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Unicharm sales jump 12%

March 6, 2012

Japanese hygiene products giant Unicharm reported sales increased 12% to $3.8/¥315 billion during the third quarter ended December 31 compared to $3.5/¥281 billion for the same period last year. Operating income increased 17% to reach $40 million/¥40 billion.

In incontinence, Unicharm has expanded its product line with a new panty liner featuring slimness and ease of use to its Charm Nap Kyusui Sarafi Long Panty Liner.

Within the baby care segment, highlights included the expansion of Oyasumi Man pants, a nighttime training pant for children who have grown out of daytime diapers. This product features popular Disney characters and are made from Softretch, a soft, stretchy, cloth-like material that offers 1.4 times more absorbency than the previous version of the product. In feminine hygiene, the company promoted Center-in Compact Slim, which looks less like a sanitary napkin than a small personal possession by responding to the need for more fashionable sanitary products. Additionally, Sofy Kiyora Fragrance, a panty liner with a perfume-like smell was launched in September.

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