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Feminine Hygiene cotton spunlace

December 14, 2011

Ihsan Sons of Pakistan has announced a new, innovative nonwoven product. Since the start-up of the Fleissner spunlace line in 2006, Ihsan has has been successfully selling its 100% Cotton Spunlace under the brand "BELCOT" into a wide variety of applications.

Responding to market demand, Ihsan's research and development team has successfully produced a 100% cotton hydrophobic spunlace. Because of the huge environmental benefits of cotton, customers engaged in femcare products were requesting Ihsan Sons to look into the feasibility of this product.

The new product is being launched under the brand name of "Femcot" and demand from the femcare customers is expected to be high. Typical uses are coverstocks/top sheets of panty liners and tampons, but it is also expected to be attractive to the manufacturers of diapers and adult incontinence products.

The benefit of the hydrophobic "FEMCOT" product is that the fabric touching the skin provides comfort and remains dry while allowing the absorbent core to do all the work. Cotton is a preferred choice in these products as it is natural and hypoallergenic.

FEMCOT joins the other products in Ihsan's range of femcare substrates like 100% Cotton Withdrawal Cord and Speciality bleached cotton fibers. GOTS certified organic cotton can also be supplied by Ihsan Sons on all its products.


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