Process for making disposable absorbent article

June 6, 2012

A process of making a disposable absorbent article has been patented. The disposable absorbent article comprises: an absorbent chassis having a first waist region, a second waist region, and a crotch region extending in a longitudinal direction of said chassis between said waist regions; a first elastic elements provided in at least said first waist region and stretchable and contractible in a transverse direction of said chassis; second elastic elements provided along transversely opposite sides of said crotch region; and fasteners provided along transversely opposite side edge portions of said first waist region and releasably directly engageable, in use, with corresponding areas of said second waist region to releasably connect said first and second waist regions when said article is being worn.

The first waist region comprises: an elasticized intermediate zone which is elasticized by the first elastic elements, and inelasticized transversely opposite side edge zones which are continuous to transversely opposite sides of said intermediate zone, respectively, and in which said fasteners are attached to said first waist region, wherein said inelasticized side edge zones are free of absorbent material;

And the process  comprises: feeding a plurality of continuous elastic members extending in parallel to and spaced from one another, onto a continuous web destined to form individual base sheets constituting said chassis so as to be fixed to a first zone of said web corresponding to said intermediate zone; and inelasticizing said elastic members lying in second zones of said web corresponding to said transversely opposite side edge zones, wherein said inelasticizing includes (i) bonding the elastic members lying in the first zones to the first zones and (ii) maintaining the elastic members lying in the second zones unbonded to the second zones.
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