Pants-type diaper

July 9, 2012

Unicharm has received a patent for a pants-type diaper comprising:
- a crotch region;
- a front waist region extending in a longitudinal direction of the diaper forward from said crotch region; and
- a rear waist region extending in the longitudinal direction rearward from said crotch region;
- wherein said front waist region and said rear waist region are joined together along respective lateral edges thereof so as to define an absorbent chassis;
- a separator on an inner surface of the chassis to protect a wearer’s skin from contacting with feces discharged by the wearer; said separator comprising a piece of sheet extending in the longitudinal direction from said crotch region toward said front waist region as well as toward said rear waist region, extending across a longitudinal center line bisecting a width of said crotch region, and being fixed to said inner surface of said absorbent chassis on both sides of said longitudinal center line. The sheet has a front end extending along a transverse direction of the diaper in the crotch region; a rear end extending along the transverse direction in the crotch region; side edges opposite to each other in the transverse direction in the crotch region and fixed to the absorbent chassis; and a middle zone provided between the front end and the rear end in the longitudinal direction and between the side edges in the transverse direction, said middle zone being free from direct attachment to said inner surface of said absorbent chassis so that a bodily waste receiving space is formed between the separator and the inner surface, wherein the front and rear ends of the separator are directly attached to each other at respective joint regions thereof, wherein the bodily waste receiving space defined by the separator and the inner surface has a front opening defined by the front end together with the inner surface; and a rear opening defined by the rear end together with the inner surface.
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