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Sandler’s reports management change

March 1, 2012

Dieter Magiera, a member of Sandler’s management board, retired January 1 after more than 40 years of service at the company.

He has been replaced by vice president of sales, logistics and procurement Ulrich Hornfeck.

Magiera will remain at the company as a member of the supervisory board. At the same time, current chairperson Ursula Sandler, widow of the longstanding company leader Diplom-Kaufmann Christian Heinrich Sandler has resigned.

“For Magiera, the principles of a respectable businessman are not just lip service but the basis for his thinking, acting and decision making. Respectability, sincerity and loyalty to the company are the virtues he incorporates and which, to this extent, are found less and less,“ said CEO C.H. Sandler.

Ellen Ebbinghaus, deputy chairperson of the supervisory board, thanked her mother as she stepped down as Chairperson: “Actually, you have been on the supervisory board for 60 years.” Ursula Sandler always took the load off her husband Christian Heinrich, who passed away two years ago, and she always assessed his ideas from her practical point of view, says Ellen Ebbinghaus.

After 10 years as the chairperson, Ursula Sandler welcomed Dieter Magiera as a new member of the Supervisory Board. Magiera is looking forward to his new task, which will give him time to spend with his family while still maintaining his ties to the company that has been the center of his life for decades.