IDEA 2013 Preview

March 11, 2013

A look at what some exhibitors will bring to Miami Beach next month.

A. Celli Nonwovens
Booth 405

A.Celli Nonwovens, the Italian machinery specialist, will present its four core technologies: printing, winding and slitting, roll handling and packaging and airlaid web forming at IDEA 2013

A.Celli will be promoting its printing technology, which was launched in 2010 to offer the highest quality of printing onto different kinds of substrates including nonwovens, PP/PE film and tissue with a wide range of basis weights. The printing technology is fully integrated with its multifunctional lines and can be integrated with blown/cast film lines. This technology enhances the process chain offering nonwovens producers the ability of adding aesthetic benefits to their products to empower their brands with high definition designs and images. To date, A.Celli has four references for its printing technology.

Also at IDEA, A.Celli will showcase its new generation of winders and slitter-rewinders specially developed for top performing spunmelt lines. The best selling, new generation master roll winder, ACXX and slitter-rewinder, Speedster in Combi configuration represent the state-of-the-art in integrating master roll winding and slitting into a single operational concept. The new generation machines guarantee extra time in production per day due to the minimization of the slitter-rewinder downtime. It also allows to reduce the scrap to zero.

Anyone looking to increase the automation, control and efficiency of their production line is recommended to make the most of being able to discuss the right Slittopack system for the job. A.Celli Nonwovens’ roll handling and packaging systems are custom built to integrate into the specific environment and interact with the machinery within it. The company has completed 34 projects since Slittopack was first introduced to the market in 2006. A.Celli Nonwovens has very rapidly established itself as a leading supplier of roll handling and packaging systems.

Airlaid Project Managers will be on call to welcome any visitors who are interested in discussing the patented airlaid web forming technology known as Wingformer, which draws on the

65 years experience of paper making machinery of its sister company, A.Celli Paper.

Advanced Testing Instruments
Booth 1149

Advanced Testing Instruments displaying the most recent innovations in state-of-the-art testing instruments from world class suppliers. Stop by for a hands-on demonstration of the completely redesigned Hanatek Melt  Flow Indexer (MFI) and all new TEXTEST FX 3000-IV Hydrostatic Head Tester. Additionally, ATI will have the FT 3 Precision Thickness Tester, AFT Advanced Friction Tester, FX 3300-IV Digital Air Permeability Tester and much more ready to test samples.

Booth 601

International technology group Andritz—uniting three leading suppliers to the nonwovens industry under one roof—will present its extended product portfolio. Andritz Asselin-Thibeau, France, is the third nonwovens competence center to join Andritz Küsters and Andritz Perfojet. Andritz Asselin-Thibeau is a worldwide leading supplier of drylaid nonwovens lines (including cards, crosslappers, drafter and needle looms) and ideally complements the Andritz Perfojet spunlace technology. Andritz Küsters contributes with expertise in wetlaid, thermal bonding and finishing technologies. Whether the requirement is for drylaid, wetlaid, spunbond, spunlace or needlepunch, Andritz offers integrated in-house solutions from forming to finishing.

In the U.S., Andritz is well supported in sales and service by its local branch in Spartanburg, SC. U.S. customers benefit from a highly skilled sales team, responsive service by experienced field and process engineers, and a great range of original Andritz spare parts in stock. Andritz provides responsive service and maintenance for all nonwovens segments. One main field of experience is the roll service center, specialized in the repair, reconditioning, and upgrading of all types of rolls. Sales and field engineers from Andritz Asselin-Thibeau and Andritz Perfojet have now joined the Andritz Küsters team and form a widely experienced task force that ensures life-cycle support for all Andirtz nonwovens technologies.

The Andritz nonwovens competence centers in Europe have invested in state-of-the-art technical centers in Elbeuf and Montbonnot, France, and Krefeld, Germany, and joined forces in research and development. Complete pilot lines and individual equipment for spunlace, needlepunch, wetlaid/wetlace, bonding, and finishing are available for customer trials and have already led to innovative process solutions. One major development, for example, has been the neXline wetlace, a line concept that integrates Andritz Küsters wetlaid and Andritz Perfojet hydroentanglement technologies. Wetlace is an ideal process for the production of flushable wipes from 100% natural and/or renewable fibers without chemical binders.

Another step ahead in quality control and documentation has been made in the hydrophilic treatment of spunbond nonwovens for hygiene applications. An innovative dosing concept including neXdetect measuring device allows reliable inline measurement of the oil pick-up after the dryer, easily detecting  and documenting first-class quality and substantially reducing wastage.

In the spunlace industry, Andritz offers high-speed integrated production lines with unequalled energy efficiency ratio: neXline spunlace—which includes the Excelle carding system, the Jetlace hydroentangle¬ment process, the neXaqua dewatering unit, the Perfodry through-air dryer, and the neXcal twin embossing calender – provides a major competitive advantage to spunlace producers. The optimum solution for top-speed spunlace lines for commodity products like wet wipes is a combination of Isoweb TT card and Jetlace Essentiel, producing lightweight spunlace at very high capacity and low MD/CD ratio. This new generation of carding systems was launched in late 2011 and Andritz has already sold 14 Isoweb TT cards. A pilot line including Isoweb TT card will be available for trials this month in the Andritz Perfojet technical center.

In the needlepunch area, Andritzd has integrated the double carding Isoweb technology with the ProDyn concept into the neXline needlepunch. This is a major improvement in order to achieve the excellent technical product characteristics requested by the market. Fibers are the major cost factor in nonwovens production. The ProDyn system provides a remarkable reduction in fiber consumption and therefore a better return on investment. This unique line concept integrates the double Excelle Isoweb card with innovative feeding system, the Dynamic crosslapper with integrated web control device, A50 needlelooms with optimized adapted patterns, and a range of neXdraft drafters. A fully automatic final weight control with inline adjustment completes the equipment.

Another major development in the carding industry is the Excelle card for through-air bonding technology, which is an ideal process for multi-layer products. From May 2013, a complete pilot line will be available at the new Andritz Asselin-Thibeau technical center.

Birla Cellulose
Booth 2109

Birla Cellulose is a global leader in viscose specialty fibers with a marketshare of more than 21%. It has manufacturing facilities spread across six geographies with three VSF plants in India and one each at Thailand, Indonesia and China. Two new green field projects are expected to be commissioned soon—one at India and another at Turkey.

Plantations and pulp mills in Canada, Sweden and Laos provide strong backward integrated support to the viscose production capacity of 750,000 tons per year, which is expected to cross one million tons per year by 2015.

At IDEA 2013, Birla Cellulose will showcase its wide range of products for nonwoven customers. These include regular nonwovens grade viscose, Grasi Sorb for high absorption applications, coarse denier fiber for technical applications, flame retardant (FR) fiber, spun dyed fiber and Birla Excel (Lyocel).

BMT Fibers
Booth 1744

At IDEA 2013, BMT Fibers, a leading American merchant of high performance fibers and associated textile raw materials, will showcase its range of innovative and cost saving solutions in both virgin and recycled textile raw materials. Established in 1922, BMT imports, warehouses, distributes and finances a broad client base throughout the U.S.

Booth 1517

Bostik, one of the world’s leading bonding solutions companies, will showcase its innovation leadership and the latest in adhesives technology at IDEA 2013.

Bostik’s hygiene adhesive experts will be available to answer questions, provide market insight and discuss products and processes that effectively address industry challenges. As the global leader in elastic and stretch adhesives in the nonwoven hygiene industry, Bostik offers deep expertise and an extensive portfolio of disposable hygiene solutions that improve product quality while saving materials and cost.

“Bostik has earned a reputation for leading the way with innovations such as the industry’s premier olefin-based adhesive, Relyance and ZeroCreep, an adhesive that provides unrivaled hold and stretch,” says Courtney Korselt, Bostik global communications nanager. “At this year’s IDEA conference and exposition, we will showcase our latest innovations in products and technology platforms.”

Booth 501

Brückner is a pioneer in the field of finishing technology thanks to its advances in process technology, design, and innovative machinery solutions.  Visit with Bruckner at IDEA in the Fi-Tech Booth where it will present the Supra-Flow BX - the new generation of  double-belt thermofusion systems for high-loft and highly densified nonwoven products designed to give companies the edge in today’s marketplace. 

Booth 1719

Dilo is the premier builder and supplier of complete nonwoven lines for staple fiber products.

Recent machine concepts from Dilo Group companies DiloTemafa, DiloSpinnbau and DiloMachines will be promoted with an emphasis on new equipment components to improve web quality and uniformity applicable to all bonding processes.

DiloTemafa has introduced the DON dosing opener as a link between the opening/blending operation and card feeder. This ensures that fiber flow to this feeder is both consistent and continuous.

DiloSpinnbau offers the Multifeed card feeder in widths exceeding five meters. This unit is equipped with a twin fiber delivery system in the upper chamber which provides further fibre mixing. A two roll opening stage allows fiber into the lower chamber with further separation and mixing by mechanical means and air movement derived from the permeable delivery apron.

Such a unit can deliver 400 kg//m/hr of 1.7 dtex fibres with a cross direction evenness CV of two to three immediately prior to the card. Changeover times with this Multifeed system are fast thus reducing downtime and web reprocessing requirements. Machine direction evenness is controlled by a weighbelt scale linked to the card infeed.

Multifeed can be used with all DiloSpinnbau card types in crosslapping applications or with high speed cards in series for hydroentanglement web formation.

This card range has been extended by the Multicard which offers roller infeed, a breast cylinder with three worker/stripper pairs and a 1500 mm main cylinder with a further five roller pairs. This is a double doffer system with the possible activation of condenser rolls for  heavier webs. Such a card will handle the full range of fiber fineness and length with a web speed potential up to 150 m/min and offers an economic solution for cross laid nonwoven production.

DiloMachines offer both vertical (HL series) and horizontal (DL series) crosslappers with the former arrangement providing infeed speeds up to 200m/min. The Dilo DL lappers operate in an infeed speed range of 80-160 m/min depending on application and specific model used. In addition to high infeed speeds new apron arrangements have been used to give high layering precision based on excellent web control. These machines have been supplied up to 16 meters in width for paper machine clothing applications.

The further development of needlelooms continues. Elliptical and circular needlebeam movements are used to control drafts in the needling zone and also provide high speed felt production in the 30-80 gsm weight range.

General Nonwovens
Booth 1409

General Nonwovens is a producer of polypropylene and polyester spunbond nonwovens, capable of   producing spunbond nonwovens in a range of 12-200 gsm up to 3.30 meters wide for hygiene, automotive, filtration, agriculture and technical applications. General Nonwovens’ brands include HyGen for hygiene and personal care products, FilterGen for filtration products, TexGen for coated and laminated fabrics as well as home textiles, AutoGen for the automotive industry, AgriGen for agriculture and horticulture applications, IndiGen for industrial and technical textiles and MediGen for medical and surgical media.

General Nonwovens’ technology and spinning process has state-of-the-art downstream equipment. The multi-beam line includes sophisticated process controls and versatile fabric finishing capabilities, where fabric characteristics and performance can be optimized to specific needs.

In terms of technological capabilities, unique fiber spinning and a uniform lay-down system allow General Nonwovens’ customers to substitute fabrics with lower basis weight products while achieving the same or better performance. Features such as hydrophilicity, ultraviolet stabilization, anti-static, anti-bacterial and flame retardancy can further enhance the nonwoven fabrics.

Alican Yilankirkan, business development director of General Nonwovens says, “General Nonwovens has invested in two new production lines within one year. One of them is a through-air bonding line and the other is a spunbond/meltblown/spunbond line.

“General Nonwovens is also installing a new SMS line, which will come on stream by second quarter of 2013. With these recent investments, General Nonwoven’s capacity is more then doubled reaching to 20.000 Mtons. The capacity increase is a part of our strategy to complete our product portfolio in the hygiene market serving all types of nonwovens used in baby diaper industry.”

Being flexible, dynamic and a diligent supplier with passion for quality, General Nonwovens vision is to exceed the expectations of nonwoven and composite users worldwide by utilizing their state of the art technology as well as providing the best value to their customers.

General Nonwovens will promote nonwoven roll goods for automobile applications, technical textiles, carriers for extrusion coating, lamination and layers for composites at IDEA.

Herrmann Ultrasonics
Booth 509

Herrmann Ultrasonics provides customized solutions for bonding, slitting, cutting and embossing applications of nonwoven, film and textile materials.

The new generation of the Herrmann Ultrasonic bonding modules enable high-speed-production at constant quality without the use of adhesive and consumables. It allows for stable processes even at variable speeds. Further advantages: the ultrasonic process is immediately available without preheating and without cooling down. The laminated materials provide a pleasant softness and improve the quality of the final product.

Herrmann’s continuous ultrasonic bonding technology provides significant advantages for high-speed processing of nonwovens, composite materials, paper and films, especially for your application. There are many applications in the hygiene and medical field, i.e. filter products and elastic laminates, where roll goods need to be bonded at respective speeds.

The technical improvement inside the Ultraspin module is the newly designed bearing sleeve technology (versus the alternative diaphragm system). In can be combined with the field proven and patented Microgap control, which is used with a static sonotrode. The close-loop Microgap control allows to bond materials with consistent quality while ensuring there is no contact with the anvil.

The new sleeve technology withstands high bonding forces. A precise parallel adjustment is given with no more vibration of the sleeve/bearing assembly. The rigid design allows for high speed continuous and intermittent application. Ultraspin ultrasonic bonding module consisting of a rotating sonotrode, new double bearing sleeve technology, bearings and specially designed 35 kHz Converter. Typical applications include cuff welding, front and back ear attachment, acquisition layer, tape construction, side seam, textile applications and other bonding applications.

ITW Dynatec
Booth 411

At IDEA, ITW Dynatec will present its Surge technology, nominated for “Most Innovative Technology” in the equipment category of the INDA Nonwovens Achievement Awards. This is the second nomination for ITW Dynatec, which took home the “Most Innovative Technology” award for its Vector Metering Platform at the 2010 IDEA.

“Creating advanced solutions for our customers’ challenges is what we do every day, so it’s exciting to be recognized again for achieving that mission,” says Scott Mercer, vice president of global sales.  “Surge offers something truly new in the industry: choice. Because Surge offers the capability of a single applicator applying different weights of adhesive on the same substrate, Surge users are saving monumental amounts of adhesive and increasing product performance at the same time.”

Kansan Machinery
Booth 1256

Kansan Machinery, a manufacturer of wet wipe machines, hygienic textile machines and turn-key complete wet wipe line producer from Turkey exhibited a tremendous growth in the last couple years. If 2012 was a record-breaking year with the delivery of 84 machines, the order list of Kansan is suggesting the same for 2013.  “The expansion of existing customers and penetration to new markets were very exciting for us this year,” says Anil Kirhalli, sales and business development director of the company. “We added a lot of new customers to our portfolio and received many recurring orders from existing customers. Of course the most exciting ones were definitely the project we handled with Ginni Filaments of India and our very first delivery to China.”

In its 2013 pipeline Kansan already has fixed orders from the U.K., the U.S., Northern Europe, Serbia, Peru, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, China, Algeria, Poland. “Double-digit growth is a concept we have been familiarized with for the last couple years,” says Kirhalli. “Of course we can link it to the global growth in nonwoven and hygienic market in the world or we can easily tempt ourselves by saying that it is a sales and marketing miracle. But the truth is we have excellent research and development, after sales service and a production teams behind us. We have their support enabling us to offer state-of –the art machines to our existing and new customers.”

Even with all these new customers and fixed orders for the first three quarters of 2013 there is still room for Kansan’s further expansion plans. The business plan of Kansan involves a much greater participation in this year’s IDEA show. Kansan will be having one of the largest booths in the show and will be exhibiting a full automatic cross fold and a fully automatic Interfold/Non-interfold wet wipe production line throughout the entire show.

All machines to be presented at the show will have brand new features and latest developments of Kansan’s new platform. Some of the new features can be listed as increased cutting capacity up to 800 cpm, degraded extra low vibration, full automatic splice of bobbins and laminate foil in all lines, enhanced transfer mechanisms, web guiding technology in unwinds units, precise lotion application and zero or minimum waste based operation.

Booth 1355

Palas MFP filter systems are well proven because of their advantages in the development and quality control of filter media. The MFP test rigs are modularly built filter test systems for flat filter media and small filter elements. In 1998, Palas received the “Product Achievement Award” in the category “Testing and Monitoring Equipment” for the MFP concept. With the MFP 3000:

• the pressure drop development at the unloaded medium;
• the fractional separation efficiency;
• the loading and fractional separation efficiency during the loading; and
• the gravimetric separation efficiency can be determined reliably and economically within shortest time.

The new MFP 3000 FTD filter test rig consist of the MFP 3000 test rig with a test surface of 100 cm2 and the new additional test channel FTD 3000 with a test surface of 400 cm2. Thus the operator is able to select the appropriate filter test surface area depending on the application and his requirements. The larger filter area in the additional channel FTD 3000 leads additionally to a reduction in the face velocity down to 2 cm2 for the flat sheet media.

The MFP 3000 and the FTD 3000 can be operated alternately with the same air flow management. The MFP 3000 operates in suction mode, which ensures a particularly even formation of the dust cake, even at high inflow velocities.

With the light-scattering aerosol spectrometer welas digital 3000, a reliable determination of the aerosol concentration and the particle size is ensured. In this way, the unambiguous determination of the fractional separation efficiency is guaranteed.

Additionally, the use of the welas digital 3000—with two sensors for a quasi simultaneous particle measurement—offers following advantages:

• fully automated fractional separation efficiency measurement
• use of the test system for very high and low aerosol concentrations.

The extensive automation of the test procedure together with the clearly defined single components and the individually adjustable sequence programs of the filter test software FTControl guarantee highly reliable measuring results.

With more than 120 built and delivered complete filter test systems in more than 16 different versions, Palas is the worldwide leading manufacturer of filter test systems.

Pantex International
Booth 1355

Pantex International will launch several new materials at IDEA 13, including new grades of  film-based, cloth-like and nonwovens-based Cotton Dry laminates. The new products are extremely soft and have unique visual appearance while maintaining premium performance levels for acquisition, rewet and masking. These developments will be showcased alongside the company’s broad range of topsheets, special ADLs and a new series of elastic laminates.

The key of more than 26 years of success in the hygiene market leverages on several pillars: long term expertise, proprietary technologies, continued investments in R&D, good understanding of market and customers needs, strong financial position, short time to market, flexibility and a quick reaction time.

The company is also embracing a new sustainability program with special efforts to develop new products that meet the growing need to minimize environmental impact. Special attention is also placed on waste management with total waste reduction targets,  internal and external complete recycling. The company strongly pursues strategic partnership throughout the entire supply chain at raw material suppliers, customers as well as with the forwarders, for the overall optimization of the carbon footprint.

For many years, Pantex has been committed to social responsibility with several projects engaged in International solidarity. In particular, with the warm involvement of all employees, Pantex family has significantly grown by adopting a wide number of children from less privileged countries.

Booth 2015

Pneumafil/MikroPul will highlight its air filtration and air conditioning systems. The company offers turnkey installations to any level desired, for systems built on-site, using its own technicians. Systems may also be pre-assembled, run-tested at our facility, and shipped, ready for operation upon arrival at the site.

The Pleated Belt Filter (PBF) system is a high efficiency self-cleaning filter offering high capacity and efficiency. The PBF does not rely on a dust or filter cake to separate small dust particles and doesn’t blow or pulse dust back into the air stream. It features automatic cleaning of agglomerated fibers and dust out of dense pleated high efficiency filter media.

Also highlighted will be its MikroPul industrial filtration product line, one of the most extensive in the industry, which includes fine dust filters, cartridge filters, bag filters, wet scrubbers, cyclones, and filters for fibrous material.  The Cylindrical Mikro-Pulsaire  Tangential Inlet dust collector can handle air-to-cloth ratios of up to 20:1 The inlet acts as a cyclone, causing the air to spin and consequently to throw the heavy particulate to the walls and then into the hopper. The fine particles are collected on the filter bags.

Pneumafil/MikroPul will also market our Abington high vacuum system technology for waste control. The system is designed to efficiently collect waste such as trim, fibers, dust, fabric scraps, etc. from all areas of the plant and convey it to a central location for disposal or reclamation.

Booth 2055

Quantachrome Instruments will be exhibiting the Porometer 3Gz one of its highly successful range of Porometer 3G though pore size analyzers. These instruments use a technique known as Capillary Flow Porometry or Liquid Displacement that measures Bubble Point, Mean-Flow, Minimum Pore Size and Pore Size Distributions of through pores with a typical analysis time of 10 to 20 minutes.

A sample of the test material is wetted with a low surface, low vapor pressure liquid such as Porofil. Liquid is to be displaced from the pores according to a simple relationship that relates applied pressure to pore size using the surface tension of the liquid and wetting contact angle. The Porometer sets and measures pressures and measures gas flow through the emptied pores. The largest pores are emptied at the lowest pressure. The first flow is known as the Bubble Point. Smaller and smaller pores are emptied as the applied pressure is progressively increased.

The Quantachrome Porometer 3G range can also provide Gas Permeability and Liquid Permeability measurement data.

Booth 901

At IDEA 2013, Sandler will introduce novelties in product development combining optimized functionality and the concept of sustainability to the professional audience. One of the market leaders in nonwovens, Sandler is partner of the industry in the development of customized functional products in numerous fields of application. Sandler showcases nonwovens for hygiene, medical and wipes applications as well as media for the filtration and automotive industries and technical applications. 

Softness and care are the themes under which the company will show a broad range of nonwovens for hygiene and wipes applications at the IDEA show. The materials combine proven functionality with additional characteristics that make these nonwovens true wellness products—for example excellent softness, a pleasant textile touch, elasticity or a particularly smooth surface. In various stretch applications for diapers and other hygiene products Sandler will show new, utterly soft nonwovens which offer high elongation as well as high tensile strength in low basis weights. Optimized fluid handling and protection are provided by the latest development for acquisition and distribution layers. Owing to a special fibre structure, the new nonwoven material transports the fluid away from the body, provides interim storage and distributes the fluid evenly across the hygiene product. Rewet is prevented and the storage capacity of the absorbent core is fully utilized. Observing current trends as well as the need for sustainability and the protection of the environment, Sandler is offering high-quality products for topsheet applications—nonwovens made of fibers with special finishes. Nonwovens of the botanicals product series are e.g. enhanced with aloe vera, camomile, vitamin E, or silk proteins.

Under its Less is Best to Nature! Motto, launched in 2008, Sandler will present the new sawatex generation for wipes applications. This initiative focuses on low basis weights in wipes applications while maintaining well-proven Sandler quality. A new development takes this project to a new level: bio textile by sandler. The nonwoven substrate is made of 100% viscose fibres and is therefore fully biodegradable.

On the medical side, Sandler presents carrier materials for wound dressings and nonwovens for other wound care products. These materials offer excellent elasticity and allow the skin to breath owing to their air-permeability.

To potential buyers from the automotive and filtration industries Sandler AG presents new developments as well as established products at this year’s IDEA show. Offerings include a textile solution for exterior applications: sawasorb exterior.

Furthermore, Sandler puts its products for the filtration industry on display: filter media for classes G3 to E11 for applications ranging from heating, ventilation and air conditioning, to filtration in the automobile to synthetic vacuum cleaner bags.

Synthetic sawascreen pocket filter media contain finest fibres of less than 1µm and achieve high efficiencies and high dust holding capacity. The progressively structured filter media feature a low average pressure drop, lowering energy consumption during operation of the filtration plant. Latest developments combine cost- and energy-efficiency with long-lasting filtration performance: with high efficiencies even after discharge they maintain the criteria of their filter class throughout the operating life of the filter.

Schober USA
Booth 1518

Schober USA will feature rotary die cutting technology designed specifically for demanding textiles and nonwovens—including both machinery and tooling. Rotary cutting tools and systems specifically designed for the demands of technical textiles and nonwovens will be featured. This proven technology is ideal for the production of cotton pads, baby care products, adult incontinence, masks, covers, ostomy bag components, band aids, compresses, test strips and other difficult projects. 

Rotary cutting, cut-and-place, embossing modules, tools and complete systems which are ideal for the offline converting of materials and products, will also be featured. Dies, in Tungsten Carbide or PM materials are available in solid, sleeved or segmented designs, yielding 20-30 times more cuts before re-sharpening is needed. Schober segmented dies often can be re-sharpened 25 times before new segments are required – yielding significant savings especially for spare tooling.  Several different die knife designs are available, depending upon the parameters of the materials being processed.  Knife heights of more than one inch (25.4 mm) in addition to the integrated pockets are possible.

Schober USA will also discuss cutting cylinders designed and built specifically for the demands of sanitary napkins which include product orientation across the web and a vacuum and air blast device to ensures a high volume of continuous and trouble free product delivery. 

Spoolex (Calemard/decoup)
Booth 1145

Calemard is recognized around the globe as a leader in providing efficient solutions for spooling sensitive nonwovens. In 1998, based on its 10 year experience and around 70 slitting and spooling lines installed in various industries, Calemard presented its first spooling line dedicated to acquisition and distribution layer and since then has delivered more than 60 spooling heads.

In the nonwoven field, decoup’s leading technology remains its ultrasonic splicing. It has developed a proven and accurate technology to produce unequalled quality joins, without any color fading or burns. This consists in an ultrasonic cutting operation which splices two layers together. Depending on customer needs, this first step can be combined with ultrasonic ironing which enables the splice to almost recover the original characteristics of the web. Designed to be integrated onto existing lines, the modules are ergonomic and compact. The equipment is available either for narrow webs (up to 800 mm) as a module to be fitted on a machine or doctor machine; or for wide webs (up to 3000 mm) as a splicing bench to be fitted on line.

Technical Absorbents
Booth 111

Technical Absorbents will show IDEA exhibitors how the company and its product range have progressed over the past few years. In addition to its SAF technology, TAL will also be display different SAF-based fabrics and yarns, which are now used with a variety of industries and applications. Examples of new water-blocking geotextiles, water reservoir agrotextiles, filtration media and woundcare fabrics will be on display. It will also have on show its KoolSorb coolant fabric, which is a finalist within the roll goods category at the  IDEA Achievement Awards.

“TAL has steadily progressed its business strategy which is focused on enhancing its innovation and development capabilities,” explains TAL business development manager Dave Hill. “TAL is now seen as a solutions provider, rather than just a raw material manufacture of SAF.

“The relationships that it has established with not only converters, but in some cases whole supply chains, have made generating new ideas and developing these into usable products a much smoother and efficient process.”

The latest example of this is KoolSorb, which is patent-pending. “Creating a washable super absorbent fabric was not easy,” continues Hill. “It is a concept that many would have laughed at. However, it has been achieved and the recognition it has already received from within the industry has been tremendous.”

Booth 1845

Videojet provides targeted solutions to specifically address the product decoration challenges of personal hygiene converters. With a large installed base of inline digital printers in the personal hygiene industry, Videojet provides value-added decoration and indication solutions for feminine care, baby care, adult incontinence and other nonwoven applications.

Videojet’s digital BX system delivers a proven, flexible solution ideal for large brands as well as smaller regional brands and private labels. With unrivaled ink and application expertise, Videojet helps you make the right decoration decisions for your applications.

Booth 301

Zuiko Incorporated’s newest members will be at IDEA13. Yoshihiro Nakajima, a design engineer at Zuiko Corporation has led numerous diaper and bed sheet converting machines projects for over 12 years. Joining him is Matthew Jason, who manages spare parts and sales engineer, Kenneth Cottrell. They will be in Miami to meet and introduce themselves to people in the industry.

Kazuhiro Yoshida, the president of Zuiko’s new Brazil operation will also attend the trade show. He brings his industry experience and invites visitors to Zuiko’s booth to learn about what he has planned in South America.

Finally, a team from Zuiko headquarters will be at the show to introduce the latest technologies from pet sheets to cutting-edge high speed tape and pants diaper converting machines.