Sanitary Napkins Capable Of Taking Complex Three-Dimensional Shape In Use

November 16, 2012

A patent was issued for a catamenial device, said device comprising: (a) a topsheet having a body facing surface; (b) a backsheet joined to said topsheet; and (c) an absorbent core disposed between said topsheet and said backsheet; wherein said absorbent core has a perimeter, a longitudinal centerline, and a transverse centerline; wherein said absorbent core comprises a first zone, a second zone, and a third zone that are perpendicular to the transverse centerline; wherein said first, second and third zones differ in stiffness; wherein said first zone is disposed in a front portion of said absorbent core between a front end and the transverse centerline, said second zone is disposed in a middle portion of said absorbent core that is intercepted by the transverse centerline, and said third zone is disposed in a rear portion between a rear end and the transverse centerline of said absorbent core; wherein said third zone comprises at least two discrete laterally-oriented apertured slots that intersect said longitudinal centerline of said absorbent core where material from the core has been removed to form said discrete laterally-oriented apertured slots; and wherein said absorbent core comprises lateral stiffeners within the perimeter and along the longitudinal edges of the first zone, second zone, and the third zone.

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