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Wacker develops VAE Dispersion for bonding applications

July 10, 2012

Wacker Polymers, Munich, Germany, has developed a new dispersion specifically suited for bonding various surfaces in the paper and packaging industry. Vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymers (VAE)-based Vinnapas EP 8010 reliably and permanently bonds challenging paper and cardboard surfaces, such as coated or painted paper, and polymeric film, the company says.

Aside from its excellent adhesive strength, the new product is characterized by outstanding heat resistance, very high setting speed and ease of machine processing. Moreover, it is manufactured without the use of alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO), industrial surfactants, and its VAE basis makes supplementary plasticizers unnecessary. Vinnapas EP 8010 is therefore ideal for formulating high-performance adhesives for demanding paper and packaging applications in which difficult-to-bond substrates have to be permanently joined. Wacker will premiere the new product at the World Adhesive & Sealant Conference (WAC) 2012, taking place from September 18 to 21 in Paris, France.

Vinnapas EP 8010 was developed specifically for formulating adhesives for difficult surfaces, such as printed and coated papers or polymeric film made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyester or polystyrene. These are particularly challenging to bond, because their surfaces are difficult to wet with the adhesive, making it hard to obtain a stable join. For more information: