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Americhem launches nDuramax combinations

January 7, 2013

Americhem has introduced a new product offering geared toward manufacturers of outdoor synthetic fibers products. By utilizing combinations of nDuramax UV stabilizers, Americhem is able to provide enhanced ultraviolet protection designed to meet the most challenging durability demands.

Using its knowledge of best-in-class UV stabilizers, Americhem has developed nDuramax combinations, proven to achieve superior performance in outdoor fibers applications. By combining UV stabilizers that are good for both short- and long-term exposure, nDuramax combinations have been shown to increase tensile strength retention and promote longer product life with greater success than using individual stabilizers alone.

“nDuramax combinations, resulting from years of rigorous testing and research, allow us to provide our customers with original solutions to meet their unique challenges,” says Larry Campbell, technical development director for fibers, engineered materials and turf at Americhem. “For instance, we’ve developed one weathering package which enables us to achieve 90% tensile-retention in polypropylene fiber after the equivalent of five years exposure in the Arizona desert.”

Outdoor products that can benefit from this technology include geotextiles and other geosynthetics, outdoor carpeting, synthetic turf, awning fabric, marine covers and much more. Americhem works with each of its customers to tailor these products for their specific materials and manufacturing processes.


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