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DataMan 500 Laser Killer

February 28, 2011

Cognex is introducing The DataMan 500 Laser Killer.

 When a barcode scanner cannot read a barcode, packages are handled more than once causing additional labor and material costs. Ultimately, rework means increased overhead and lost margins. The DataMan 500 can help reduce production costs while improving read rates over a traditional laser scanner setup.

The DataMan 500 camera based barcode reader can: Read the 1D and 2D barcodes that laser scanners cannot with IDMax decoding technology; acquire images at rates of up to 1000 frames/second through Cognex proprietary imaging technology.

With image-based barcode reading you can see what the reader sees. Either live on a monitor or with image archiving for later review, you have access to data for analyzing continuous process improvement that you never had with laser scanners.

DataMan 500 has a longer product life than a laser scanner because it was designed with no moving parts for maximum reliability and minimum maintenance. Power over Ethernet (POE) eliminates a separate power supply or communication line.

DataMan 500 also supports RS-232 for integration into legacy systems. You can review live images or archived data transferred with automatic FTP for easy diagnosis of"no-reads," allowing for quick corrections on the line.

The first logistics barcode reader to introduce liquid lens auto-focus technology—providing operating range flexibility for high speed applications. Proven new technology, already integrated into Cognex industrial readers, is reliable and fast, according to the company. Additional benefits include good optical quality and low power consumption.