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Kelheim Fibres to discuss global market strategies

July 19, 2012

Specialty fiber producer to present information on fiber design and dispersibility.

Matthew North, commercial director, Kelheim Fibres, will deliver insight into the strategy of the Bavarian viscose fiber manufacturer at this year’s Man-Made Fibers Congress in Dornbirn, Austria, September 19-21.

In his speech titled “A Specialist Specializes” he will reveal the secrets of success of Kelheim Fibers, which as a medium-sized enterprise, has gained an excellent position in an increasingly competitive global market.

For those who want to know more about the newest products of the specialty fiber producer three more presentations will deliver more specific information.

Dr. Ingo Bernt from Kelheim Fibers’ R&D team will speak about the design of viscose fibers especially for wetlaid nonwovens. As current research shows, short fibers with a flat cross section prove particularly beneficial for the strength of a nonwoven web. The latest fiber invention from Kelheim, Leonardo, combines both properties while also scoring with its extra smooth surface and transparency.

Dr. Philipp Wimmer, another member of Kelheim’s R&D team, will present viscose specialty fibers for enhanced fluid management. In his lecture he will speak both about specialty fibers with increased water absorbency and the completely new possibility to produce viscose fibers with reduced water absorbency or even water repellence.

Finally, Dr. Roland Scholz will present viscose fibers designed to improve dispersibility of wet wipes. The underlying research examined wet wipes for personal hygiene applications, which frequently are flushed into toilets and risk blocking the waste water system. In the course of the study, important factors were discovered which facilitate the dispersibility of nonwovens based on 100% viscose fibers: In addition to water pressure in production and the properties of the nonwoven, the fiber geometry (titer, length and shape of cross-section) play a decisive role.

In addition to these lectures, Kelheim’s fiber experts are available for personal meetings at Kelheim Fibres’ information booth.

Kelheim Fibres GmbH is one of the world’s leading producers of viscose specialty fibers and an important supplier of viscose fibers for the tampon industry. Its brands Danufil, Galaxy and Viloft are well known in the industry.

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