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Menges launches Thermal Roller Information Program

July 11, 2012

Web content designed to educate how thermal rollers operate.

Menges Roller Company has launched its new Thermal Roller Information Program. This campaign is being spearheaded by the release of new web content—which can be seen at (—and will be followed by a series of multimedia follow-up projects using 3-D animation, video and document materials.
With this new program, Menges Roller, a Chicago, IL-area fabricator of industrial rollers for the converting, steel and paper industries, aims to inform and educate industry peers on how these thermal rollers, sometimes called “chill rollers” and “heat transfer rollers” work and operate, while also showing how they’re made and explaining the unique roles these advanced rollers fill in a converting or processing plant.
According to Menges Roller president, Matt Menges, “we take calls every day from experienced professionals wanting to know ‘What liquid is in the roller? How hot or cold can you make it? How can a roller help an adhesive and coating?’ But they’re almost afraid to ask because they feel like they should know. So I thought ‘Let’s do something that’s instructive and informational to answer some of these questions.’”
Just as technology has impacted the converting industry with advances in substrates, coatings, adhesives and processing machines, roller technology has also advanced to keep pace with these developments. Today’s thermal rollers can maintain very exact roll-face temperatures, consistent to within +/- 1°F; and they can chill webs to a cool 40° or superheat to almost 400°.
With this campaign, Menges Roller hopes to build on its reputation as an innovator, not just in roller products but also in marketing approaches. Marketing director Jeff Awe says, “Menges believes in a collaborative, relationship-building approach with our clients and peers in the industries we serve—and if they have questions, we have no problem sharing our knowledge—after all, we’re an authority on thermal rollers.”
“Innovation goes beyond just our products,” Menges continues. “Just as we used innovative technology to win our 2012 AIMCAL Technology of the Year award, we want to employ innovative communication approaches, keeping away from stereotypical hard-sell approaches and instead being a source of industry knowledge, offering our insight and technology to solve complex problems for customers.”
Anyone involved in the converting, laminating, extruding, or plastic film sectors, even those managing papermill operations or steel coating processes are encouraged to view this new content. Presented in a straightforward manner, the information is relevant whether you’re in plant operations, purchasing or the executive suite, according to the company
Menges Roller’s Thermal Roller Information Program can be found at