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Duni reports year end sales

March 6, 2012

Net sales in Sweden-based Duni’s tissue business area, which includes its airlaid operation were $64 million (SEK428 million) in 2011 compared to $75 million (SEK499) million for the prior year. The decrease was largely blamed on weaker demand in the hygiene market combined with inventory adjustments. Meanwhile operating profit increased to $4 million (SEK25 million) compared to $3 million (SEK18 million) the year before as margins increased to 5.9%. During the year, this divison improved its production processes, leading to higher productivity and lower maintenance costs.

For the fourth quarter sales decreased slightly from $16.2 million (SEK109 million) to $15.5 million (SEK104) million and operating income remained flat a SEK6 million.

According to the company, 58% of output in this area is consumed internally, feeding Duni’s professional and retail businesses while the remaining 42% is sold externally.

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