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A BeautifulMarket For Nonwovens

November 9, 2007

Beauty Cloth’s line of Exfolia disposable cleansing cloths, featuring Evolon nonwoven microfiber fabrics from Freudenberg, Weinheim, Germany, is now available.

Beauty Cloth International, LLC.
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Gardena, CA 90249
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Evolon is finished without chemical additives, is non-allergenic and has exceptional capillary action. Offered in various weights and textures, Evolon will release immersed formulas (such as cleansers) at a slow, “controlled” pace.

The lateral formation, density and ultrafine size of the continuous length fibersgive Beauty Cloth Exfolia the ability to precisely reach below the flat dead cells (stratum corneum), lift and peel them along with 99% of impurities. According to the company, it does this effectively and safely without intrusion of the lower layers of the epidermis.

This patented, high-tech innovation is designed to clean and exfoliate both the face and the entire body and can be used on sensitive skin. Beauty Cloth Exfolia is washable and reusable—they last for 60-80 uses with proper care. Exfolia’s fibers retain their power to “MicroExfoliate” and clean for months.

There are many versions of microfiber fabrics from a multitude of manufacturers. The fibers of the generic cloths contact the skin surface in a vertical (perpendicular) angle. According to Beauty Cloth, this explains why none of the generic microfibers have the ability to produce comparable skin cell exfoliation results. “There is no fiber, natural or other, that comes close to Evolon’s performance,” said Beauty Cloth CEO Yukio Iwamasa.

The inherent structure of Evolon, with the angle of fibers paralleling the skin surface, allows the strong, rigid fibers, in concert with a dense formation, to penetrate below the flaky squamous cells and shave them away. “Contrast that performance to that of aluminum oxide crystals, which have become pervasive in the marketplace,” commented Ms. Iwamasa. “Crystals are random in size and shape, many of which are large enough to slice through the epidermis and cause injury to the dermis.” She went on to say that many women have come to accept this practice as the price for smooth skin. “Symptoms of this abuse are redness, inflammation and pain; recuperation from such trauma requires from one to seven days,” she added.

Fenwicks, Harrods (London) and other upscale Exfolia retailers around the world are experiencing significant repeat business. A prestige group of retailers and a billion-dollar direct sales company are achieving success under private labeling. Retailers include national chains such as BeautyFirst Centers, Pure Beauty and Pharmaca. Distribution now covers pharmacies and clinics in the U.S., the E.U., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, France and Mexico. Beauty Cloth reports that strong inquiries are coming in from all corners of the world.

Beauty Cloth has expanded the number of configurations for its Exfolia line to include body pads, facial pads, disposable sheets, towelettes and machine pads. Double-sided pads offer two levels of abrasion. Wet and anhydrous cleanser disposables are also in the works. These product concepts are available for licensing by private label brands. Evolon is also the applicator interface for the Hands Free Tube Dispenser system.

Beauty Cloth, Freudenberg’s exclusive agent for the cosmetics industry, has taken on the mission of educating, promoting and distributing Evolon and finds companies to adopt Evolon. Beauty Cloth is open to discussions of purchases, alliances and licensing. Although Beauty Cloth has distributed more than three million pieces to doctors, estheticians and consumers, the products are in the early stages of introduction to the cosmetics market. Many “ground-floor” opportunities are available.

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