ANEX 2009: It's Asia's Turn

By Nonwovens Staff, Nonwovens Staff | April 14, 2009

part three of the triennial rotation of nonwovens trade shows will be held in Shanghai in May. Here's a look at what the industry has to offer.

The triennial ANEX’09 (Asia Nonwovens Exhibition) will be held from May 20-22 in Shanghai. ANEX'09 will be combined with the well-known SINCE exhibition (Shanghai International Nonwovens Exhibition) and the total exhibition area has increased almost 40% from ANEX’03 six years ago. In addition to the 12,000 square meters at the Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center (INTEX), it has been extended into the ShanghaiMart adding 6000 square meters, resulting in a total area of 18,000 gross square meters of floor space. Hence, it is the largest edition ever staged among all ANEX exhibitions. Here is a look at what some exhibitors plan to present at the event.

Aeroglide offers leading drum and conveyor drier technology for the drying and curing of nonwoven webs. Aero­glide/National Drying Machinery offers customized solutions to meet its customers’ unique web processing requirements. Our application engineers will be on hand to discuss the latest generation of high speed omega drum driers. The Aeroglide/National team provides unmatched service, training and support to customers around the world through a permanent sales and technical presence in Europe, China, Malaysia and the U.S.

A. Celli Nonwovens S.p.A. is a  leading producer of custom­ized winders and slitter-rewinders with more than 400 winding machines serving nonwovens production lines around the world for different fabrics (spunbond, SMS, meltblown, spunlace, air through bonded, airlaid etc.) and applications (hy­giene, medical and industrial). In addition to its vast array of winders, slitter-rewinders and unwind stands, A. Celli Nonwovens will be showcasing at ANEX its customized roll handling and packaging systems and the Wingformer, airlaid forming technology successfully running at Dalian Ruigang Nonwovens Group.

    A. Celli Nonwovens has been present in China since 2001 with its branch office, A. Celli Shanghai Representative office, which is offering technical service and sales support to its far eastern customers. A. Celli Shanghai together with A. Celli International Inc. (based in Fort Lauderdale, FL) and A. Celli South America (based in Sao Paulo, Brazil) assure A. Celli’s presence all around the world in compliance with the company mission.

At ANEX 2009, Ahlstrom will display its complete portfolio of nonwovens and filtration media for a range of market applications, with a special focus on sustainability and the expansion of Ahlstrom’s manufacturing platform in Asia. Sustainability is an underlying driver of many recent developments and a number of materials that help protect people and the environment will be showcased at the show. Ahlstrom’s growing presence in the Asian region will also be a natural focal point, due to the start up of a new medical nonwovens plant in India planned for early 2010. This adds to the existing filtration manufacturing in China and Korea and the expanding network of Asian sales offices.

    Ahlstrom makes nonwovens for single-use medical fabrics, filtration media, wipes, food and beverage applications as well as a range of materials for wall coverings.

    With the need for sustainable materials and practices growing every day as a major trend in practically all markets, sustainability is also one of the key themes linking together several Ahlstrom products to be displayed at ANEX.

    Ahlstrom continues to grow its presence throughout the Asia-Pacific region by expanding its manufacturing platform and its network of commercial branches. The new Ahlstrom medical nonwovens plant in India is planned for start-up in early 2010 in Mundra, Gujarat state. The new plant will soon add to Ahlstrom’s Hyun Poong filtration plant in Korea, which supports the entire range of engine filters in air, oil and fuel filtration and Ahlstrom’s recently acquired Wuxi plant in Jiangsu, China, specialized in high-temperature dust filtration applications for the air filtration market. In the Asia-Pacific region, Ahlstrom also continues to grow its network of sales offices, which is made up of 13 units in Australia, China (3), India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Chuangda is a professional maker of fully automatic machines for the manufacture, packing and cleaning of wet tissue as well as equipment for medical wet tissue. With 10 years of working experience, its staff includes people able to design and research ideas that lead to the long-term cooperation with domestic and international compaies, concentrating on upgrading machinery function, stability and automatic degree.

Cormatex has been manufacturing textile machinery for both the Italian and international markets since 1938; over the years, the company has diversified its range of products reaching woollen spinning and nonwovens technologies. For nonwovens, Cormatex offers fiber preparation systems, card feeding systems, cards and cross lappers, an innovative airlay system, as well as cutting and winding systems, developing comprehensive technical solutions for needlepunching, thermal bonding and airlaid lines.

Fibertex Personal Care will display its Comfort, Elite and Dual product lines, which can now feature direct printing to help its customers differentiate themselves on the marketplace. The company can effectively print in large volumes on all types of nonwovens. Fibertex nonwovens provide superior softness that offer the consumer a different experience in softness and comfort associated with a superior and premier product. They provide enhanced drapeability enabling designers to improve product fit and comfort. Fibertex Dual also provides converters the added advantage of better seal strength and integrity resulting in less wastage.

    Also at ANEX, Fibertex Industrial Nonwovens  will exhibit its products targeting such industries as automotive, filtration, flooring, furniture and bedding as well as the building and construction sector.

GDM will present its latest Matrix Platform solution for the feminine hygiene, baby and adult disposable fields. Particularly, GDM will showcase new solutions for  baby diapers “open product” with front and rear side panels (like the patented “ESPert” zero waste solution), Pull Ups, training pants solution for  baby and adult products as well as for convertible baby diaper products.

    This technological solution means the production of hygiene disposable products stays in line with current market trends and ensures high quality products are achieved using a wide range of raw materials tested and certified at high-speed production levels of more than 350 m/min. providing  a significant savings of raw material costs. 

Hanwei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 1993, mainly specializes in developing, manufacturing and selling and servicing disposable hygiene product equipment. The company has sold more than 800 production lines since its establishment. Hanwei always carries forward a spirit of “striving to win,” adhering to a management philosophy of “complete manufacture, constant innovation and complete satisfaction for customers.”     

    Main products include machines for the manufacture of fem hy items,  panty liners, baby diapers, adult diapers, light incontinence machines and other stacking and packing machinery.

Heng Chang Machinery (HCH) is a manufacturer of complete production lines for disposable hygiene products.  HCH was founded in 1988 and now has the ability to make 50 machines per year. For producers of disposable hygiene products, HCH has supplied a number of lines and possess a large marketshare. At the same time HCH’s products are have been sold to multinational corporations, increasing its exports every years.

Huntsman Textile Effects, with its long-standing history in the textile industry, is focused on improving products and processes that lead to more sustainability. Its commitment to the nonwoven segment continues unabated and here too, all energies are devoted toward resource saving, environmentally friendly products.

    One of the highlights at ANEX Fair will be the presentation of the latest in its range of innovative, environmentally friendly oil and water repellents—the new DuPont Capstone range. These sustainable, performance-driven fluorine efficient repellent and soil release finishes are based on short chain chemistry, which minimizes the environmental footprint without compromising performance—a breakthrough technology for protection, superior oil and water repellence and improved soil release.

    Huntsman will also present its range of Phobol oil and water repellents, Silpure antimicrobials and Flovan and Pyrovatim flame retardants as well as tailor-made Dicrylan and Phobol  compound capabilities for specific needs including flame retardant, oil/water repellent coatings for use in construction, industrial and automotive applications.

A team of commercial and technical specialists in the global nonwovens fiber business will represent the Lenzing Group at ANEX. With consumers buying decisions increasingly influenced by environmental factors as well as functionality and price, the whole supply chain needs to respond by how it looks at raw materials. Wipes made from Lenzing Viscose or Tencel combine cost effective functionality with environmental responsibility.

    Since Lenzing fibers are produced from wood, they combine the benefits of a renewable raw material with full biodegradability. In 2008, nonwoven fabrics made from Lenzing Viscose and Tencel have been certified and registered by Din Certco as compostable materials. Biodegradable wipes made from Lenzing Viscose and Tencel are an environmentally responsible choice.

    Geoff Collins, sales and marketing director, Asia said,  “Lenzing fibers come from nature and return to nature. The raw material is wood derived from certified managed forests. Many years of experience and continued improvement allow Lenzing to set global environmental benchmarks for the production of high quality, man-made cellulosic fibers.”

NSC’s Axcess line is an alternative for markets targeting lower production capacity, cost adapted machinery and attractive prices with similar design quality to the Excelle lines. These machines are durable and reliable and feature constant producitivy and low maintenance costs. The Axcess line includes cards, crosslappers, drafters, needlelooms, winders and slitter-rewinders.

Nordson Corporation will present a live demonstration of a lab coater with VersaBlue and AltaBlue adhesive melters to demonstrate Signature spray nozzle technology for construction lamination applications.

Nordson’s VersaBlue and AltaBlue adhesive melters are designed specifically for nonwovens applications that require precise, dependable adhesive deposition in demanding environments. VersaBlue XN series melters are capable of supplying an entire diaper line from one melter. VersaBlue IPC and VersaBlue PLC melters are available in capacities ranging from 25 to 100 liters, and they all offer a choice of pumps with variable speed AC motors to meet the widest range of manufacturing requirements.  

Oerlikon Neumag will present comprehensive solutions covering all main nonwovens production processes such as spunmelt, carding and airlaid. From parts, key components, individual machines up to complete lines or even to turnkey installations, Oerlikon Neumag provides the most comprehensive portfolio of products and services by comprising the well-known former brands J&M Nordson, M&J Fibretech, F.O.R./Fincarde, Autefa, Fehrer and Kortec.

    In carding technology, a series of optimizations of the complete carding process from bale opening to winding for a couple of applications like filtration, geotextiles, roofing, automotive headliners or acoustic materials. Meanwhile, in spunmelt, Oerlikon Neumag presents not only multi-beam spunmelt lines for the production of standard nonwoven products but also technological solutions for a highly efficient production of advanced nonwovens, e.g. from microfilaments or bicomponents.

    Oerlikon Neumag airlaid lines based on the leading M&J Technology and cover by far the most production capacities worldwide. The core of this technology is the patented Fiber Forming System, which enables the production of wide width webs based either on 100% pulp fibers or homogeneous mixtures of different fibers and powders.

The new Front Line filtration system is now available from Osprey. The new design includes a Pre Filter Disk arrangement that can be used as a bulk material separator or used for quality fiber separation. The system includes five stages of filtration including an Osprey HEPA filter section. The Front Line design has already been incorporated in waste recycling systems, thus eliminating the need for costly bulk material separators.

Peixin International Group, located in the Shuangyang Overseas Chinese Economic-develop area, creates three main series of equipment—baby diaper equipment, sanitary napkin equipment as well as various kinds of paper product machines. All together, the company sells more than 30 types of machines, which are sold in China as well as in 80 other countries.

    Among the products Peixin will present at ANEX are the PX-NK-600-SF full servo, full-function baby diaper production line and a full-servo auto-controlling system with high automation that can also be upgraded as per customers’ reasonable requirement.

Quanzhou Dachang Paper Ma­chinery Manufacturer is a Chinese wet tissue machine maker. The first wet tissue line from Dachang is still operating today. Dachang’s main goal is to supply cost-efficient products. Thousands of Dachang machines have benefited clients in more than 50 countries. Machines have been recognized for low maintenance costs and waste. With more than 10,000 square meters of workshop space, high precision special process equipment and a team of skilled professionals, Dachang is poised for success in this market.

Rieter Nonwovens Systems will take the opportunity to present the latest innovations in nonwovens industry together with NSC nonwoven. Rieter’s expertise in spunlace, spunbond and spunjet processes makes Rieter Non­wovens the only supplier able to offer all these nonwovens technologies from a single source.

    With more than 150 spunlace lines installed globally, Rieter is a leader in spunlace technology thanks to the Jetlace machine. Furthermore, through the collaboration with NSC nonwoven, Rieter supplies complete spunlace lines from the opening to the winder.

    With 50% of the total spunlace production, wipes market is currently the fastest growing end uses. Therefore the design of the Jetlace machine supplied by Rieter combined with the NSC nonwoven cards provides state-of-the-art spunlace fabrics for wipes.

    Two years ago, Rieter launched a special serie of Jetlace machines called Jetlace Essentiel. This hydroentanglement system is designed for the production of light spunlace fabrics from 25 to 80 gsm with a capacity up to 15,000 tons per year.

    In order to support the development of the emerging countries, Rieter has launched in 2005 the JetlaceAvantage machine designed for spunlace production from 30 to 120gsm with a capacity up to 4000 tons per year.

    Rieter's expertise in the spunlace industry and the unique uniformity of the spunlaid webs produced on the Perfobond machines have given birth to a new nonwovens process, called spunjet. Spunjet combines hydroentanglement with continuous filaments spunlaid technology, offering the nonwovens market superior fabric properties with regard to fabric bulk, softness, drape, tensile strength and isotropic MD:CD ratio.

Schill+Seilacher AG is a worldwide acting producer of chemical specialities located in Boeblingen, Germany. With Schill+Seilacher’s tailor-made spin finishes and finishing agents for man-made fibers, it contributes to the general textile industry. Particularly for nonwoven applications (spunbond and staple fiber), Schill+Seilacher offers a multifaceted range of process auxiliaries and finishing treatments to create additional value to nonwovens including durable hydro­philicity, liquid absorption, softness, antistatic properties, hydrophobicity and repellency (blood and oil). Such nonwovens treated with Schill+Seilacher finishes are used in various applications, e.g. baby diapers, filters, medical drapes, and food packaging.

Ungricht Roller and Engraving Tech­nology is a leading supplier in the nonwovens industry for engraved and smooth calender roller. The production program includes complete service for engraving and re-engraving of old or damaged calender rollers, design service, repair of local damages on engraving or smooth rollers and mechanical repairs and foulard rollers. Other offerings include ultrasonic anvils, technical rollers, galvanic coatings, plasma coatings and laser engraving of technical profiles in rubber and steel.

Guangzhou Xingshi Equipments Co. was founded in 1999 in China as a professional manufacturer of machine lines for disposable hygiene products. From the beginning, Xingshi is dedicated to developing its own technology and resources and makes the progress year after year.

    Main products include baby diaper, sanitary napkin, panty liner, adult diaper and packaging machinery and vision systems.