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Reassure launches Premium Cotton Pads

March 12, 2013

Reassure Premium Cotton Pads provide comfort and security for incontinence.

For the 25 million Americans who experience incontinence, Reassure is offering a form of security for those social situations when comfortable, absorbent and above all, quiet, protection is essential. The company’s line of Reassure Premium Cotton Pads features a 100% pure Cotton Core that provides comfortable and absorbent performance without the rustling sound that can accompany some synthetic pads. The pads also provide additional peace of mind with a Gel-Dry Polymer technology that locks away wetness and odor. Hypoallergenic and free from inks and dyes, Reassure Premium Cotton Pads are also ideal for people with sensitive skin.
The desire to offer consumers the widest variety possible led Reassure to launch the Premium Cotton Pad products.

“We were surprised to learn from research that just over one-third of incontinence product users assume that their pads are made of cotton,” says Bruce Grench, president, Reassure, LLC. “When the data showed that nearly two-thirds of the market would prefer their pads to be made of cotton, we decided to engineer the Cotton Core and include it in the Premium line.”

The inclusion of cotton provided benefits beyond meeting consumer expectations of fiber content. “Individuals with bladder or bowel leakage and sensitive skin may be vulnerable to perineal dermatitis if their skin is easily irritated by the synthetic films and bleached, wood-based fibers common in nonwoven products,” says Nancy Muller, executive director, National Association For Incontinence. “Innovations such as this, fabricated with cotton, offer protection and comfort without sacrificing absorbency and other, important performance characteristics.”

Grench points to another advantage. “Cotton is quiet and that is very important to our customers.” In fact, a recent survey revealed that nearly 75% of incontinence product users cited ‘quietness while wearing’ as an important product benefit.

“Today people are living longer and being more physically and socially active well into their golden years,” says Grench. “With products like the Reassure Premium Cotton Pads, incontinence doesn’t have to be a barrier to participating in your own life.”

In collaboration with Cotton Incorporated, the Reassure Premium products were granted a license to display the Seal of Cotton on their packaging. “People recognize the Seal of Cotton and it establishes a connection between the product and all the positive attributes they associate with cotton,” says Jan O’Regan, director of strategic initiatives at Cotton Incorporated. She cites in-house research that shows well over half of incontinence pad consumers would like to see fiber content information. “Nothing telegraphs fiber content more readily than the Seal of Cotton."

Reassure Premium Cotton Pads are available online at leading bladder control suppliers, including and, in two performance levels: Moderate Plus, for light absorbency; and Ultimate, for moderate absorbency. In addition to the 100% Pure Cotton Core and Gel-Dry Polymer, the hourglass-shaped pads feature Leakage-Guard Elastic and are latex-free.

The Reassure brand of bladder control products has been helping thousands of users for more than 18 years through its selection of sizes, styles, absorbencies, and specialty products. Because Reassure products are only available through catalog and online retailers, consumer choices are not limited by physical shelf space or hampered by the self-consciousness that can accompany comparison shopping in brick-and-mortar outlets says the company.

Cotton Incorporated, funded by U.S. growers of upland cotton and importers of cotton and cotton textile products, is the research and marketing company representing upland cotton. The program is designed and operated to improve the demand for and profitability of cotton.

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