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By Nonwovens Staff, Nonwovens Staff | April 2, 2008

everything you need to know about this month's even in Geneva

This month, INDEX 2008 will create the perfect opportunity for the global nonwovens industry to convene in one place to present the latest in products and services, technology and research for participants throughout the nonwovens supply chain.

    Expected to attract more than 12,000 visitors from more than 100 countries, INDEX08 will feature nearly 500 exhibitors in more than 50,000 square feet of exhibition space.

    Scheduled for April 15-18 at Geneva’s Pal-Expo Convention Center in Switzerland, INDEX08 is the world’s leading nonwovens exhibition. Bringing together key players from every dimension of the innovative world of nonwovens. It unites leaders in all spheres of manufacturing, machinery and raw materials supply with leading industry decision-makers, top purchasing and sales professionals and key marketers.

    INDEX08 will cover all nonwovens industry sectors including:

Packaging — See how smart packaging extends shelf-life for manufacturers and retailers while improving presentation to consumers.

Composites — The innovative use of nonwovens in structural composites is providing a high-performance and cost-effective response to challenges in many industries.

Automotive — From nanotechnology that increases filter life to increased recyclability and better, more sophisticated acoustics, nonwovens continue to bring exciting opportunities to the automotive industry.

Construction — The drive to carbon-zero buildings is helped by nonwoven housewraps that improve energy efficiency while having no VOC release.

Geo-nonwovens — Treating geotextiles with eco-friendly additives to enhance water repellency and resistance against biological degradation is taking geotextiles into new and exciting areas.

Medical — Cut-resistant surgical gloves are just one of the stream of innovations in the medical area that is making nonwovens increasingly effective and popular.

Cleaning & Hygiene — The aging population and continued product innovation for smaller incontinence home care products, alongside impressive improvements in the environmental impact of diapers, make this an exciting area for development.

Filtration — Nanofiltration and activated carbon nonwoven filters are causing great excitement in the industry and both will be heavily represented at INDEX08.

Home Furnishings — From burglar-proof window blinds to products that change color when the environment changes to the optimal thermal environment for sleep...nonwovens are still hot news in home furnishings.

The pages that follow include an easy-to-use, alphabetical listing of exhibitors who will be at the INDEX 2008 event as well as their contact information and booth numbers. Exhibitor listings begin on page 74. Our INDEX coverage also includes previews from exhibitors such as new product highlights, recent news and company innovations. Exhibitor previews begin on page 136. Last but not least, turn to page 155 for details on INDEX Award finalists and the nonwoven products that have been deemed the most innovative in their field.

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