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Securement products

July 31, 2011

Avery Dennison Medical Solutions has launched a new range of securement products that meet end user needs and the complex requirements of disposable medical devices.

The BeneHold securement portfolio consists of the BeneHold Medical Tape Strips, Tube Fixation Device and Transparent Film Dressing. The products can help reduce costs, address infection control concerns, enhance efficiency and simplify inventory management.

BeneHold Medical Tape Strips enable clinicians to reduce tape waste, help guard against the spread of infection and satisfy certain compliance regulations associated with dialysis care. The strips come in perforated sheets that allow right-sizing of tape. Each tape strip is equipped with handling tabs, which help facilitate aseptic application when being used with aseptic technique. The properties of the Medical Tape Strips allow high moisture and oxygen transmission, which contribute to long-term wear and minimize skin maceration.

The BeneHold Tube Fixation Device provides universal securement of a variety of tubes, lines, drains, catheters and cords in one device, minimizing the need for hospitals to purchase multiple tube fixation products for specific applications. The bandage-shaped device is designed for patient comfort, using a gentle, absorbent, breathable hydrocolloid adhesive that helps prevent skin maceration and irritation.

The BeneHold Transparent Film Dressing consists of a thin transparent polyurethane film and transparent latex-free acrylic adhesive that allow clinicians to continuously observe a catheter site or wound and ensure conformability.The highly breathable film acts as a waterproof barrier to external contaminants yet allows oxygen and moisture vapor exchange to prevent moisture build-up beneath the dressing, facilitating a moist environment for wound healing and autolytic debridement. The dressing's adhesive ensures securement but also allows low-trauma removal.