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130 Years ...And Still Going Strong

July 18, 2009

Established in 1879 as a cotton wool factory in Hof, Germany roll goods producer Sandler AG is now ranked among the leading European producers of nonwovens for hygiene, wipes, furniture, apparel, automotive, filtration and construction applications.

Sandler AG
P.O. Box 1144
95120 Schwarzenbach/Saale
Telephone: 49-9284-60-0
Fax: 49-9284-60-205
Web: www.sandler.dern

Today Sandler nonwovens can be found in more than 40 automotive models as absorber and filter materials, carrier materials for molding components as well as upholstered nonwovens.

In the hygiene market, Sandler offers nonwovens for wipes, diapers, feminine care, adult incontinence as well as personal care and medical applications. In the filtration market, Sandler materials provide clean air in industrial as well as residential applications. For the construction industry, the company’s materials target heat and sound insulation, textile façade systems as well as pipe insulations. Nonwovens for upholstered furniture, bedding and mattresses, vacuum cleaner bags and dry wipes as well as materials for functional textiles, outdoor and sportswear complete the product range.

The company has maintained its position in the global market as an innovative player, exporting more than 60% of its production. With sales of €166 million in 2008, Sandler achieved the highest turnover since the establishment of the company 130 years ago. Half of this turnover was generated with products less than five years old. Sandler has invested €90 million to grow its business, with the number of employees rising by 20% to 485. According to Sandler, the 33% turnover increase is primarily a result of a new €20 million spunlace production line, which was commissioned at the end of 2007 and began a seven-day production schedule following a very short start-up phase. Low basis weight substrates for different wet wipe applications are being produced on the line.

In May Sandler celebrated its 130th anniversary at its Schwarzenbach/Saale, Germany headquarters in the presence of many high profile guests. In addressing the crowd, CEO Christian Heinrich Sandler (pictured above) highlighted success factors such as market orientation, demanding quality management, cooperation with universities and research institutions as well as credible relationships with customers and suppliers. Investments in high-performance manufacturing lines were always addressed with solid financing, he said.

“We look back on a positive first quarter and are well set-up with regard to possible challenges of the economic and financial crisis. We are steering our ship on a successful course—despite headwind and seas becoming rough. We are sailing by sight and we are prepared for potentially necessary evasive maneuvers, without losing sight of our long-term goals,“ explained Dr. Sandler.

Owing to its high flexibility and fast reaction time, Sandler is able to constantly fulfill current market requirements and to develop new products corresponding to customer specifications. The company attributes its success to highly qualified and motivated employees as well as its longstanding quality management practices, effective vocational training and ongoing education opportunities.

In the past year, Sandler has had an increasing focus on Corporate Social Responsibility. Environmental management initiatives were in place even before a systematic waste separation system was established in the Schwarzenbach/Saale region. Systematic energy management optimizes the consumption of gas and electricity and the transport of raw materials is increasingly shifted from roads to railways. In developing new products, Sandler has paid close attention to recyclability as well as the utilization of environmentally friendly raw materials and additives. With its lightweight nonwovens for automotive applications, the company contributes to reducing fuel consumption and therefore to the preservation of the environment.


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