Index Preview

April 9, 2011

Index Preview

Booth 1530
Ahlstrom is a high performance materials company, partnering with leading businesses around the world to help them stay ahead. Products are used in a large variety of everyday applications, such as filters, wall coverings, wipes, flooring, labels and food packaging. We have a leading market position in the businesses in which we operate. Ahlstrom's Building and Energy Business Area serves customers mainly in the building (flooring, roofing, wallcovering and various other building applications), transportation, marine, windmill and fabric care industries.In filtration, Ahlstrom has two business units: Transportation Filtration and Advanced Filtration.

Ahlstrom's Food and Medical Business Area serves customers in the infusion, food packaging, tape and specialty, medical and healthcare markets.And, in the Home and Personal Business Area manufactures the widest range of wipe materials available on the market. Applications are numerous and diverse but can be grouped into the following four main wipes market segments:
Avery Dennison
Booth 1641

Avery Dennison will showcase its portfolio of solutions for medical and personal care products at INDEX. In the diaper market, Avery Dennison has developed several new nonwoven diaper closure innovations thatmake it easier for users to find and open a tab on a diaper. Meanwhile, Avery Dennison technology platforms for medical devices meet manufacturer and end-user requirements for reliability, innovation and quality. Products on display at the show will include: surgical drape tapes, surgical incise films, ultra-thin hydrocolloids and ostomy products
Barnhardt Manufacturing
Booth 1480

At INDEX, Barnhardt Natural Fibers Group, Charlotte, NC, and Japan’s Marusan Industry will announce the formation of a joint collaboration for a broad range of business activities including technical and process improvements, global raw material procurement and marketing of products from their bleached cotton divisions.This collaboration is being formed to further the development of cotton products globally.Both companies bring a long history and passion for cotton.This formal collaboration coincides with the INDEX show in Geneva, Switzerland.
Booth 1654
Bematic will showcase its latest batt forming equipment
for the its direct felt line system—the Bemaformer type T-MAX batt former air lay type for very high production rates. The Bemaformer can process all type of fibers: new fibers, recycled fibers, natural fibers and blends with foam chips, piece of wood, cellulose, fiber dust and many other waste materials in weights up to 20 kgsm, thanksto the internal air flow.
Also on display will be the Bemamultiscale is an electronic belt weighing system to weigh a fiber batt and automatically adjust the machines before and afterwards to maintain the selected production. The scale is composed of a belt with four weighing pans to measure the real weight of the fiber batt in the machine direction and in the cross direction.
Beta LaserMike
Booth 1411
Beta LaserMike will demonstrate the non-contact measurement advantages of its LaserSpeed encoder at INDEX 11. Beta LaserMike will partner with sister company NDC Infrared Engineering at booth 1411 to display this widely adopted non-contact measurement solution.
“Our customers really benefit from the non-contact, laser measurement method of our LaserSpeed encoder,” said Alexandre Feuillet, regional sales manager for France for Beta LaserMike. “LaserSpeed eliminates those problems associated with mechanical wheel encoders that ultimately result in product give-away, shortages, and waste. LaserSpeed is a proven technology that dramatically helps our customers control production costs and improve process control during product manufacturing.”
The LaserSpeed system uses advanced, laser-based technology to precisely measure the length and speed of products during production without making contact with the moving goods. This laser encoder projects a unique pattern on the surface of the product. As the product moves, light is scattered back to the LaserSpeed unit. This information is translated into product speed and pulses are produced to determine the product length. LaserSpeed works on all products, regardless of shape, color, or texture. Length and speed measurements are captured with better than +0.05% accuracy
Booth 2138
Bostik Inc., a global leader in the adhesive and sealant marketplace, will exhibit at Booth 2138 at INDEX 11 with its sister companies in the Total family. Plans for the exhibit are organized around Bostik’s three pillars –innovation, collaboration and sustainability.Bostik’s innovation pillar is supported this year with the continued development of Relyance, the olefin-based adhesive platform that was launched in 2009 and provides processability and performance unmatched in the industry.Relyance, which was recognized as an outstanding new product by the IDEA10 Achievement Awards, is just the latest in Bostik’s long line of industry-leading innovations that include Securance and ZeroCreep.
Bostik continues to collaborate both internally and externally to drive innovation and improve production, quality and security processes. For example, the Total enterprise spans across the supply chain offering Bostik expanded resources and the opportunity to vertically integrate where it supports the business.
The Brückner Group
Booth 1602
Bruckner’s range of products for the nonwovens industry comprises coating and application units, thermofusion and heat-setting ovens (flat or vertical design) with different fabric transport systems such as stenter chains, rollers, track rollers or belts, high temperature lines (up to 350°C process temperature), airlaid dryers, cutting and winding units as well as heat recovery and exhaust air cleaning units. The company will present machines with workings widths of up to eight meters which are successfully in production in the geo-tech nonwovens industry. Thenewly designed thermofusion oven works very effectively and with minimum energy consumption. This is possible by optimizing the exhaust air quantity and by deploying the thermal energy of the exhaust air better.
Celanese Emulsion Polymers
Booth 2351

Celanese E
mulsion Polymers will discuss options in manufacturing nonwovens with higher levels of performance and better economics at INDEX. The maker of Elite Ultra polymers will present the value propositions of various product offerings, including VAE and acrylic-based polymers, which act as the primary fiber binding agent and offer functional properties. Elite Ultra polymers deliver high wet strength to disposable wipes while Elite Ultra Soft, another polymer emulsion based on vinyl acetate/ethylene, offers high wet strength with the added benefits of softer hand feel and superior absorption properties. Elite 20 offers superior absorbency for medial nonwovens. Ask a Celanese representative how you can use vinyl-based resins as an alternative to Styrene-Butadiene-Rubber (SBR) copolymer and all-acrylic technologies. The company’s research and development technology team will develop prototypes and fine tune technology/manufacturing solutions for product makers interested in the extra value of vinyl-based emulsions.
Cotton Incorporated
Booth 2182
Cotton, the world’s most plentiful, natural fiber, is soft, absorbent, hypoallergenic and annually renewable. Consumers know and love cotton; 90% believe it’s the safest fiber for the environment. In its virgin state, cotton is hydrophobic; after scouring, hydrophilic. At the end of its life, cotton biodegrades. At INDEX 11, Cotton Incorporated will share test results showing that cotton biodegrades under composting, anaerobic, and aerobic conditions with a better than 90% mass loss in only 4 weeks. We will also feature a new swatch card containing samples and ideas for using virgin, cleaned and bleached cotton fiber. Lastly, new, commercially available cotton nonwoven products will be on display.
Booth 2115
ExxonMobil Chemical is showcasing its innovative polyolefinic solutions for
enhanced nonwovens at INDEX 11. The company’s Vistamaxx propylene-based elastomers can be used to develop differentiated products that deliver cost-effective functionality to meet customer needs. Of particular note are a new generation of elastic meltblown nonwovens used in hygiene absorbent products as a lower cost alternative to film-based laminates and elastic hygiene film with broad polyolefin compatibility and exceptional adhesion to polypropylene nonwovens. ExxonMobil will also introduce polymer solutions for soft nonwovens with improved comfort, without compromising performance.
Booth 2127
At INDEX, Freudenberg Nonwovens will present a broad variety of its innovative nonwoven products. The focus will be set on applications in the sectors personal care/medical and innovation/technology. Based on the recent market trends for automotive carpets towards weight reduction, competitive pricing and sustainable products, Freudenberg Nonwovens started a new generation developing Lutraflor for the automotive industry. Lutraflor’s sandwich construction consists of 100% recycled content in staple fibers and spunbond and is latex free. The main characteristic of Lutraflor is excellent abrasion performance and a luxurious appearance. Lutraflor is used for full floor molded carpets, throw-in-mats as well as for the cabin and door trim.
Besides Lutraflor visitors also get an impression of the eco-friendly product line Lutradur ECO. Lutradur ECO has all well-known Lutradur key attributes like high product quality, excellent dimensional stability and superior mold and mildew resistance but is a 100% polyester spunbond nonwoven using post consumer recycled polymer chip from reclaimed plastic bottles and is used for tufted automotive and object carpets, as well as in the building and construction industry.
At the same time, materials like Evolon microfilament textile, which Oeko-Tex is certified, are best suited for allergic persons. Produced without any chemical additives, Evolon can be used for antimite bedding and various other applications in the healthcare and medical area like cosmetic wipes.
Freudenberg’s brand Vilmed represents a wide range of nonwoven materials for traditional wound dressing and for Advanced Wound Care products. A new innovative product will be a new product line of elastic nonwoven fabrics applied for applications like carriers for transdermal systems. Featuring an extraordinary softness and pleasant wearing comfort Vilmed meets all medical requirements. Due to its extremely high softness Freudenberg nonwovens are used e.g. for incontinence products and baby diapers. For the application area ostomy visitors will get an impression of adsorptive materials which are characterized by a very high or management.
Hills Inc.
Booth 2556
At INDEX, Hills, Inc., the world leader in multi-component fiber extrusion technology, will present its latest innovations in fiber extrusion technology resulting from unique polymer distribution and control for such varied process and products as spunbond, meltblown, and staple fibers.Hills will be showcasing a number of samples that have been produced on Hills lines including: High Island Count Islands-In-The-Sea Fibers, Nano MB 7000 Meters Per Minute Spinning Speed Spunbond, Hepa Filters, Halar Samples, Logo Fibers, wingedfibers – 64 Segment Pie courtesy of Allasso Industries, and leather substrates.
Booth 4220
Imerys, the world's largest producer of white industrial minerals, will showcase developments in engineered calcium carbonates to enable carbon footprint reduction, increased throughput, and product performance enhancement in nonwovens and films. FiberLink 101S polymeric fiber additive has been specifically engineered to enable the amount of resin used in nonwoven production to be substantially reduced. This reduces the overall carbon footprint of the final product while also saving costs. Opacity, softness, filtration efficiency, and oil absorption are performance enhancements that are also achieved with FiberLink use. The Imerys' FilmLink family of engineered products for film applications has allowed continued progress to be made in polymer film processing and performance, enabling increasedloading, higher processing speeds, and titanium dioxide reduction. All of these benefits can be achieved and continually improved upon with minimal performance differences in the final application. As part of its sustainable development strategy, Imerys considers the environmental impact of innovative products and technologies. FiberLink and FilmLink are manufactured from naturally occurring mineral deposits, and the company’s LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) has shown that the carbon footprints of each are much lower than that of petrochemical based resins. Imerys remains committed to pushing these innovations forward to allow the most sustainable and environmentally friendly products to be produced, both with current and emerging technologies.
The Indorama Group
Booth 1052
The Indorama Group is one of the largest vertically integrated polyester chain producers in the world. Its products serve major players in diversified end use markets, including food and beverages, personal and home care, healthcare, automotives, textile and industrial. The company is also active in bio-based and post-consumer-recycled products.
Indorama is presenting its polyester staple fiber range, catering to the
nonwovens industry, for the first time at Index 2011. In the past few months, Indorama has made a string of acquisitions in the U.S., Mexico, Europe, Indonesia and in China. These acquisitions complement Indorama’s existing operations in Thailand and Indonesia, and it is well positioned to satisfy the needs of staple fiber consumers worldwide.
ITW Dynatec
ITW Dynatec will showcase its award-winning technologies for the nonwovens industry at INDEX. Among these technologies is the Vecto Metering System, patented UFD Fiberized Spray Technology and new DeltaFx Fiberized Spray System. The Vector platform received an IDEA Award last year thanks to its unique ability to accommodate slot, spray and stand coating applications along with its patented metering station to provide savings and efficiencies previously unknown to the industry. Dynatec’s new DeltaFx system will also be on display for those who require an accurate fiberized Adhesive applicator with the ability to coat up to 12 inches wide with a single nozzle. The DeltaFx also offers users the flexibility to change application widths with a simple bracket height adjustment andvirtually no downtime. The DeltaFx fiberized spray applicator works with most reactive and non-reactive hot melt adhesives.
Booth 2319
Lenzing’s fibers are made from the renewable resource wood, giving customers a way to balance the convenience of wipes and other disposable items with environmental consciousness. Wolfgang Plasser, vice president Business Unit Nonwovens, said: “Our aim is to optimize the synergy between functionality and environmental sustainability. This allows consumers to use convenience products with a clear conscience.”
Lenzing fibers are naturally absorbent and pure, like the cellulose from which they are derived. Tencel meets the highest demands: The New Age fiber combines enhanced performance with gentleness to the skin. Lenzing Viscose and Tencel are ideally suited for sensitive applications such as wipes, hygiene or medical products. Beyond this, they are tailored to provide optimized performance in technical applications. After use, Lenzing fibers can biodegrade fully.
The global trend in sustainability clearly supports Lenzing’s intention to grow both in traditional and emerging markets. Driven by the increasing awareness of consumers, the industry places more and more emphasis on environmentally responsible raw materials such as Lenzing Viscose and Tencel
Booth 2327
McAirlaid’s Group is exhibiting once again at INDEX where it will demonstrate the advantages of its unique airlaid fabrics produced using a patented bonding system that does not use glues or binder fibers and offers unbeatable absorbency and superior wicking and fluid distribution. These products can be designed for a variety of different requirements and are amongst the most sustainable engineered fabrics in the world.
In other news, McAirlaid’s has broken ground on their expansion in the Rocky Mount, VA campus and its first U.S. airlaid machine will be operational in the fall of 2011.
Booth 4375
Nanoval was founded and is engaged in exploiting the 'Nanoval Effect', starting with atomizing metal melts to powder since 1988.
Later it was discoveredthat polymer melts could also be subjected to this mechanism:A liquid stream drawn by a parallel gas stream at an ever increasing speed under laminar conditions bursts open and from one spinneret hole a multitude of finer continuous filaments can be spun.This can be applied to polymers like PP, PET and many others, but also for fiber forming solutions like cellulose/Lyocell or aramides. They are deposited to webs underneath the spinnerets—spunlaid nonwovens.
Booth 4010
Startedin 1924 by the founding fathers of air technology and air-conditioning technology LTG Aktiengesellschaft designs, manufactures, and engineers components and systems for all fields of air technology and still is ahead of the market with trend-setting innovations.
The product range includes components to collect, convey, filter, separate, compact, and humidify. In the fiber processing industries, components from LTG Aktiengesellschaft ensure safe removal, separation and filtering of released fibers and particles which afterwards may be recycled.
Booth 2379

At INDEX, Osprey will present it’s new Ois filter, developed for customers with increasing line speeds and higher SAP contents in mind. This new filter provides HEPA quality air filtration without the use of an Osprey final filter or disc section.

The Oris filter advantages include: lower initial equipment cost, reduced explosion risk, higher safety rating, new seal and media design, no compressed air required, lower energy costs and new high capacity pockets. Additionally, patented Phoenix design available as well as the highest filtration level are available.
Booth 2041
At Index 2011 Pantex International will be showcasing its broad product range of topsheets, ADL and elastic laminates.Pantex will introduce several innovative products designed to meet the challenges of the market thanks to proprietary technologies, more than 20 years expertise, a dedicated R&D team and multipurpose pilot line: new grades of the filmic Cloth Like and nonwovens Cotton Dry series with super softness and comfort, unique designs while maintaining premium performance levels for acquisition, rewet and masking.
Pantex has also started to embrace a sustainability program with special efforts to develop new products that meet increasing requests of minimizing the environmental impact of the overall product life cycle.
Established back in 1987, headquartered in Italy, Pantex operates one additional production site in the United Arab Emirates and plans for further geographical expansions and major investments. Pantex develops, manufactures and markets perforated nonwovens, films and laminates as well as thermal bonded specialties.
Booth 2531
Reifenhäuser REICOFIL offers customized combined heat and power plants (CHP) for new and existing REICOFIL spunbonding and composite lines that enable a new generation of electric power and an optimal use of the resulting waste heat, depending on the configuration of the lines. The new energy concept will be presented by REICOFIL at INDEX 2011.
Under optimal conditions, customized combined heat and power plants can achieve an overall efficiency of over 90%, far more than common central power stations.Producers disposing of their own CHP are able to produce part of the required electricity and at the same time they can utilise the waste heat in a targeted way on different temperature levels. For example, high temperatures can be used to generate hot compressed air for the melt blown process or for heating calenders and driers, while low temperature levels are suitable for pre-heating of process air or secondary air or for space heating. In combination with an absorption refrigerator, they are even appropriate for process air cooling and air conditioning of buildings.
According to Hans-Georg Geus, technical director of REICOFIL, combined heat and power plants offer essential advantages: “The targeted utilisation of waste heat resulting from a combined generation of heat and power enables the users of such plants to reduce their production costs while at the same time their production will become more sustainable and resource conserving.”
Booth 2431
At Index, Sandler will introduce Bio textile. The company’s newest spunlace technology enables it to achieve even lower basis weights at low energy usage while the well-proven quality is maintained. Consequently, raw material consumption and CO2 emissions resulting from energy utilisation are being minimised. The lightweight wipes substrates also decrease the amount of waste after use.
The wipes substrate, Bio textile, was developed in cooperation with one of the company’s raw material suppliers. It is composed of 100% viscose fibres, making it fully biodegradable. The product features excellent absorbency and softness at low basis weights. Moreover, both the fibres utilised as well as the nonwoven substrate itself are certified according to the PEFC standard, which stands for a sustainable handling of wood and products made of it. The fibres are of European origin, thus minimizing the overall carbon emissions in transportation and positively affecting the carbon footprint of the product. The Sandler Bio Wipe substrate is also equipped with a unique hydro-embossing design with design elements illustrating the manufacturer’s commitment to sustainability.
Latest Sandler nonwovens for floor cloths feature reduced MD and CD elongation for increased resilience. In dry wipe as well as wet wipe applications or impregnated with cleaning waxes, these spunlaced nonwovens take on even the most persistent staining.
Naturally, established Sandler qualities will also be presented: Substrates using fibres made of renewable resources such as viscose, cotton or compostable PLA-fibres; industry as well as household and all-purpose wipes commending themselves for the varied demands of the wipes market.
Additionally, Sandler will promote products for the automotives, hygiene and medical, design and differentiation and home furnishings market
Booth 4013
Schober will unveil the RSM750—the newest addition to this popular family of rotary die cutting technology—at the Index 11. This third generation of the RSM family boasts a working width of 750 mm (29.5 inches) to support web widths from 10-36 inches and maximum roll diameters of 39.4 inches.Ideal for rotary die cutting and embossing, this technology includes an integrated packaging line for the production of cotton pads and other non-woven shapes including oblong, round, square and more.
Rotary cutting and embossing modules, tolls and complete systems will also be featured in booth 4013.These are ideal for the offline converting of materials and products, including baby and fem-care, adult incontinence, ostomy bag components, band aids, compresses, test strips and other difficult projects – as proven by hundreds of successful installations worldwide.

Rotary punching technology for the production of band aids, personal care products,
test strips will also be exhibited.Creative tool design and the use of punch and die segments yield significant savings, especially for spare tooling.
Cutting cylinders designed and built specifically for the demands of sanitary napkins will be featured.Product orientation across the web and a vacuum and air blast device ensures a high volume of continuous and trouble free product delivery.Manufactured of a variety of materials, including Tungsten Carbide, this cutting die design provides very long production without the need for sharpening.
Booth 4324
SANIMAC is refurbishing, modifying and upgrading any converters, stackers, baggers. At INDEX, the company will focus on the realization of a simple side panels upgrading kit to be mounted on existing machines.
SANIPRO Our worldwide services include spare parts, technical assistance, assets negotiation, agency for international brands, etc.
Cellulose Mill is specialist for hammers or discs mills. We focus on power savings improving the fibers ‘quality.Drumforming is specialist for fluff pad forming, focusing on high density core & andAP concentration, super-compressed core, low weight pad distribution accuracy, increasingperformance and savings. RDC produces rotary dies/pressing/crimping/embossing units.
Booth 4161
Carbonera, Italy Silcartwill launch Thermal-Hygrometric Underlay, an innovative layer with a domotic appliance, at INDEX. In the perspective of helping ordinary roof maintainance, limiting extraordinary maintainance and inspections, thus preventing extra costs in repairs, the Biometric Underlay will punctually and constantly monitor whole “physical” conditions of the roof: temperature underroof, humidity, possible leakages due to damages in the architecture of the roof.
Connected to a control unit (it can also be the one already present in the house), special probes inserted in the underlay will “just in time” detect possible damages, locate them and transfer the so collected data to the display. The probes also detect too high critical temperatures – indication of a possible fire risk.
Booth 2561
Trevira supplies high-value polyester fibers and offers tailor-made fiber solutions as Trevira participates in the most important industry event for nonwoven manufacturers and end users not only with its established polyester specialties for hygiene and technical applications, but also with the first fibre developments made from PLA biopolymer (Ingeo) which have been added to the company’s product portfolio in the frame of a master license by NatureWorks in 2010.
Sustainability is an increasingly important issue in all textile applications, also in the nonwoven sector. Polyester has many properties that from the outset make it a material that is compatible with the environment. It is non-toxic, gives off no gases and is recyclable without difficulty and it can be easily used as fuel to produce energy. It is kind to the skin and suitable for use in the food industry or medical sector. Product certifications like Ökotex Standard 100 are an equally essential element of Trevira’s sustainability concept as the observation of the environmental and quality standards DIN ISO 14001 and DIN ISO 9001. Trevira’s range of ecological products is extended by the new Ingeo fibers which meet the needs of manufacturers and end users looking for a biological alternative for conventional fibers.
The range of staple fibers for nonwovens includes: bicomponent fibers for thermal bonding, used in hygiene products such as napkins and lady care, as well as in technical nonwovens, e. g. for insulation and filtration materials in the automotive sector; special types for hydro-entangled nonwovens. These are not only employed in the manufacture of wet and cosmetic wipes, but also increasingly in technical
Applications; short cut fibers for airlaid and wetlaid applications, e. g. hygiene products or the paper industry. A part of this range is also available as bicomponent fibers; flame retardant fibers, e.g. for insulation, filtration and also as filling fibres for bedding; customized fibers for special customer applications.
Fibers made from biopolymers (PLA/Ingeo). The new fibres are currently in qualification processes at customers. Trevira envisages variety of
applications in the nonwoven sector, mainly for hygiene products. In the near future, the company will also add a bicomponent fibre to its PLA
Xiamen Yanjan
Xiamen Yanjan
Industry will show its three-dimensional super-soft apertured nonwoven. These nonwovens are primarily used as topsheet material in sanitary napkins and is particularly popular in China.
Booth 2331
Trützschler Nonwovens will focus on hygienic applications and light webs and will present our latest developments in these fields. Technological developments in these fields include lines for chemical bonding including the Fleissner Double Roller Unit forliquid and foam impregnation, lines for thermal bonding that reduce energy consumption and spunlace lines.
In its constant efforts to adapt the products of the Trützschler Nonwovens Group to the requirements of the market, the foam impregnation padder and the liquid impregnation padder from Fleissner’s product range have been redesigned.
The construction of the Double Roller Unit was used as basis to realize a unit for optimum application of chemicals either in liquid form or as foam with high speed.
Based on standard roller pipes the roller diameter and surface are chosen depending on the working width and process parameters.
Trützschler Nonwovens focuses its development work more and more on the reduction of energy costs. A modern line becomes even more efficient not only through an optimal line layout and by using highly efficient drive systems but in particular by additional energy recovery measures. Trützschler Nonwovens will present concepts for the reduction of the energy consumption in their own production lines.
Turati Idrofilo
Booth 1380
Turati Idrofilo (www.turati-idrofilo.com) manufactures cotton wool. In addition to the traditional production of carded cotton, in 2000 the company started its first line of spunlaced cotton. The company’s main business is supplying semi-finished products to manufacturers of: cotton pads, balls, pleated/rolled cotton, cotton sanitary napkins/panty liners. In this market we quickly reached up to 85% export thanks to our lean organization, flexibility and in particular to our unique worldwide, well known and appreciated supplying system in bales. Each bale contains one single web long up to 5000 meters (= 5.468,07 yards) in continuous, ready to be used on cotton wool packing machinery, which guarantees enormous production / transport / storage advantages in comparison to standard roll goods.
Beside the semi-finished production, Turati also offers a wide range of cotton wool packaged products—pads, balls, pleated/rolled cotton, sliver and two unique and innovative lines of pre-cut and professional pads. These two lines have square or rectangular pad shapes making them cost efficient.
Wellman International
Booth 1268
Wellman International has a renewed focus on their Hygiene product portfolio, represented now under the new ‘Wellman Hygiene Fibres’ division’. This streamlining of the Wellman product range, reflects an ever increasing demand from our customers for innovative, high performance products for Hygiene applications.Included among this range are, softflex HY, fillwell HY, wellbond HY, profile HY, wellblend HY and our recently launched sensifil HY. More detailed information on all of these products is available on www.wellman-intl.com.
Evidence of Wellmans consistent commitment to delivering an innovative product range is demonstrated with the launch of sensifil HY to the market.This independently accredited range of asthma & allergy friendlyTMfibres, also offer benefits in relation to skin contact and related conditions.This range of fibres, by their very nature are of particular relevance to Hygiene applications and their launch make Wellman the 1st fibre producer globally to achieve asthma & allergy friendlyTM component approval.This component approval has been pursued by Wellman in recognition of both the consumer and the retailer demand for transparency and reassurance and provide third party verification based on gold standard science. It is estimated that by 2015 that 50% of people will suffer from at least one allergy, making this a particularly important advance within the Industry.
Wellman continue to drive a true and validated sustainability agenda, utilising in excess of 1.6 billion post consumer PET bottles annually to produce their fibre products.Wellman fibre and processes are independently validated through participation in a Life Cycle Analysis Study (published Elsevier, August 2010) and demonstrate an overall lower environmental impact than any other polyester staple fibre studied.Our fibres also show significantly lower effect on non-renewable resources and a much lower global warming potential than other processes investigated.Offering fibre traceability and closed loop opportunities, the genuine sustainable platform from which Wellman operate, provides the ideal basis for pursuing sustainable Retailer and Consumer programmes.
As the leading European supplier of polyester staple fibre, Wellman International attributes its success in delivering solutions for Hygiene applications through working in partnership with our customers.Advancement of our softflex HY fibre range continues to evolve, consistently driving performance levels and ensuring that our customers are at the forefront of new technological developments. We extend the offer to assist in new product developments and for customers to utilise our expertise across our Hygiene product range.
At Index 2011, Wellman also welcome the opportunity to showcase their new range of profile HY fibres. A specialised range of novel shaped fibres which offer greater surface area to weight ratio and therefore enhanced liquid distribution properties.The unique fibre shape ensures maximised lobe dimensions and allow for a greater hydrophilic surface area and improved liquid management function.
Voith Paper
Booth 4188
At Index 11 in Geneva in April 2011, Voith Paper Fabric & Roll Systems will present its latest collection of spiral and woven fabrics for the nonwoven industry.
Each of the spiral fabrics has a fine and smooth surface with an extra high contact area due to the level spiral structure. Dimensional stability in machine and cross machine directions is a result of stable spiral and hinge wires. Short fitting and low stretch properties allow for running the fabric with high tension. The fabrics are made of highly abrasion resistant materials that resist mechanical wear from the machine and the product web ensuring long running time. Seams are non-marking as they are the same calliper and made from the same material as the rest of the fabric. For safe and fast installation the spirals are easy to join and various seaming aids are available for tight installations. For crucial running conditions we have specialized products with conducting spirals.
Xinglong Holding
Booth 4272
Xinlong Holding (Group) was established in 1993 with registered capital of RMB293.15 million, is a leading enterprise in the Chinese nonwovens industry.
Since 2003, “China Nonwovens Technology Center”, “National Engineering Research Center for Nonwovens”, “Asia Nonwoven Technology R&D Center” and“National Nonwovens Postdoctoral Work-Station” have been established in Xinlong successively, providing good technical support and personnel guarantee for Xinlong’s sustained, rapid and stable development. Presently, Xinlong’s annual nonwovens production capacity has exceeded 10,000 tons and it is now in a position to supply spunlace nonwovens, garment interlinings, converted nonwovens for medical, sanitary and household product application and spunbond and meltblown nonwovens.
Xiamen Yanjan
Booth 4170
Xiamen Yanjan Industry will show its three-dimensional super-soft apertured nonwoven. These nonwovens are primarily used as topsheet material in sanitary napkins and is particularly popular in China.