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Nordson Allegro nozzles support higher production speeds

July 10, 2012

New product also supports elastic centers as close as two millimeters.

New Allegro elastic attachment nozzles from Nordson Corporation, Duluth, GA, uniformly apply hot melt adhesive to elastic strands using a novel air-assisted contact coating technology for precise adhesive deposition. Concentrated delivery of hot melt adhesive to individual elastic strands enhances bond integrity for improved creep resistance, according to the company. Applications for single or multi-strand attachment include elasticized legs, leg cuffs and waistbands on disposable nonwovens infant diapers, training pants and adult incontinence products.
Patent-pending Allegro nozzles accommodate high-speed production (speeds up to 650 meters per minute) while supporting elastic centers as close as two millimeters. Integral strand guides stabilize strand position and post adhesive-application process air forms adhesive around each individual elastic strand. Exceptionally-low coating variability is achieved and add-on rates as low as 0.025 grams per coated meter optimize adhesive efficiency and maximize product performance.
The robust design and all-steel construction deliver exceptional durability and resistance to the wear associated with high-speed elastic handling, as well as simplify cleaning and maintenance. Allegro nozzles also offer a wide operating window, across a variety of process conditions as well as a broad range of elastic and adhesive materials.
Allegro elastic attachment nozzles are compatible with Nordson Universal modules. In addition to standard nozzle configurations, special nozzle strand configurations and nozzle lengths up to 175 mm for many-strand applications may be ordered.
An animation of how the nozzle works can be found here. For more information:

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