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SCA extends TENA personal care range

September 6, 2012

Products include self-tests for early detection of urinary tract infections and wet gloves.

Swedish hygiene company SCA has added two new products to its TENA product range through the acquisition of two healthcare companies: Dutch JoyinCare B.V, which was acquired this the summer, and Swiss Medical Solution AG, which was acquired on September 3.

The products include self-tests for early detection of urinary tract infections and wet gloves.

“We are very pleased to extend TENA’s personal care product range with these innovative solutions,” says Margareta Lehmann, president, Incontinence Care Europe. “They improve care and save time both for patients and caregivers. This fits very well with our strategic ambitions to strengthen TENAs leading position and increase our competitiveness by bringing relevant innovations to the market.”

The self-test for urinary tract infections can replace a demanding and time consuming urine sampling routine and the product can easily be part of already existing routines. “The test is simply placed into and taken out of the pad with usual diaper change. It’s a user friendly solution with quick results,” says Lehmann.

The second product, the wet glove, has raised a lot of interest in the Dutch market. The routines developed in the Netherlands to wash patients with impregnated disposable wash gloves are very successful. Some 25% of all Dutch acute- and long-term care institutions are using wet gloves, mainly for immobile/bedridden patients, but also for patients who are still mobile but less easy to wash in a conventional way. The Dutch Ministry of Health has promoted these washing routines since they contribute to saving time and improving care.

“The wet glove can reduce the risk of infections and save time. It is used during the daily washing routine in a nursing home or hospital and replaces water and soap. Since it’s a no-rinse product, no further actions are needed by the nurse after the washing routine,” says Lehmann.  
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