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Carpet yarn machine

February 29, 2012

Oerlikon Neumag’s carpet yarn machine S+ was the company’s most successful machine in 2011, covering 85% of the sold BCF polypropylene capacity.

The company is now building off the success of this machine with the launch of S+ for polyester, which is said to be the upcoming polymer for carpets.

The use of polyester for carpet yarns is popular for different reasons. Primarily BCF substitutes polyester spun yarns because it is more cost efficient in production. The cost advantage applies in particular to heat set yarn for tufted residential and high pile carpets. The yarns are thicker and bulkier resulting in carpets with a very soft and comfortable touch. Further, polyester carpets are highly resistant to UV light without the need to add any UV stabilizer during production.

The price for polyester raw material has declined below polypropylene since 2010. In addition polypropylene has fluctuated very strongly whereas polyester was stable and is projected to remain so until 2015. Moreover polyester raw material can be used from regranulated material or bottle flakes and is widely available worldwide in suitable IV ranges.

The S+ for polyester and PTT/3GT covers the complete IV range from 0,64 IV fiber grade to 1,02 IV PTT/3GT. It reaches thanks to a straight yarn path and increased spinning heights a higher production speed. Compared to the S5 this leads to a productivity gain of 10% at 1300dtex and up to 40% at 2100 dtex. Furthermore, a redesigned winder mechanism enables an efficiency increase to 99%. These design features and a series of further detail improvements turns the S+ polyester into a machine which defines the future of BCF technology.