INDA Hosts Filtration 2008

By Nonwovens Staff, Nonwovens Staff | January 19, 2009

filtration industry meets in Philly to discuss recent developments

In December at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA, INDA sponsored Filtration 2008 International Conference and Exhibition. The exhibition took place December 10-11 and an accompanying conference was held December 9-11.     

    Despite dreary weather conditions, exhibitors were pleased with the traffic and quality of visitors at the show. According to INDA president Rory Holmes, the number of exhibitors grew from 112 at last year’s Chicago venue to 120 this year. “What's really exciting about this year’s show is the level of international exhibitors here—25% of all exhibitors are off-shore companies. Filtration 2008 includes European equipment manufacturers as well as machinery producers and other suppliers from Asia.”
  The conference’s first-day keynote address was moderated by INDA’s Filtration 2008 Committee chair Robert Burkhead of Blue Heaven Technologies. In his talk, “GE Imagination At Work,” Mark Hachenski, GE Energy’s general manager, boiler efficiency and productivity, discussed products and services that improve energy efficiency, filtration product innovations and offered several examples of how GE’s filtration products are being applied in diverse applications such as coal-fired power generation, cement production, steel production, primary aluminum, carbon black production and gas turbine inlet filtration.

    Also moderated by Mr. Burkhead, Wednesday’s keynote speech was offered by Barry Granger, vice president and general manager for DuPont Nonwovens. His presentation, “The DuPont Sustainability Commitment and its Implications for Filtration,” outlined DuPont’s commitment to energy sustainability, the company’s success in its efforts to date, DuPont’s goals for the future and how DuPont’s goals tie specifically to filtration.

    Another highlight from the show floor was INDA’s annual Best Booth Competition, which recognized the most creative and attendee-friendly booths in the large and small categories. Winners were Irema-Filter GmbH (first place, large booth); Ahlstrom (second place, large booth); Dolan GmbH (first place, small booth) and Industrial Netting (second place, small booth).

H&V Promotes

Nanoweb Technology

Hollingsworth & Vose (H&V) was at Filtration 2008 in Philadelphia, PA promoting its new Nanoweb advanced nanofiber technology for air and liquid filtration and performance barrier nonwovens applications.

     H&V’s new Nanoweb technology provides a microporous structure with unparalleled process control and durability. The fiber diameter distribution and layer thickness can be formulated to deliver greater performance across many applications. “H&V’s new Nanoweb Advanced Nanofiber Tech­nology is highly customizable and offers improved material processability and longer life,” said David von Loesecke, vice president and general manager of H&V’s Engine & Industrial Filtration. “It has superior chemical compatibility with no extractables or leachables, achieves advanced efficiency for greater performance with total cost reduction and increases energy savings.”

    Applications include liquid filter media (in life sciences, food/beverage and process liquid), air filter media (dust collectors, HVAC, gas turbines and computer disk drives) and performance barrier nonwoven (thermal/acoustical insulation, hypoallergenic bedding, waterproof breathable fabrics, energy storage, etc.).

    When added to standard media, Nanoweb advanced synthetic nano­fiber results in performance comparable to multi-layer laminates and microfiberglass-containing grades while offering the caliper and pleating characteristics of a standard media. The product is designed to significantly enhance particle capture efficiency at a minimal increase in pressure drop compared to electrospun products.
Freudenberg To Form Independent Filter Biz

Freudenberg Nonwovens was at Filtration 2008 touting a prime booth location at the exhibition entrance as well as the upcoming launch of its Filtration Division as an independent business group within the Freu­denberg Group of companies effective January 1, 2009. The new business—Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, Limited Partnership—will continue to operate its North American headquarters in Hopkinsville, KY.

    Barry Kellar, general manager and vice president of Freudenberg’s North American filter business, was on hand at the show promoting the company’s filtration capabilities. “We’re here talking to our customers about what this really means for them. The new business will focus on media development and converting technologies.”
Lydall Purchases DSM Solutech

Filtration 2008 exhibitor Lydall has acquired DSM Solutech B.V. from Royal DSM N.V. Solutech, located in The Netherlands. The company’s Solupor specialty microporous membranes are expected to enhance Lydall’s product offering in air and liquid filtration applications.  

    Solutech will be integrated into Lydall’s Performance Materials business. Through the third quarter of 2008, Performance Materials represented 36% of Lydall’s net sales and 64% of business unit operating income and had the highest operating margin of Lydall’s business units. Its filtration business participates in the $2.3 billion global nonwoven filter media market, which has recently seen strong global growth due to stricter environmental and product purity laws and requirements.

     “This acquisition supports our strategy to invest in technologically innovative solutions for our most attractive segments,” reported Dale Barnhart, president and CEO of Lydall, Inc. “Adding Solutech’s membrane technology to Performance Materials will give an already strong business a new platform for growth. We have already done extensive marketing work with our customer base and as a result we expect this addition to be accretive for us within 12 months.”

NTI, AGR Reach Licensing Deal

A licensing agreement has been signed between Filtration 2008 exhibitors NonWoven Technologies, Inc. (NTI), Oyster Bay, NY, and Arthur G. Russell (AGR), Bristol, CT. AGR was given sole exclusivity for the use of NTI’s patented high speed meltblown nanofiber technology.
    Tony Fabbricante, president of NTI, was at the show promoting the companies’ new technology. “The agreement between us is an excellent match of partnering. NTI’s breakthrough in high speed meltblown nanofiber technology and AGR’s 60-plus years of building automated equipment puts us in a unique position in the industry. Since 83% of finished products are less than 15 inches wide, our three-row, 15-inch line will out-produce a one-meter line by a 40% output. One of our goals is to sell these narrow lines at affordable prices for companies to develop and make their own roll goods.”

General Nonwovens

Expands Into Filtration

Making its Filtration Show debut at was Turkish roll goods producer General Nonwovens, a company that has recently expanded its involvement in the filtration sector. General Nonwovens reports increased interest in replacing paper-like cellulose medias with nonwovens. The company’s products are 100% synthetic, consisting of either polyethylene terephthalate or polypropylene.

    General Nonwovens’ FilterGen range includes lightweight and heavyweight polyester filter media.

    At the exhibit, the company promoted FilterGen lightweight polyester spunbond media, which is used as a reinforcement or coverstock layer for air and water filtration. The composite structures are used both with and without pleating. The pleatable medium weight ranges are used as coverstock media in a composite structure while the heavier weight fabrics are also pleatable and generally target air filtration.

Kem-Wove Makes

Filtration Show Debut

First time exhibitor Kem-Wove was at Filtration 2008 in Phila­delphia, PA promoting its line of highloft filtration media and laminated products. With more than 20 years experience and a strong commitment to its customers, Kem-Wove is able to meet specific customer needs through the development of innovative technology and customized machinery. Kem-Wove’s sister company, International Foam Pro­ducts, provides high quality laminated textiles, nonwovens and foams worldwide.

Ahlstrom Touts

Filtration Capabilities

Ahlstrom was at Filtration 2008 showcasing filtration media for a variety of industries and applications. From traditional production processes to proprietary techniques, Ahlstrom’s filtration solutions are designed to meet specific performance requirements. In addition to receiving second place for Best Booth in the large booth category, the company was also touting its recent nomination for Disruptor media as one of five consumer product finalists in the running for INDA’s 2009 Visionary Award.

    Disruptor high-performance wet laid filtration media is designed to rival UF and MF membrane filters in terms of retention and efficiency with flow rates of a nonwoven filter media. Potential filtration applications in­clude: backup filter to UF and MF membranes, pre-filter to RO membranes, point-of-entry and point-of-use potable water and boiler feed water.  

    The latest version, Disruptor PAC, combines the benefits of powdered activated carbon with the existing performance of the regular Disruptor media, creating a complete filter media suited for a variety of uses.    

    For HVAC applications, Ahlstrom offers a range of products starting with nonwoven media in low- to medium- efficiency, complemented with microglass for high to ultra-high efficiency. The company targets the dust filtration sector with a range of felts from polyester to aramid, PPS and P84 for baghouse filtration applications. These products are now manufactured on a state-of-the-art line recently installed in South Carolina.      

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