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Korean fem hy maker opts for Lenzing

April 5, 2012

Yejimiin, in Korea, has introduced a new generation of panty liners featuring a top sheet that is made from 100% Tencel.  Yejimiin aims to satisfy women’s needs with high-quality products. The company is aware of the significant impact of the raw material on the final product. Yong-Uk Cha, general manager  of marketing at Yejimiin commented about the development phase of the new top sheet: “Since the top sheet is in direct contact with the skin, we choose the raw material extremely carefully.”

Tencel has turned out to be the ideal choice for Yejimiin since it is characterized by a very smooth surface which increases comfort in use. The natural moisture management of Tencel optimizes the conditions for sensitive skin.

Natural benefits can be seen as another important decision driver for Yejimiin. Previously, the Korean company successfully integrated the benefits offered by Mother Nature into its products. Herbs, for instance, have been used to relieve pain during menstruation.  Cha adds: “When we realized the full range of natural benefits incorporated in Tencel fibers, we knew we were on the right track.” The botanical fiber is based on wood, which makes it naturally absorbent.

Tencel fibers can regulate the skin’s climate by absorbing moisture. Beyond this, Tencel combines purity with continuous quality which is key for sensitive hygiene applications.

Yejimiin even took the innovative product to the next level: by introducing Tencel Liner, the company can benefit from the positive image of Tencel among consumers. In addition, Yejimiin uses the new product to inform the customers about the benefits of Tencel.

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