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New On Baby: Denim Diapers

By Karen McIntyre | May 27, 2010

K-C Launches Limited Edition Huggies Little Movers Jeans

Making babies more fashionable and expanding the scope of its Little Movers premium diapers—those are the two goals Kimberly-Clark had in mind with the limited edition launch of its denim-style diapers.

Huggies Little Movers Jeans diapers feature a pigmented polypropylene coverstock material designed to resemble denim jeans. They are currently rolling out in the U.S. in a limited launch and will be available until late July.

Huggies Little Movers Jeans diapers are available for a limited time.
K-C executives described the product, which was first developed in Israel in 2007, as a replacement product for apparel. Instead of clothing baby in a plain white diaper, the jeans diaper can look more like a piece of clothing in the hot, summer months.

"The real insight is that mom's love seeing babies in jeans but most babies are wearing disposable diapers under their clothing," said Keegan Coulter, Huggies brand manager. "With the summer heat, fewer layers of clothing will keep baby cooler and fewer outfit changes make mom's lives easier."

To support the limited edition launch, K- C has been on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and Access Hollywood. Additionally, a Today Show segment featuring a commercial shoot will air in early June.

Priced about 5-7% more per unit than regular Little Movers diapers, the extension was not created to make the company more money but to increase exposure to a broader consumer base. "We think if we get consumers to experience the shape, the fit and the performance of Little Movers diapers, she will stick with the brand above and beyond the limited edition period."

When available in Israel, the jeans diaper grew Little Movers sales 17%.

Developments in nonwovens printing technology made this design possible. Executives said future apparel-replacement diaper styles could follow.

"We are leveraging, building on something we have been offering through our tier five diapers for some time—the ability to bring graphics to life by printing on nonwovens," said Scott Lange, research and engineering manager. "This time, we've gone the extra step to see how do you create the depth by integrating all of the components of the nonwovens."

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