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Chinese Market Creates New Opportunities For Global Nonwovens Industry

nonwovens output-doubled in size since 2001-continues to rise

By Karen McIntyre, Editor

Published October 15, 2008
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The following 28-page special section is devoted entirely to the impact of China on the global nonwovens industry. Like the Chi­nese dragon, China’s nonwovens industry should be considered a sym­bol of auspicious power. The tre­mendous growth be­ing forecast for Chinese disposable goods and other nonwovens-related products has created tremendous op­por­tunities for Wes­tern suppliers looking for their next hot market. At the same time, the emergence of Chinese-based equipment suppliers, roll good producers and converters has expanded the size and scope of the nonwovens industry, creating new technologies and markets, which will only benefit nonwovens makers around the globe.