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Dreamweaver and Glatfelter to make battery separator materials

March 12, 2013

Patnership will yield high performance, affordable separators.

Dreamweaver and Glatfelter are partnering to make a new generation of high performance affordable separators targeted for energy storage devices such as lithium-ion batteries and ultra capacitors.
This partnership will allow DreamWeaver to leverage Glatfelter’s state- of -the art inclined wire capabilities and expertise in making advanced fiber-based engineered materials. Glatfelter continues to optimize the use of its eight inclined-wire machines to produce a diverse range of products including, nonwoven energy storage materials for the capacitor and lead-acid battery markets. These new fiber-based materials possess superior porosity and excellent web uniformity in low basis weight and thickness.

DreamWeaver battery separators combine microfibers and nanofibers in a porous substrate, which is ideal for battery separation application. DreamWeaver Silver is a general purpose product with excellent power capability and DreamWeaver Gold has very high temperature stability (up to 300 degrees Celsius) without significant thermal shrinkage. The partnership will focus on developing and manufacturing the current generation of DreamWeaver products and jointly developing future generations.

Glatfelter is a world leader and global supplier of fiber-based engineered materials for consumer and industrial applications.

“DreamWeaver’s technology is a natural fit, allowing us to extend our presence in the growing energy storage market with innovative and proprietary technology,” says Martin Rapp, vice president and general manager of Glatfelter’s composite fiber business unit.

“Glatfelter offers over a century of experience in manufacturing advanced web materials. This collaboration aims at developing and producing the next generation of high quality, competitively priced material demanded by the energy storage market,” says Brian Morin, DreamWeaver’s president and COO. “We believe Glatfelter has the capability needed to serve our customers, with the right mix of technological expertise, manufacturing capability and foresight to help us become a leading supplier of battery separators worldwide.”

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