INDEX08 Preview

By Nonwovens Staff, Nonwovens Staff | March 20, 2008

exhibitors have big plan for the year's largest nonwovens exhibition

Andritz Kusters
Booth 2327

Andritz Küsters’ motto for Index 08, “nonwoven eXcellence—from forming to finishing” signifies the company’s pledge to deliver comprehensive solutions for the nonwovens industry to an increasing extent. In addition to its reputation as a calender specialist Andritz Küsters also has competence in the wet finishing of nonwovens. Depending on the area of application, the core competencies of Andritz Küsters’ wet finishing are the Kissroll technology neXkiss, the padder technology for the high speed operation neXchem, the high efficiency dewatering technology neXaqua, as well as custom-tailored concepts for liquid supply and handling.

    Andritz Küsters designs finishing lines from unwinding via finishing aggregate right down to dryer, condensation and winding. The latest addition to the product range—which will be on display at INDEX—are lines for wetlaid nonwovens production. A wetlaid nonwovens lab line has recently been installed at the Andritz Küsters Technical Centre, which offers interested customers the chance to conduct basic trials or individual product developments.

    Andritz Küsters’ presence at Index will be rounded off by its renowned calender program. In particular, special attention will be paid to the neXcal twin. It stands for the highest flexibility and cost effectiveness and is the new standard in high performance production of nonwovens.

Bruckner Plant Technologies
Booth 4330

At INDEX, Brückner Plant Technologies will present its nonwovens spectrum. Brückner, a company of the internationally active Brückner Group, for decades has been well known as a systems supplier for the thermal treatment and finishing of nonwovens and technical textiles.
    The increased commitment in further sectors of nonwovens technology (for example highloft) has allowed the company in the last two years to enlarge its range of competence. The nonwovens branch develops and plans tailor-made lines for nonwovens consolidation and nonwovens finishing.

    Brückner developed its new Power-Therm DT concept for the nonwovens industry to grant the customers the highest possible flexibility combined with minimum preparation times and energy consumption. This aim has been consistently translated into action because different market segments have different demands of the scope of services of a dryer for nonwovens. The new Power-Therm DT dryers are suitable for the thermal and chemical treatment of nonwovens of all kinds. The first dryers are in operation for about one year and the customers’ measurements confirm energy savings of up to 32% and an increase of the productivity of up to 14% compared to former systems.

Booth 1538

Cognex will be introducing a totally new on-line web quality analysis capability to its Smart­View Nonwovens Web In­spection Sys­­­tem.  WQM or Web Qua­lity Moni­tor­ing will be shown for the first time at INDEX in Gene­va.

    For the first time SmartView with WQM can determine and display true web formation information as the material is being made. The results are continuously re­ported in terms that are meaningful and useful to the operator. This allows process changes that impact quality to be made before large amounts of off-spec material have been produced.

    With unparalleled acceptance by all major roll goods producers and converters, SmartView has become the world’s most relied on system for detecting, identifying, visualizing and reporting web defects. SmartView is currently inspecting virtually all types of nonwoven fabrics such as spunbond, spunlace, carded, laminated, airlaid, thermal bond and needlepunch.

    A typical system is composed of CCD cameras, image processing electronics, computers and software, as well as lighting components.

Booth No. 4024

At booth 4024, hygiene equipment supplier Diatec will run equipment with the following applications: elastic ears for diapers, vision inspection equipment and the Sanyprint system, a flexographic printer for hygiene machinery. Additionally, Dia­­tec has improved its MACH and MODUS series machines with brand new models for adult diapers, baby diapers, light incontinence items and underpads.

Booth No. 2010

DiloGroup’s companies—DiloTemafa, DiloSpinnbau and DiloMachines—will provide widespread information about numerous applications of nonwovens by showing various products.

    The company makes lines for the many types of  nonwovens in all application areas and offers them as turnkey installations. Either traditional or technical textiles can be produced. Possible application areas are floor coverings, automotive linings, geotextiles, filter media, synthetic leather or natural fiber felts. Furthermore, the company offers in­stallations for the production of disposables that are used in cosmetics, medicine and hygiene.

    DiloGroup has already delivered more than 160 complete production lines to the nonwovens industry and thus has the necessary know-how to design the optimum installation for the desired final product. Continuous product development and application research work in its textile centers support and ensure sustainable production lines. Being a strong partner for the nonwovens industry, Dilo achieves maximum throughput of the projected installations with the highest machine efficiency and product quality.

Electronic Systems
Booth 2441

The technological evolution of nonwovens increases the requirements for quality control of the final product. With this, Electronic Systems will be at INDEX to showcase a web inspection system in line, that enable users to control continually 100% of the product by detecting and showing possible defects. In the system, there are a certain number of CCD cameras, with associates PC and frame Graber, one or more illuminators positioned in the line and one operator consol for the visualization.

    The defects will be detected in real time and shown in the map is also possible to manage the alarms with different typologies and size of the defect, trend and/or numbers. The configuration of the system will be proposed after laboratory testing of  material samples with significant typologies of defects. Electronic Systems can also offer an engineering service suitable for the existing lines.

    The base software Flexin guarantee can detect and visualize the defects online and map and define them by class. The interface with the operator is user friendly and can be customized to match customer requirements.

Elsner Engineering Works
Booth 2300

Elsner Engineering Works, Inc. has introduced a patented tail finder device installed on its Elsner Model ENR-1000 Fully Automatic Nonwoven Perforator Rewinder. Elsner has seen a steady increase in order entry since its introduction of this feature. The Elsner Model ENR-1000 Rewinder is designed to rewind and convert rolled perforated wipes for canister-type packages.  This tail finder device, for which Elsner has applied for a patent, is designed to insure that the first sheet that the consumer will find when opening a canister of rolled perforated wipes will be offset so that the consumer can easily find the leading edge when attempting to pull the first sheet of the perforated rolled wipe through the lid of the plastic canister.  With the introduction of this feature, Elsner continues to enhance its Model ENR-1000 Perforator Rewinder, which was first introduced to the nonwovens wipes industry in 2003 and then further enhanced in 2005 and 2007.

    The tail finder option is available on newly purchased Elsner Model ENR-1000 Perforator Rewinders.  Elsner has sold 10 such systems with this feature installed since its introduction several months ago.

    The Elsner Model ENR-1000 Perforator Rewinder is designed to convert coreless rolls of perforated nonwoven wipes from many different substrates. Consisting of in line slitters and a turret shafted rewind system, the ENR-1000 Rewinder can convert up to 90 finished canister wipes per minute. Fast set-up and smooth operation are just two features of the Model ENR-1000 Rewinder that provide for higher productivity for the user.

Fibras Europeas De Poliester
Booth 4041

Fibras Europeas De Poliester (FEP) was founded at the end of 2006. It has two polyester staple fiber production companies: Fibract Europe, Barcelona, Spain, and Fidion in Napoli, Italy. Both companies produce and commercialize different polyester fiber types for traditional textile and nonwoven sectors, applied in a broad range of applications such as geotextiles, automotives, building, hygiene and medical, furnishing and upholstery, sports, clothing and industrial. At the end of 2008, Fidion will expand its production, with a modern line able to produce 50,000 tons a year.

Booth 4112

Gneuss Kunststofftechnik GmbH will present the new sensor program for measurement and monitoring of melt pressure and temperature at INDEX 2008. Continuous and consistent deve­lop­ment of the Melt Pressure and Melt Temperature Sensors has resulted in a complete revision of Gneuss’ existing product range. In addition to optimizing the design of the mechanical and electronic components, the range was expanded to include a large number of additional sensors.

    By basing the new sensor generation on carefully designed modules, it has been possible to reduce both prices and delivery lead times. Technical improvements and advances on the existing developments have been realized including an all-pressure transducer now available with the mercury-free Gneussmedium option, a three-year function guarantee on all sensors, melt pressure transducers with integrated amplifiers and improved resistance to electromagnetic  interference.

Hangzhou New Yuhong Machinery Co., Ltd.

Once a military enterprise, Hangzhou New Yuhong Machinery has more than 20 years experience manufacturing sanitary napkin machines, diaper machines and other disposable products machines. In 2007, the company received ISO9001 and ISO 14001 environmental certification.

    Hangzhou New Yuhong Machinery has exported the machines around the world and has enjoyed a good reputation in southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe with its advanced technology and has designed prominent function machines, such as sanitary napkin machines, adult and baby diaper machines, pantyliner machines, underpad machines and other relative packing machines.

    The company’s SERVO baby diaper machine  can produce 450 pieces and has appeared on the market successfully.

Hollingsworth & Vose
Booth 1411

This year at INDEX, Hollingsworth & Vose will showcase three filtration products: NanoWave, PerForm and Technostat. H&V’s patented NanoWave is a new extended surface, highloft, all-synthetic media for the ASHRAE bag filter market with three times the dirt-holding capacity of conventional media.

    The new PerForm family of next-generation filter media and materials achieves class-leading performance and processability and is the ultimate solution for HEPA and ULPA use.
  Technostat is H&V’s world-leading, electrostatically charged filter media specifically designed for respiratory applications.

    In addition to these filtration products, H&V will also be promoting a new HVision technology platform designed to enhance the development and commercialization of breakthrough products.  Products developed under HVision technology exceed industry benchmarks by delivering unequaled performance across multiple products and markets, including the featured NanoWave and PerForm products.

Kansan Paper Converting Machinery
Booth 2311

Kansan Paper Converting machinery will exhibit its new automatic cross fold machine, which will be running on the show floor during INDEX. According to the company, the sacking, wetting and transfer is done very easily and perfectly on the new cross folder. Additionally, the product length can be adusted on the touch screen and up to 50 products can be stored in the machine’s memory.

Lenzing Testing Instruments
Booth 2304

At INDEX 2008, Lenzing Instruments will present quality control testing equipment for the specific needs of the nonwovens industry. A newcomer this year is the GE-TE-FLOW, which offers a fully automatic and computer controlled determination of the water permeability of geotextiles, fleeces, filters and related materials.

    Also planned for the exhibition are the Lister-AC and Wetback, well known to numerous nonwoven producers all over the world. According to EDANA/INDA standards WSP 70.3, Lister-AC offers an automatic measurement of the liquid-strike-through characteristics of a nonwoven coverstock. By means of an automated test routine, Wetback provides accurate and objective information about the re-wet-properties of nonwoven materials, according to EDANA/INDA standards WSP 80.10.

Martin Automatic
Booth 2379

Martin Automatic will be presenting the MDR (magnetic driven roller) system, an advanced solution for handling light webs at lower tension levels and higher operating speeds at the INDEX show. The new MDR technology can be applied to both web transport systems and to Martin’s line of high-performance unwinds. The patent pending MDR applies a magnetic link between web transport rollers and drive system. This substantially reduces or eliminates the negative impacts on a web resulting from roller inertia, bearing friction, speed change and boundary layer air. The result is a system that operates at significantly higher speed and lower web tension. And MDR technology enables equipment to retain a smaller physical size than equipment without this technology.

    Also at the Martin booth will be the MSL splice unit. This cantilevered splice unit is designed for easy operator access and thread-up. The flexibility of the MSL allows it to be mounted in any orientation, making it ideal for retrofitting to existing unwind equipment. The MSL is available as part of a complete Martin Automatic splicing system, a separate unit for integration by the customer, or as a retrofit for existing splicing systems.

Mogul Nonwovens
Booth 1460

In addition to its standard range of Motex polypropylene spunbond, Mopet PET spunbond and meltblown/SMS fabrics, Mogul Nonwovens, Gaziantep, Turkey, will promote pulp-added meltblown fabrics, Integra range extrusion coated and laminated fabrics Peva fim, Multiplex wide-width crop covers Ultrasorb range socks, booms, pillows, drum toppers, dripping pans, spill kits, walking mats, folded mats, daily use package and Q-wick meltblown wipes.

Oerlikon Neumag
Booth 2631

At INDEX, Oerlikon Neumag will be presenting technological novelties and turnkey solutions for specific nonwoven applications, in particular for hygiene, medical, filtration and automotive. The product portfolio includes plants for the production of spunlaid, airlaid and carded nonwovens as well as machines for stand-alone meltblown, aerodynamic carding and festooning.

    The new redesigned M&J Airlaid technology provides engineered capacities with different product categories, which range from simple binder bonded to complex multilayer structures of different raw materials and bonding techniques.

    The latest generation of the Kortec festooner technology allows a pack height of up to 1700 mm and is featured with the most advanced Siemens drive and control system.

    Oerlikon Neumag’s flagship, the seven-meter wide spunlaid line will come onstream soon and set a new benchmark for the production of hygiene nonwovens. The concept taps
the full potential of its huge economical advantages especially when producing filament sizes below 1.6 dtex and web weights below 18 gpsm. A new forming and transfer technology, plus a new bicomponent system will further increase the benchmark position.

    The J&M meltblown equipment, which is now manufactured at the Neumunster facility in Germany, has gone through a redesigning process and now offers an outstanding price/performance ratio, as part of a spunlaid plant or as a stand-alone solution.

    Oerlikon Neumag’s carding team will be featuring a series of improvements on FOR preparation and carding, Fehrer needlepunching and Autefa in crosslapping: Technical novelties like cards with the “Easy Opening” (simple cleaning and maintenance), crosslappers with improved profiling plus a new drive technology, needle looms with optional features like MMD (elliptic needling), optimized needle patterns, automatic needle board exchange and improved feeding systems.

    On top of this, Oerlikon Neumag is the only supplier that offers multi-technology lines e.g. the combination of different web forming processes like spunbond, carding and

Optima Group Nonwovens
Booth 2581

Booth 2671

Booth 2280

The Optima Group Nonwovens will exhibit a high-performance system for femcare products with market-leading output, a variant for sanitary pads with medium output, a stacker system, as well as a converting unit for gusseted bags. Medicon from the Optima Group will represent a new four-edged sealed bag module for Wound Care and other products.

    Optima Rainbow sets new benchmarks for packaging flat paper hygiene products, such as sanitary pads, pantyliners and light-incontinence products. The market-leading output has again been increased to a peak of 140 cycles/min. With the engineering principles of the integrated machine building concept it has been possible to further enhance the quality while reducing the price. Above all, the number of the large “distinctive“ components has been reduced. The gear-switch cabinet is now an integrated part of the base frame. Optima Rainbow for the first time offers a simple modification of the entire machine functions within a short time. Further advantages of the Optima Rainbow include increased process reliability, the ideal size range, improved packaging quality, especially with regard to problematic, e.g. asymmetrically folded products, as well as the optimized noise insulation.

    RG-Speed powered by Optima, the converting unit for gusseted bags, producing up to 140 bags/min, is the outcome of a partnership with Lemo. The perforation of the bags is stored as formula in the control system. In addition, the distance between perforation and the printer’s imprint of each bag is measured and corrected accordingly at the following bag to maintain the lowest possible tolerances on a continuous basis. The RG Speed is also suitable for making especially long bags of up to 800 mm. Its auto-splice equipment permits a continuous production of bags, without interruption. The converting unit is also available as a stand-alone version.

    Amotek PB 155 with an output range of up to 85 packs per minute is also suitable for packaging sanitary pads. The machine is equipped with a servo-driven reversing unit so that the product-pushing device for pre-made bags can be freely selected. The bags are reliably sealed at a constant temperature, the projecting film is cut and the film waste automatically disposed.

    Amotek PB 155 will be combined with the Sierem PS 1200 wheel-type stacker. With this machine, up to 1200 panty liners per minute can be counted and then turned to 45 formations per minute and pushed-over. As an alternative design in full servo-technology, the output of the wheel-type stacker can be increased to achieve 60 formations. All common sanitary pads and panty liners with a thickness up to six mm can be handled.

    The Medicon four-edged sealed bag module can handle packaging materials made of films, compound materials, medical paper, as well as Tyvek. The plate sealing, which can be validated, achieves a lane speed of up to 80 meters per minute in continuous operation. Typical applications are the packaging of wound dressings, transdermal patches, diagnostic strips and other flat products that can be fed, packed and removed from the application in a sterile condition. An additional feature: The four-edged sealed bag module can be equipped and used both as a functional module of a converter and as an individual machine in a stand-alone operation. 

Rieter Nonwovens Systems
Booth 2527

Rieter Nonwovens Systems will take the opportunity to present the latest innovations for spunlace, spunbond and meltblown technologies at booth 2527. Rieter will also offer customers the opportunity to see these technologies first-hand by offering shuttle bus service from INDEX Palexpo to its technical center in Montbonnot, only two hours away.

    The Rieter INDEX booth will offer several video presentations on their wide range of technologies. Also, experts in spunlace, spunbond and meltblown technologies will be available to discuss individual applications and machinery requirements. JETlace Essentiel is the latest spunlace technology development and is the result of more than 25 years of experience in spunlace, which allows Rieter to offer a machine configuration for the production of light-weight spunlace fabrics from 30 to 80 gpsm and with capacities up to 2700 kilograms per hour.

    In 2000, Rieter decided to widen its business by entering into the spunbond market. Today the results have surpassed Rieter expectations. With eight spunbond lines sold, the PERFObond system has several production benefits, such as excellent web uniformity for low fabric weight and isotropic web strength in both the machine and cross directions.

    The new Rieter meltblown system offers the best basis weight distributions and the finest and most uniform fiber size distributions in the industry for fabrics from 1 to 500 gpsm. The monolithic Rieter meltblown process is perfectly designed for filtration, face masks, and wipes applications and the combination of Rieter spunbond and the new meltblown technology produces SMS webs covering the entire range of products to support hygiene, medical and filtration markets.

Santex Nonwoven

Santex-Nonwoven is specialized in thermal bonding and drying systems for the nonwovens industry. The applications are broadly varied and range from  automobile equipment to mattresses to isolation materials to all typical areas of the nonwovens industry. Santex Nonwoven is capable of supplying flat belt thermal bonding ovens, float on air dryers, spraybonding systems, three-pass dryers, foam impregnation units, scattering units, superabsorbent dosing nits, high speed flat belt thermal bonding ovens or flat belt dryers, heat setting units for needlefelts, calenders and calibration units, vertical lapper wave makers for the production of PU-foam substitues and infrared dryers.

    The Santex Nonwoven Engineering team is capable of designing and manufacturing tailor-made lines for each customer. Also, the supply of turnkey installations is possible.

    Cavitec—a brand owned by Santex—will provide all information about its latest coating head, “Cavimelt Plus,” featuring an add-on device that allows for the first time full hotmelt covering of extremely fine weights. Cavimelt Pus was introduced at ITMA in September 2007 and was immediately well received by the industry. More efficient and economical than any film-lamination process, Cavimelt Plus is suitable for all hotmelt coating and laminating applications where fine accuracy and reproducibility is needed such as automotive, medical textiles and high-tech garmenting.

    This performance is achieved thanks to unique and novel solutions featured, such as Cavitec’s Dynamic Knife  technology.

Shanghai Zhilian Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
Booth 4234

Shanghai Zhilian Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading specialized manufacturer of equipment in China for disposable sanitary products like baby/adult diaper machines, sanitary napkin machines, panty liner machines, under pad machines, pull-up baby/adult diaper machines, insert pad machines, pet diaper/pad machine, material lamination machines, face wiper machines, stackers, etc. With experienced design and developing ability and strict quality control systems, Shanghai Zhilian provides stable and high quality machines for both domestic and oversea customers.

Booth 4217

TechAdhesions will showcase a hot melt adhesive supply unit, with 10,15, 25 and 50 tank capacity, at INDEX 2008. Other new products include a TMF and TAF fiber srpay for consturciton and a TAD and TPB high speed intermittent slot die coating. TechAdhesion is a Chinese leader in hot melt adhesive systems and is strategically positioned to serve global customers, according to executives.

Booth 1051

A pioneer in hook and loop fastener technology, the Velcro Companies will feature its high performance fastening systems developed specifically for manufacturers servicing global markets for diapers, adult incontinence and feminine product applications. At booth 1051 the company will provide information on VELCRO brand Hook 108 and FNL 300 nonwoven loop.

J.H. Ziegler
Booth 1062

Nonwovens manufacturer and first time INDEX exhibitor J. H. Ziegler has experienced strong growth at its two sites in Germany and Hungary–primarily due to its numerous innovative products. Major investments in the last two years have enabled Ziegler to significantly expand its product portfolio for applications in the automotive, furniture and general industries. In the automotives industry, Ziegler’s HACOflex foam/nonwoven composites for seats, which avoid wrinkling in leather upholstery. A novel fibre mixture significantly improves the compression recovery of seat padding – important for long-term and consistent comfort.  In furniture, Ziegler has had the advantage of having a new plant in Hungary where there is a great deal of local manufacturing. Meanwhile, for general industry HACOloft coarse fiber nonwovens were successfully developed for numerous applications in this sector. Ziegler is now able to provide commercial quantities of nonwovens with a fiber titre of well over 200dtex.

    This dazzling display of new products is accompanied by a novel marketing campaign. "Zinno" – which stands for "Ziegler innovative" – will present the most important properties of Ziegler's nonwovens in an animated cartoon clip. Zinno will also present the individual business units at the trade show booth.