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Side Panel For An Absorbent Article, Such As A Diaper, An Incontinence Guard Or Similar Item

Published December 4, 2012
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U.S. Patent No.: 8,216,204 B2 

Inventor(s): Filip Jansson, Göteborg, Sweden.

Company: SCA Hygiene Products AB, Göteborg, Sweden.

Issued: 7/10/12

An absorbent article having a front region, a rear region and a crotch region located between the front and rear regions, wherein the article comprises a central portion with two longitudinal edges and two transverse edges and side panels located in the rear region of the article along the longitudinal edges of the central portion, wherein each side panel comprises a rear portion and a front portion which extend substantially in the transverse direction from the central portion, and that the front portion is located at the longitudinal edge of the central portion at a first distance from the transverse edge in the rear region, and the rear portion is elastic and the front portion is substantially non-elastic, wherein the rear portion and the front portion of the side panels each have proximal edges which adjoin the rear region of the absorbent article at the terminal edge thereof and the front portion and the rear portion of the side panels each have distal edges, wherein the distal edge of the rear portion of the side panel adjoins the distal edge of the front portion of the side panel.