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K-C Gets Creative In Helping Its Customers

February 9, 2010

Webisodes, Audio Downloads and Original Music Parties Are a Part of K-C's Latest Marketing Efforts

Kimberly-Clark has developed new interactive marketing tools to help its customers get the most from its products—whether it's a pantyliner, an overnight diaper or a training pant. With the help of a well-known actress, a team of parenting experts and a grammy winning musician, the company is offering new solutions to everyday problems like incontinence, bed wetting and potty training.
Within its adult incontinence brands, the company has created a series of webisodes, called "Great Women in History," starring great women in history who may have suffered from light bladder leakage (LBL). These include Cleopatra, Eve, Helen of Troy, Joan of Arc, Lady Godiva, Mona Lisa and the Satute of Liberty. The series can be viewed at, a new website and online community from the Poise brand.

"Nobody ever wants to talk about LBL!" said Whoopi. "For some reason, we've decided there's something taboo about it—but so many women experience it and we should be able to talk about it openly. Leaks don't discriminate, we all go through it—I tell women this all the time."
Although one in three women experience LBL, it is often kept a secret because of shame and embarrassment. A survey from the Poise brand and Women's Health Foundation (WHF), a non-profit organization committee to championing women's pelvic health issues, shows that almost 60% of women do not talk about LBL with friends or family and almost 40% do not even talk to a healthcare professional."

To help spread the word about LBL, the K-C's Poise brand has enlisted the help of House Party to help women spread the word about LBL in local communities across the country. On April 10, 2010, the brand invites women nationwide to host their own Poise brand Laides Who Laugh House Party.
Instead of targeting ladies, K-C is focusing on family in a brand new promotion for its GoodNites brands. The company as created created a free audio series available for free download at The series includes 20 five-minute audio bedtime stories that follow the story of a boy named Igggy as he embarks on wild adventures with his Wiggy Bed.

"Bedtime is an important time for parents and children to connect," said Jennifer Trachtenberg, a nationally known pediatrician, author and mom of three, "and I often recommend to families that having a regular evening ritual, such as a bedtime story, can quell nighttime issues like bedwetting and become an important step in building your child's self confidence."

Now through April 15, families are encouraged to visit to enter the Iggy's Next Adventure contest by creating and sharing their own adventure. Ten finalists will be selected to be chosen as the winning story which will become a special audio installment.

Meanwhile, in the babycare segment, K-C has partnered with grammy winning musician Ralph Covert to help babies dance out of diapers. Since singing and dancing can be a huge motivator for kids and can help to inspire little ones to learn, Mr. Covert collaborated wit Pull-Us brand on a new version of the Potty Dance. Mr Covert will be hosting interactive Pull-Ups-sponsored Potty Dance parties across the U.S. for parents and kids to introduce the new song and dance.

"As a parent and most importantly a parent who is gearing up to potty train my second child, I know first hand how incorporating song and dance into a routine can be a huge motivator for kids," said Mr. Covert. "That's why I am so excited to partner with Pull-Ups and to give families something cool like the Potty Dance to inspire training and reward success along the potty training journey."
To bring the celebration home, Pull-Ups is also teaming up with the House Party, a leading consumer activation company, to host 5000 simultaneous "Do the Potty Dance" parties with Moms from coast to coast. During the gatherings, Moms and their kids will learn the dance and share potty training tips with one another so everyone leaves the party one step closer to ditching diapers for good."