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Product Finder Mobile Application

April 30, 2011

Thrace-LINQ, a supplier of woven and nonwoven geosynthetic technical fabrics has launched Thrace-LINQ Product Finder mobile application for BlackBerry, Android, and Apple mobile devices.

Within seconds, the Thrace-LINQ Product Finder helps users identify geosynthetic products that meet specific project needs.

Version 1.0 of the Thrace-LINQ Product Finder is a free, easy-to-use app that allows users to search by the following qualifiers: Product Category: civil nonwoven, environmental nonwoven, medium strength, monofilament, paving fabric, silt fence, or woven slit film; property: grab tensile, permittivity, AOS, and function; certified application: AASHTO, AREMA, FHWA, or NRCS; functional equivalent.

The Thrace-LINQ Product Finder is an innovative and practical business tool that enables engineers to access important technical information while at a project site, often where computers and other hardware are too cumbersome or impractical to use. Through the mobile app, engineers can quickly and easily find updated product specs online that help determine what products to use for the given application. Additionally, the Thrace-LINQ Product Finder increases productivity by offering the ability to e-mail product specifications quickly and easily from any location, on the go.

"Our customers can end up spending a lot of time tracking down product information, so we wanted to make the specifying process as easy and flexible as possible," said Thrace-LINQ vice president Davis Taylor.

The mobile app can be downloaded for one of the approved devices from the Thrace-LINQ website. The application can also be used on the Thrace-LINQ website