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Optima Palletizer

November 8, 2011

Optima has developed the first palletizer specifically designed for nonwovens. The robot of the Optima RTP 25 has a motor-driven gripper equipped with angled edges at the bottom. This increases gripping security and operating speeds. The angled edges allow significant reduction of the gripping force so that the sensitive nonwoven product can retain its shape. Simultaneously, the device allows the use of a faster robot type. Especially for lightweight disposable hygiene products, Optima Group Nonwovens' RTP25 model's vertically moving frame is particularly suitable as it firmly holds the compact and stable stack formations in place.

All movements are defined in the human machine interface. All product sizes, product types and positioning patterns per layer, wrapping methods and other specific procedures are defined and stored in the HMI and any input can be performed during operation. However, there are no limits to layer and stacking patterns. And finally, its simple operation reduces the risk of downtime and product damage as a result of incorrect programming.

The pre-stretched film used for securing the stack is wrapped by a system that continuously measures applied forces and controls them according to the relevant setting. This is a highly protective approach for lightweight nonwoven products, because the stack is wrapped without being moved on the pallet and it is kept firmly in place. Optima Group Nonwoven's method of simultaneously stacking and wrapping is unique in the market. Both products have been developed to make polyolefin industrial films self-extinguishing (those having thickness from 50µ a 500µ).