full automatic splice of bobbins and laminate foil in all lines, enhanced transfer mechanisms, web guiding technology in unwinds units, precise lotion application and zero or minimum waste based operation.

Lenzing Instruments
Booth 131

For most nonwoven producers, Lenzing Instruments is a well known supplier of equipment for quality- and process control. For more than 40 years, producers of nonwovens, fibers, filaments and films have turned to this  Austrian company in order to find the optimum solution for their testing requirements.

Lenzing Instruments’ offer includes both customized online solutions for process control as well as standard laboratory testing equipment.

Unique process control of the fiber orientation offers the Nonwovens Orientation System NOS 200. The illuminated web is scanned by a CCD camera and the evaluation of the resulting images gives feedback about the MD:CD ratio, meaning the ratio of fibers in the machine vs. cross direction of the web. Out of the MD:CD ratio, correlations can be drawn to the strength of the web, therewith enabling an online, non destructive monitoring of the nonwoven strength. NOS 200 is also available as offline system.

With the Nonwoven Inspection System NIS 200, aesthetical and physical defects of the nonwoven web are detected in real-time by means of high resolution line scan camera modules with image-processing and visualization computers.

The continuous and immediate feedback about defects such as contamination, printing defects, holes, thin- and thick spots, cloudiness enables quick reactions to process malfunctions and thus cost savings due to less waste of finished goods and raw material as well as less customer complaints.

For simultaneous online monitoring of area weight, moisture and thickness, the Scienta system offers various solutions depending on the produced material, enabling also non-nuclear technology to be applied; for instance for polypropylene and polyester webs. In this case, Near Infrared Light technology is used, eliminating the need of authorities licenses or any specific safety procedures.

All sensor and scanner support electronics are housed inside the scanner frame, which is compact and robust, designed to withstand high temperatures, humid conditions, dust etc.

On the field of liquid-strike-through-time testing and rewet testing, Lenzing Instruments has been standard setting with its two instruments Lister and Wetback. Often used in combination, the operator tests the liquid-strike-throughtime of a nonwoven coverstock with Lister according to WSP 70.3/WSP 70.7 , and the wetback properties of the same nonwoven coverstock with Wetback according to WSP 80.10 / WSP 70.8.

Booth 1713

At IDEA, Metso is excited to introduce its totally reengineered new Advantage Hydro-Dry. Starting with a clean sheet, Metso designed and built a dryer/bonder that meets and exceeds current expectations; with a focus on issues that you face every day. Metso’s new Advantage Hydro-Dry incorporates the most efficient through air drying and through air bonding technology available today and can be found in the most advanced Spunlace and Wetlace nonwovens lines in the nonwovens industry.

Booth 1949

NDC was founded in the year 1998 in Quanzhou City, one of top economic active regions in China. As a global supplier for high quality hot melt application technology, NDC has won favorable reception from customers for high quality, good service, strong manufacturing capabilities and strict management system.

NDC, has focused its research and development and manufacturing on hot melt tank and coating lamination machine for more than a decade. It’s renowned for its one-stop complete lines and professional application expertise in Asia.

NDC, in order to improve working efficiency and product quality and precision, bought state-of-the-art computer numerical control machines (Japan Mori Seiki, Mazak, Tsugami, Germany DMG Turn & Mill Complex CNC Machine and Horizontal CNC Machine, etc.) to replace those traditional processing machines, now most of parts are available to be automatically finished in one time.

NDC, constructed a well-appointed laboratory, which is equipped with all kinds of spray and coating systems for diversified applications and complete inspection facilities. All above allow us to do various testing and trial for our customers, and R&D for new products and technology.

NDC dispensing systems are widely used in: baby/adult diaper & fem-care, building & roofing materials, packaging, label stock & tag, medical-use material, etc. No matter nonwoven lamination or paper converting, we can always offer you professional & innovative solutions to satisfy different production lines.

Nippon Nozzle
Booth 260

Since the mid 1970’s Nippon Nozzle has been a pioneer in spunlace technology and the world leader as a manufacturer of hydroentangling jet strips. The process of spunlacing or “hydroentangling” is perhaps the fastest growing technology in the nonwovens field.  The principle is unique unto itself—ultra fine, high velocity jets or “needles” of water are volleyed against a fiber web or other similar substrate.  The kinetic energy transferred from the water causes the fibers to entangle, wrap and knot about each other in the web.  The resulting product is one with many conventional textile properties such as softness of hand, drapability, durability and the ability to be patterned.  Spunlaced nonwovens are expanding into new and heretofore difficult-to-penetrate markets such as apparel, home furnishings and domestics.  Moreover, end use products such as personal wipes, domestic wipes, and institutional wipes continue to grow for spunlaced nonwovens.  Industry experts estimate that approximately 12% of all nonwovens are made through the spunlaced process

Nippon Nozzle supplies not only jet strips but high pressure stainless steel wire mesh five layers deep water filter cartridges for the Perfojet lines.  It also produces spunlace manifolds (Injectors) for all types of lines.

Booth 634

Omnova Solutions, a specialty chemical manufacturer, provides a wide range of products for nonwoven fabrics. Our emulsions provide bonding with tailored product attributes: tensile strength, stiffness, dimensional stability, moldability, chemical resistance and water, oil and alcohol repellency.  Omnova also offers polymers that improve wicking, permeability, soil release, heat and ultraviolet resistance and soft hand.
• Genflo & Gencryl - styrene butadiene polymers
• Acrygen - acrylic and styrene acrylic polymers
• Sunbond & Suncryl - vinyl acetate polymers
• Mykowick - comfort finishes
• X-Cape - repellent & release systems

Pantex International
Booth 1433

Pantex International will launch several new materials at IDEA 2013, including new grades of  film-based, cloth-like and nonwovens-based Cotton Dry laminates. The new products are extremely soft and have unique visual appearance while maintaining premium performance levels for acquisition, rewet and masking. These developments will be showcased alongside the company’s broad range of topsheets, special ADLs and a new series of elastic laminates.

The key of more than 26 years of success in the hygiene market leverages on several pillars: long term expertise, proprietary technologies, continued investments in R&D, good understanding of market and customers needs, strong financial position, short time to market, flexibility and a quick reaction time.

The company is also embracing a new sustainability program with special efforts to develop new products that meet the growing need to minimize environmental impact. Special attention is also placed on waste management with total waste reduction targets, internal and external complete recycling. The company strongly pursues strategic partnership throughout the entire supply chain at raw material suppliers, customers as well as with the forwarders, for the overall optimization of the carbon footprint.

For many years, Pantex has been committed to social responsibility with several projects engaged in International solidarity. In particular, with the warm involvement of all employees, Pantex family has significantly grown by adopting a wide number of children from less privileged countries.
Peixin International

Peixin International is one the most professional manufacturers of baby diaper machines, lady napkin machines and adult diaper machine and all kinds of paper converting machines in China with a long history of over 26 years in this business. Peixin enjoys a strong reputation with good quality and perfect after-sales service for all customers from over 80 countries in the world.

Peixin is located in Shuangyang Overseas Chinese Economic-develop Zone, Luojiang, Quanzhou, Fujian, China and Occupied area of 60000 square meters with the fixed assets of almost 200 million yuan. Peixin has over 250 workers including the 50 technicians staff giving guarantee on the accurate production and offering the strong production capacity.

Peixin won many honors such as “China product Exemption fro Quality Surveillance Inspection”, “Fujian Province Famous Brand”, “Contract and Credit Fiduciary Company” “Technology Innovative Enterprise” “Important Enterprise for Taxpaying” and so on. Peixin also has won ISO9001:2000 Quality Certification System, European CE certificate.

Reifenhäuser REICOFIL
Booth 401

Whenever anyone talks about spunbond, meltblown and composite nonwovens, the name which naturally comes to mind is Recofil.  World renown for high productivity and quality nonwovens production lines, whether it is for spunbond, meltblown, composites, bi-component, fine denier, or PET fabrics, REICOFIL will have technical representatives to provide the latest information on all of these important nonwoven processes.

Schill & Seilacher GmbH
Booth 501

Schill & Seilacher is the world’s largest supplier of technical finishes for the Nonwovens Industry.  Every given application requires a specialized finish, and Schill & Seilacher has the chemists to custom design and tailor finishes for each customer’s unique needs.  Whether it is anti-static properties, food packaging, hygiene, medical, hydrophobic or hydrophilic characteristics, they can offer solutions. Visit with the Schill & Seilacher team in booth 501.

Sikoplast Recycling GmbH
Booth 501

Waste recovery and recycling has become more and more important in recent years.  Sikoplast has long been a leader in the efficient recycling of nonwoven fabrics and fibers.  Contact us about machinery for recycling, re-pelletizing, and re-feeding systems for edge trim from meltblown and spunbond fabrics.

Sonobond Ultrasonics
Booth 1371

Sonobond Ultrasonics will showcase towo fi ts machines, the SEamMaster High Profile Ultrasonic and the SureCut 35 Ultrasonci Hand Cutter, at its booth. .  In addition, the company has prepared a new multimedia presentation showing several of our ultrasonic bonders in operation.  It also includes photos of the many different end-products that can be assembled with our equipment. 

Sonobond’s SeamMaster Series of ultrasonic bonders are similar in appearance to traditional sewing machines.  However, they use no thread, glue or other consumables.  Instead, they seal, “sew,” and trim nonwoven and synthetic fabrics with ultrasonic vibrations.  Bonding and trimming are accomplished in one quick step.  The ultrasonic process eliminates problems caused by stitch holes or glue gaps, as well as fraying or unraveling of bonded edges. SeamMaster machines have the important advantage of operating four times faster than conventional sewing machines and ten times faster than adhesive methods.  They are the only ultrasonic bonders that feature a continuous-bonding rotary system.  This enables them to bond more efficiently, reliably, and quickly than other “plunge” type ultrasonic bonders.  Sonobond offers a selection of over 500 standard pattern wheels—plus custom designs—for slitting, sealing, seaming, embossing, and tacking.

Sonobond’s SureCut 35 Ultrasonic Cutters/Sealers are available for loom-mounting or as hand-held tools.  They operate noiselessly, combining two steps into one by cutting and sealing the edge of synthetic films and fabrics in a single pass.  This reduces labor costs by eliminating extra trimming steps.  SureCut 35 machines do not cause fraying, unraveling, or material buildup (beading) along the edge.  This gives them an important advantage over hot wire and rotating knife cutters.  When a double layer of fabric is passed under the unit, it joins the two layers along the edge as it cuts and seals.

Booth 211

Expect an array of new product and marketing initiatives from Suominen at IDEA 2013. The leader in nonwovens for wipes will reveal new products and activities that will have a significant impact across the industry.

The focus on eco-friendliness is firmly established at Suominen, and it’s reflected in such products as Hydraspun Dispersible Substrate. This innovative material, one of the few products to meet the INDA/EDANA guidelines, is truly flushable, breaking down into individual fibers as it goes through the sewer pipes. The eco-friendly theme is also evident in the company’s latest advertising campaign. Each new iconic image serves as the backdrop to demonstrate that Suominen is ‘the biggest name in nonwovens for wipes.”

The company’s restless pursuit of product improvement is also evident in its extended portfolio of household and industrial wiping materials. New technologies have helped to develop exciting product characteristics.

Booth 501

Temco specializes in high speed low friction bearings combined with guide rollers to produce highly effective web guiding solutions for nonwoven converters. As web weights go down, low friction guiding solutions become even more critical in order to not influence the web quality. Visit with us in Booth 501 to see how we can help you improve your converting efficiency and quality with TEMCO rollers.

Technical Absorbents
Booth 111

Technical Absorbents will show IDEA exhibitors how the company and its product range have progressed over the past few years. In addition to its SAF technology, TAL will also be display different SAF-based fabrics and yarns, which are now used with a variety of industries and applications. Examples of new water-blocking geotextiles, water reservoir agrotextiles, filtration media and woundcare fabrics will be on display. It will also have on show its KoolSorb coolant fabric, which is a finalist within the roll goods category at the  IDEA Achievement Awards.

“TAL has steadily progressed its business strategy which is focused on enhancing its innovation and development capabilities,” explains TAL business development manager Dave Hill. “TAL is now seen as a solutions provider, rather than just a raw material manufacture of SAF.

“The relationships that it has established with not only converters, but in some cases whole supply chains, have made generating new ideas and developing these into usable products a much smoother and efficient process.”

The latest example of this is KoolSorb, which is patent-pending. “Creating a washable super absorbent fabric was not easy,” continues Hill. “It is a concept that many would have laughed at. However, it has been achieved and the recognition it has already received from within the industry has been tremendous.”

Booth 1313

Texel will feature this year its Thermofit product line, and especially the Automotive applications for this product. Customers are beginning to make greater demands for quieter automobiles, and because of this, automakers have begun to attack sound inside the passenger compartment with greater ferocity. Thanks to the advanced engineering capabilities of Texel with the ThermoFit technology, what used to be thought of as an uncontrollable source of unwanted sound is now fair game in the quest to reduce interior noise. With ThermoFit, nothing has been left unexplored when it comes to finding new ways to ensure a quieter driving experience.

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Xanofi is an emergent technology company looking to revolutionize how industries utilize nanofibers in their manufactured goods with our XanoShear technology.  We want to partner with companies to develop products that are more cost effective, more efficient and provide enhanced performance.

Xanofi has developed the world’s first and only liquid-based process for producing nanofibers.  The equipment we have developed has been nominated for an IDEA Show Achievement Award.

Where Xanofi’s distinction lies is in our ability to uniformly distribute nanofibers in different liquid mediums.  We can spray nanofibers, we can pour nanofibers, we can mix our nanofiber slurry with other wet process manufacturing.  On the other hand, we can also produce a loose nanofiber if that works better for your manufacturing process.  No longer are nanofibers just a coating technology – Xanofi can integrate them into commercial wet process manufacturing.